Rejuval Skin Review

What You Should Know

Rejuval Skin is a new and exciting anti-aging moisturizer that helps fight the signs of aging with peptides, proteins, natural oils and fruit extracts to heal and rejuvenate. Rejuval Skin does a great job of sharing the complete list of ingredient and offering before and after photos showing anti-aging progress, but is this formula the best formula for fighting and preventing skin damage that causes premature aging?

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Product Details

Peptides and proteins are a great start for Rejuval Skin. These ingredients are the building blocks of muscle growth. As we age, muscles in the face tend to grow lax leading to an increase in wrinkles. With proper support, the muscles of your face can tighten and naturally lift wrinkles and skin to a more youthful position on the face.

Natural oils help hydrate the skin like no chemical ingredient can achieve. Many beauty products contain alcohol that dries skin leaving the look of crumpled paper. Restoring the natural oil levels in skin leaves the face more supple and youthful.

Fruit extracts serve a dual purpose in anti-aging moisturizers like Rejuval Skin. Fruit extracts like cucumber extract can soothe skin; fighting the environmental damage from air pollution other sources. Fruits also supplies healthy antioxidants to fight free radical damage. Free radicals are made by the body naturally and, most of the time, the body can fight off free radicals with antioxidants made in the body. When environmental and diet changes cause an increase in oxidant production, free radical levels increase to the point where cellular death occurs. Antioxidants kill off free radicals helping restore skin health and leaving skin looking healthier and younger in the process.

Learn more about Rejuval Skin and request a trial kit on the official manufacturer’s website–Click Here.

The Good

  • There is an official website for Rejuval Skin.
  • Before and after photos show positive benefits of using the product.
  • Clear instructions are available on the official website.
  • Natural oils, fruit extracts, peptides and proteins provide natural, effective support for anti-aging.
  • Moisturizing skin is important to fighting the signs of aging.

The Bad

  • We would like to see green tea extract in the formula – a powerful antioxidant.
  • We would love to see more testimonials.

The Bottom Line

Rejuval Skin is an anti-aging moisturizer worth a try. We love the natural ingredients proven to help fight the signs of aging; like fruit extracts and natural oils. The first step in anti-aging is moisturizing the skin and the second important step is stopping the production of free radicals. After skin is back in optimal shape you will notice changes in appearance and your youthful appearance will shine through.

Click Here To Visit The Official Rejuval Skin Website

40 thoughts on “Rejuval Skin Review”

  1. If Rejuval is so fabulous, then why are you not accepting and new orders? Doesn’t say anything as this may be momentarily…. just out of business it seems.

  2. If the product is so fabulous, then why are you not accepting new orders? It doesn’t say anything about this being due to too many orders to fill, it just looks like its OUT OF BUSINESS???

  3. I am right out of Silkies enriche and have been for quite some time now. What is the difference between the product I have been using and Rejuval skin? As I need to place an order. Thank you for your response.

  4. I’m wishing to try this product also, hence is it still available? Do you ship to Melbourne?
    Thankyou, Karen

  5. They will fraudently charge your credit card for autoship when you indicate otherwise… BEWARE! THEY Lie! And you will not get your money back,,,o I

  6. I’m somewhat concerned you claim to be an independent review site, yet you continue to rate Rejuval Skin as your top choice when a) some folks are battling to get their money back. b) No official website exists. c) Pretty lousy reviews elsewhere and d) rather looks as though this out has ceased trading! Geez, who to really trust these days!

  7. You can get the vivexin at Amazon. Could not find moisturizer. Amazon prints customer responses to products but some responses may also not be truthful as companies pay people with samples to use which may affect their judgement. Hope this has been helpful.

  8. As far as getting them to stop charging your credit card, call the credit card company or your bank and get customer service to stop any future charges. Happened to me once (was in the very very small print) with another product. My bank took care of it immediately. May even got credit for prior charged. Really can’t remember.

  9. Sorry for spelling errors. One thing I dislike about this phone. I did correct these errors but phone still changed the spelling back to incorrect spelling.

  10. I see questions but no answers. My questionis similar. Can I use it alternately with retin A. Is it available in Pakistan. Is it a night cream. What about day time


    First they require credit card supposedly for small processing fee. Then you click to accept terms of Free Trial agreement BUT AGREEMENT INCLUDES you agreeing to a monthly $100 MONTHLY CREDIT CARD

    Why Do You Need My Credit Card For the Free Trial Offer?
    Even though this offer is a free trial, you still need to pay the shipping and processing.

    What Is The Term And Condition Of Rejuval Skin The Free Trial Offer?
    Your trial membership will entitle you full access of the site, a 30 day supply of our product, for 14 (fourteen) days starting on the day you submit your trial membership application to the Site. Shipping may take anywhere from 1-4 business days, and we ship via USPS

    Shipping Terms And Cost
    “When you place your initial order by checking that you agree to the terms and clicking the “Rush My Order” button, we will send you 1 jar (a 30 day supply) of our product, and your credit card provided today will be charged $4.95(USD) for Shipping & Handling. As well as $1.99 for InsureShip. Approximately 14 days later you will be billed $97.28(USD), and every thirty days thereafter, you will be charged $97.28(USD) plus $1.99 for InsureShip and automatically receive an additional 30 day supply of our product. Cancel your 14-day trial at anytime by calling during regular business hours.

    1. total rip off first 4.99 trial size then they took £31.48 then delievered nothing to me had to ring bank to cancel a standing order they set up took it twice dont trust anything to do with company they should pay back to me and anyone else that has been ripped off by them different email address for security reasons now as well

  12. Total scam!!! Thought I was getting a small sample size for $5. Instead they burry a membership in a separate terms and conditions page almost 4 paragraphs in and in super legal jargon. This isn’t a one time purchase. They bill you $10″ per product and keep billing you every month if you don’t cancel within 14 days!!!

    For those of you who think that a reasonable expense, please note that the product does not work as promised either. Do NOT waste your time or money and be sure to report them to the Attorney General. This company should not be in business.

  13. Huge scam. I am sorry that I signed up with your website giving TPL my email for your newsletter because you have no morals or scruples getting involved in leading unsuspecting people that think you are an objective source of information about the huge amount of beauty products available everywhere you turn. In truth, you are as bad if not worse because of the trust people put in your reviews. Pros and cons, you certainly are CONS. I am disgusted because my husband thought I would be happy to receive the creme you are pushing for such a small postal fee. I felt bad telling him as soon as he told me it would be coming that he was locked into a monthly auto ship delivery of the creme for a mere $97 and change plus that same amount for the “free” sample. Of course we argued until I showed him the very misleading fine print under the terms and conditions buried in pages and pages of legalese. Shame on you. I had to fight after first trying to be very nice but firm to the people whom I finally got on the phone to discontinue everything immediately. They were so desperate for me to keep their creme, they offered me an employee discount and after a half hour of literally battling this person, I threatened to call my bank and the Attorney General and I was finally released.

  14. I’m very disappointed with how products are reviewed on this site. Am I missing something?

    Where is the science & testing to support any of these products? Surely to be a “top rated” product, there should be some sort of scientific review done by the people behind this site so that this site actually offers what it claims to people. Have basic skin tests been done? Lab inspection? Confirmation of ingredient dose per use or in the product amount? Any information around the so-called ‘active’ ingredients to ensure they are in fact active in the product?

    I’m not sure I understand the concept of this site. Is it just a one-stop-shop for a pool of opinions? Or is this supposed to be a source for people to check the performance of certain products…

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