Protox Review


There are two products within the Protox skin care range, namely Protox 10 and Protox 20. There does not seem to be an official website for Protox skin care products, but those who sell and market it online tell us that Protox 10 has been designed for those under forty years of age who have light wrinkle formation, and that Protox 20 is designed for more mature skin types that suffer from heavy wrinkle formation. Those selling these products online claim that Protox has powerful anti-aging properties, that it can reduce the depth of wrinkles and that it can also extend the duration of a Botox treatment.

Product Details

Instructions are given online for the use of the Protox anti-aging products. We are told that the treatment should be applied twice daily for three weeks, and then once a day for ninety days, and thereafter once or twice a week. Apparently, visible results will be noticed within forty five to sixty days. The three major active ingredients in Protox are: Argireline, Seaweed Extract and Sodium. These are common ingredients in other anti aging products on the market. Argireline is the trade name for Acetyl Hexapeptide 3. It is an ingredient derived from natural protein. It is often compared to Botox as it relaxes the facial muscles which in turn minimizes wrinkles caused by competitive muscle contractions. Some of the online shops selling Protox also show before and after pictures. You can purchase Protox at a price of $122.50, which is a bit steep.

The Good

  • Protox contains Argireline which has been subject to positive clinical tests.
  • It is available to order directly from online shops.
  • There are before and after pictures available on some of the online shops selling Argireline.

The Bad

  • There is no official website for Protox.
  • Protox is not the only anti-aging cream on the market that contains Argireline, amd there are many others to choose from.
  • The price of Protox puts it in the higher price range of anti-aging creams.
  • We are not given any information as to what distinguishes it or makes it superior to other anti aging creams on the market that contain Argireline.

The Bottom Line

If you are going to ask consumers to pay $122.00 for your product then they will want to find out a lot of information about it. The fact that the manufacturer of Protox does not have an official website for its product is a little concerning. We would like to know, for example, why the manufacturers believe that Protox is superior to other anti aging creams containing Argireline and, in this absence of this information, we cannot recommend it over and above other anti aging creams for sale.

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