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The Problem

Puffy eyes are a condition that afflicts many people all over the country. This condition can be the result of several different causes. Most dramatically, puffy eyes can be a genetic condition. However, certain behaviors also have a negative affect on the eye area. For example, drinking excessively and consuming high sodium foods can irritate sensitive capillaries under the eyes. When these capillaries become irritated or burst, the result is heavy dark circles and puffy under eyes. Smoking can also irritate the under eye skin, causing it to become puffy. Finally, it’s a classic cliché, but a good night’s sleep can keep puffy eyes down. Conversely, excessively rubbing of the eyes, for whatever reasons, will irritate the skin and may cause it to become puffy.

The Solution

There are several solutions for puffy eyes, and these largely depend on the root cause of the condition. On the most extreme side of this spectrum, if your puffy eyes are really genetic, than there is little that you can do for them by changing other behavior patterns. The surgical procedure that treats puffy eyes is known as blepharoplasty. Usually this procedure involves some variation of removing excess fat under the eyes and/ or pulling baggy under eye skin taught. Recovery time for this puffy eye treatment is said to be minimal. However, it is still an in-office surgical procedure, which may be more time and discomfort than some individuals are looking for. A trustworthy plastic surgeon will be able to tell you if you are a good blepharoplasty candidate or not.

The second thing that anyone can do to attempt to reduce puffy eyes is to make a conscious effort to change behaviors that may be contributing to the condition. Drinking excessively and eating high sodium food can irritate sensitive capillaries, and doing so in the evenings before bed has been linked to disrupted sleep patterns. Getting a good night’s sleep is very important when fighting puffy eyes, and rubbing the eyes can also damage capillaries. Finally, you probably don’t need another reason to quit smoking, but exposing skin to the harmful pollutants contained in cigarette smoke is yet another way to irritate skin cells, especially in the sensitive under-eye area.

There are also a few treatments available specifically designed to sooth enflamed under eye skin. There’s something to your mother’s cucumber-on-the-eyes trick, since vitamins found in the cucumber can seep into skin and sooth enflamed capillaries. Some topical cream products aim to mimic and enhance this effect. And many of these creams contain a compound called Haloxyl, which has shown some promise when it comes to treating puffy eyes and dark under eye circles.

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