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ProVectin is a product that bills itself as a “value alternative” to StriVectin SD which is distributed by Klein-Becker USA, LLC. ProVectin is sold at many large retail stores as well as drug stores and third-party beauty and skincare websites. ProVectin claims to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, help get rid of dark circles and reduce puffiness.

The eye area is a major concern for a lot of people and this product claims to be the solution to most problems around the eyes. ProVectin is manufactured and distributed by a company called Skin Essentials but there are dozens of companies with that same name and we were unable to find the true manufacturer’s website at the time of this review.

Product Details

ProVectin contains many different peptides which may help relax the muscles around the eyes and could lead to a smoother appearance. There isn’t much information given about what the peptides are and what they do but we assume they probably have similar properties to Argireline, a popular peptide-based wrinkle fighter.

ProVectin also contains hyuralonic acid which is a well known moisturizer that may help keep your skin moist for many hours at a time. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most common ingredients found in wrinkle creams today because of its powerful moisturizing properties.

ProVectin retails for about $20 on most of the websites we checked out and the standard size of the bottle is 1.3 ounces. Since we can’t find an official website, you will have to view individual sites or retail stores if you want information pertaining to return policies and guarantees.

The Good

  • ProVectin contains hyaluronic acid, a well known and powerful moisturizer.
  • ProVectin contains numerous peptides which may be beneficial as wrinkle fighters.


The Bad

  • We can’t find the official website for Skin Essentials, the manufacturer, at this time.
  • There are no customer testimonials available for this product.
  • This product may irritate the skin of some people. You are recommended to test it in a non-visible area before a full application.
  • Return policies and satisfaction guarantees vary greatly from site to site.

The Bottom Line

If you have used StriVectin SD and were satisfied with the results, you might want to give ProVectin a try to see if it works just as good. ProVectin is pretty much a generic version of StriVectin but as with any generic product, it may or may not work in the same way. Since this product is cheaper than its name brand counterpart, it couldn’t hurt to pick it up if you are really concerned about the area around your eyes but if you are looking for a complete anti-wrinkle solution, you will probably have to keep looking.


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