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Raya Skin Care markets its line as “professional high quality skin care products” to Skin Care Salons, Day Spas, Medical Spas, and Professional Estheticians as well as for export. Raya Skin Care also owns and operates a Day Spa located in Los Angeles, California and has been operating Raya Laboratories since 1964 in Europe, and then in the US since the 1970’s. Raya Skin Care produces over 200 skin care items with ten of the items marketed specially for anti-aging. The categories include cleansers, toners, moisturizers, nourishing, age control, masks, alpha-hydroxy, spa and body and depilatories.

Product Details

Most of the 200 items in the product line are used in Day Spa treatments. The anti-aging category includes Vitanol-A Serum, HA+Collagen Serum, Vitamin C Serum, Fruit Enzyme Serum, Line Preventing Serum, Vital Silk C Serum, Face Line Serum, Brightening Serum, Lifting Elixir, Skin Refining Concentrate and Multi-Fruit AHA Serum. Vitamin A Complex is said to be a liposome encapsulated system of Retinol, Vitamin C, Beta Glucans and Amino Acids. It is known to soften and smooth while helping to improve skin firmness. Retinol and Ascorbic Acid are potent anti-aging vitamins that have been known to be very effective in helping to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, sun damage and large pores. Beta Glucans are derived from Yeast and may help to increase moisture, boost the skins immune system and inhibit irritation. The products are to be applied twice daily and to be worn with an SPF to avoid sensitivity to sun exposure.

The Good

  • The company publishes the full list of ingredients on the official website.
  • Raya Skin Care offers an array of products.

The Bad

  • The official website does not offer online ordering.
  • There are no customer testimonials or before and after photos.
  • There is no posted clinical research for the products.

The Bottom Line

Raya Skin Care may appeal to consumers who like to be pampered, and who feel that products exclusively offered by a spa may give them the experience that they desire. However the products themselves may be hard to come by. The official website does not offer online ordering and the products may only be purchased by phone or fax. There is no offer for free samples and no 30 day money back guarantee available to consumers wishing to try the products. Samples are available for purchase but only in packs, no individual products are offered. While Raya Skin Care offers ten different anti-aging skin care items, none of them seem to have advanced ingredients in any of the formulas. It would be helpful if the company offered free samples, an online checkout option and a 30 day money back guarantee to give consumers a more confident buying experience.

3 thoughts on “Raya Skin Care Review”

  1. I am a licensed esthetician and strongly believe in Raya Skin Care Products. I have the option of any skin care line to use on myself and I chose Raya

  2. I have used Raya products for years and found nothing to compare to their Vitamin C serum for my very sensitive skin. Their products are fantastic, their service is great. I live in CT and have not found anything here that comes close to their products.

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