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Refirme is a non-surgical skin procedure that claims to tighten and tone the skin around the jowls, neck, eyes, brow lines, and the nasiolabial folds (the nose). Refirme is said to be painless and quick as well as safe, and the patient will not experience any downtime.

Product Details

Refirme is available to patients through local clinics and spas. Patients would make an appointment to the local spa or clinic to have skin-tightening procedure done with the use of Bi-Polar Radio Frequency and Light energy that heats the skin in the areas that the patient chooses. Refirme claims to be painless because of using less energy than typical lasers. This would also allow the patient to go back to work or normal activities without any downtime. Refirme is not a permanent procedure, in fact, the patient must go back three to five times and schedule the appointments three to four weeks apart. Thereafter, the maintenance procedure should be done every six months. Because of the maintenance, this procedure is extremely costly, and although the official website advises to call your local clinics for the costs, we found that each Refirme treatment costs between $250 to $1200 depending on which body part the procedure is applied to. The official website does provide customer before and after photos as proof that their procedure actually works and provides noticeable and immediate results. The Refirme website also provides customer testimonials, although there are only eight available.

The Good

  • Refirme is available through most local skin clinics and spas.
  • Refirme is said to be quick and painless and patients experience no downtime.
  • Refirme provides before and after photos as proof that the procedure works.

The Bad

  • The official Refirme website does provide customer testimonials but only eight at this time and they are very vague.
  • Refirme is not a permanent procedure and requires maintenance.
  • Refirme treatments are extremely costly and each single treatment cost between $250 to $1200 depending on body part.

The Bottom Line

Refirme is available through most local skin clinics and spas. The procedure is a non-invasive treatment to the skin by using heat lasers that use less energy then other known skin lasers. Refirme is not a permanent procedure and maintenance is involved. Due to the maintenance, the procedures are very costly because the first few treatments require three to five visits and then every six months thereafter. Depending on the body part the treatment is applied to, the costs are between $250 to $1200 per body part. The official Refirme website does provide before and after photos that do maintain that the procedure works and shows visible and immediate results. They also provide customer testimonials, although they are vague and there were only eight at the time of our review. We feel that this procedure works, but the Refirme website should provide more customer testimonials and before and after photos to provide further evidence that it works immediately.

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