Reclaim Review


Reclaim is a product line available from Principal Secret. Principal Secret was created by author, actress, and producer, Victoria Principal. Victoria Principal, like many actresses, has great experience with skin care products, and during her years on screen she developed a passion for the industry. Her company now creates and distributes all kinds of products and is an “internationally-recognized skin care and cosmetics company”.

The Reclaim line is a complete anti-aging skin care system that claims to be able to keep your skin looking young and healthy while fighting the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. One of the most powerful products in the Reclaim line is called Age Braker, which is supposed to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day and increase its natural elasticity. All of the Reclaim products contain Argireline, which is a known anti-aging substance that can help get rid of unwanted lines and creases.

Product Details

Reclaim products were created to be used together on a daily basis to achieve maximum results. On the official Reclaim website, there are three steps that you are suggested to follow along with the aid of a couple additional products.

Step one involves deep cleaning your face with the Reclaim Total Facial Cleanser. This cleanser contains Argireline, which has been shown to help reduce how visible fine lines appear on your face.

Step two is the application of the Age Braker EyeFirmation Eye Serum. This product contains peptides and antioxidants that have been extracted from teas, as well as Argireline. This aims to eliminate those lines in your general eye area. This product claims to hydrate the skin, refract light, and reduce the dark circles or puffy spots under your eyes.<?p>

The final step is the application of the Anti-Aging Day cream in the morning, and the Night cream at night. These products also contain Argireline and help hydrate the skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

However, there is more to the Reclaim system than just this three-step core process. You will find youth wands, masks, and more but it is all intended to work with the main product regimen.

The Good

  • Reclaim products contain Argireline.
  • Multiple products working together can be an effective treatment against wrinkles.

The Bad

  • Only contains one active and well known wrinkle fighter.
  • We can only find a couple testimonials listed on the official website.
  • The full list of ingredients can’t be found.
  • It’s necessary to purchase multiple products, and the multi-step routine required could become boring.

The Bottom Line

Reclaim seems like a fairly decent line of anti-aging products. The official website offers a 90 day supply of the entire Reclaim regimen for a little over $100 which is quite reasonable. There is a 30-day trial kit available for under $30 as well. We wish we could have found some ingredients for these products but they only say they contain Argireline as their active ingredient.


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