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Editor's Review: 3.6 / 5.0

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Back in 1983, the noted skin care professional Carmen Fusco decided to begin manufacturing his innovative Rejuvenex formula. Mr. Fusco is both a noted nutritionist and a professor at New York Medical College. Professor Fusco’s goal for Rejuvenex was that his product would reflect his own skin care philosophy, which was that internal beauty and external beauty are both crucial to an overall sense of contentment. That sounds lovely, but what does it mean? Basically, that attending to your diet is as important as worrying about your exercise routine. Ultimately, both of these factors will reflect in your skin age, and if you address both of these concerns you’ll end up looking years younger. Today, Carmen Fusco operates his own prestigious practice in Manhattan, where he preaches the virtues of Rejuvenex’s comprehensive skin care approach.

In total, Rejuvenex encompasses seven individual products. Each one is aimed at a specific area of the body or a specific skin condition. The full line consists of the following products: Ultra Rejuvenex, Ultra RejuveNight, Ultra RejuvenEyes, Rejuvenex Body lotion, RejuveneX Factor, the original Rejuvenex and Hi-Power capsules.

Product Details

The Rejuvenex line boasts several different featured active ingredients. The manufacturer claims that these ingredients are what really sets their product apart from the rest of the rapidly expanding anti-aging skin care market. First, the newest Rejuvenex treatments include the ingredient Matryxil 3000, which is an innovative new peptide that has shown some promise at increasing collagen production. Rejuvenex is also known for its inclusion of alpha hydroxy acid, which is both an astringent and a proven hydrator. Unfortunately, this ingredient has also been linked to increased sensitivity to sunlight in some users. Finally, Rejuvenex claims to offer an “extraordinary patented delivery system” to help all of these miracle ingredients penetrate the user’s skin but few details are offered regarding the specifics of this delivery system.

Other key active ingredients found in various Rejuvenex products include everything from the antioxidant grape seed extract, the hydration agent Ceramide 2, lactic acid, pomegranate extract and RNA.

The Good

  • There is a helpful 1-800 number that connects you directly with a Rejuvenex salesperson.
  • Every product in Rejuvenex’s extensive line is available for purchase on-line.
  • These products contain moisturizers.

The Badm

  • Rejuvenex does not offer any free product samples from the official website.
  • Rejuvenex does not offer a money-back guarantee when buying from the official website.
  • Some ingredients like alpha hydroxy acid could irritate the skin of some users, especially after exposure to intense sunlight.
  • Some potential users might find the number and combination of products available to be a bit daunting.

The Bottom Line

Rejuvenex has managed to put a lot of products out there since the mid-1980’s. They’ve certainly updated their line on several occasions but, overall, we’d like to see a bit more research and development info offered on the official product website. While Rejuvenex does offer a lot of solid ingredients, we don’t see anything that’s truly proprietary in any of their products. Additionally, it could be difficult and costly for some users to come up with the combination of Rejuvenex products that’s just right for them and their skin.

** Our Top Skin Care Choice **

Rejuval Skin Bottle

Top Anti-Aging Cream for 2015: Rejuval Skin

Editor's Review: 4.9 / 5.0

After looking at literally hundreds of wrinkle reduction and prevention treatments, Rejuval Skin is our top choice. This product offers customers a Risk-Free Trial, and makes sure to both repair and protect the skin without using harmful chemicals like paragons or fragrances. No other formula that we've seen takes such a holistic approach to skin care. Rejuval Skin contains the advanced scientifically proven ingredient Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When you factor in the trial offer, the potent formula, and the scientific studies posted on the official site, it's easy to see why Rejuval Skin is our top anti-aging pick. >> Read more about Rejuval Skin Go


(Optional- For Enhanced Results): Vivexin

Editor's Review: 4.6 / 5.0

We've reviewed thousands of anti-aging eye treatments, and we've never seen anything quite like this! Vivexin is an anti-aging, eye treatment formulated to lighten dark circles, lessen the appearance of bags under the eyes and minimize fine lines and crow's feet associated with premature skin aging. The three active ingredients in Vivexin - Haloxyl, Eyeliss and Matrixyl - are backed with clinical research and positive consumer testimonials. If that's not enough to convince consumers to try Vivexin, the company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee so consumers can see the changes in eye appearance with the option of returning the product if they are not convinced >> Read more about Vivexin Go

14 Comments/Questions/Answers to Rejuvenex

  • 1

    roxanne bagwell

    I want to cancel my suscription

  • 2

    sandra fearon

    after i have used the RXrejuvenex i dont want to recieve anymore unless i tell you otherwise.

  • 3

    Pamela Stephenson


  • 4

    B H Boden

    Don’t take any more money from my bank account. The advert did not state I was agreeing to a subscription.

  • 5

    Beverley Crompton

    Order #35767 issued June 19 I was under the impression that this was a trial order
    and no charge I have now received my visa bill and see that as at July 9 I was charged 129.99 this is for what?? please reply before I refuse this amount…

  • 6


    i have the same problem. have you got your money back?

  • 7

    denise basnett

    You have taken a lot of money from my account which I cannot afford. Please refund it immediately

  • 8

    Bob Wainwright

    Same here, they have taken 2 payments (almost £200. How can I get it back?

  • 9

    Fran W

    This product is not suitable for me as my skin burned and puffed up almost as soon as it was applied. the costs to do a “trial” include shipping both ways, and having credit card charges put on before you receive it . In order to cancel you are on hold for a long time, the return number is given incorrectly and any follow up requires a lot of perseverance. I am waiting to see if I am actually reimbursed for the charges that were put on my card. Just be aware that you may be getting in to a mess with this company.

  • 10

    Dianne Crossman

    I have ordered ONE kit and I have just receiver my 3rd that I did not order so I am putting a stop payment on my credit card and expect to be reimbursed for the TWO that I did not order

  • 11


    Like many others I have been taken for a mug! They have taken nearly £200 from my bank and I have received nothing. I will never try a free sample again.

  • 12

    Irene Taylor

    also I do not want ANY more of your products, they will be sent back immediately and what is wrong with your contact phone numbers?

  • 13


    After hearing all these bad reviews and the way the company steals money from people, makes them trap to make it difficult for them to get out of it, I have great fear of your ways you make business with people…No i do not want to risk a free so called trial…

  • 14

    Nancy Hampton

    This company is a total scam, keeps charging credit card for products not ordered, product does nothing for the skin, getting my charges off my card ASAP. Do not order anything from here.

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