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Proactiv bills itself as a “complete acne management system” and requires you to use their products three times per day. Acne can be a serious issue for many people of all ages so Proactiv has created numerous products that claim to almost eliminate acne completely if you stick to their regimen.

Proactiv is a product line created by Guthy-Renker which is a gigantic company that makes high profile products in many different areas including the beauty products area. Another of their popular beauty lines is Principal Secret.

Proactiv products are primarily geared for acne control so you might not find what you are looking for if you want a wrinkle fighter. If you have acne however, Proactiv seems to get high marks on many review sites and is endorsed by many different celebrities.

Product Details

Proactiv sells their product in “systems” which are bundles of 3-5 different products that are supposed to work together to give you the clearest skin possible. On the official Proactiv website they offer the 5-Piece Deluxe System, 4-Piece Moisture System, 4-Piece Oil Control System, 3-Piece Proactiv System, and a 3-Piece 30-Day Trial System. The trial system costs $19.99 and the Deluxe system costs $59.99 and the others are in between. The official Proactiv website has a “Clear Skin Club” that you can join which offers you bonus products and up to 25% off every system that they sell. If you have very bad acne, this club could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Proactiv offers a 60-day money back guarantee on all of its products.

The Good

  • The official Proactiv website contains a lot of useful information and is easy to use.
  • Proactiv is very popular and seems to actually help many people get rid of acne and prevent breakouts.


The Bad

  • Proactiv isn’t marketed as an anti-aging product and contains no anti-aging ingredients.
  • There are tons of similar products and systems on the market so it may be hard to decide if this one is right for you.
  • Some people with sensitive skin may have issues with certain Proactiv systems.

The Bottom Line

Proactiv claims to be one of the best acne fighting systems on the market. We can’t determine how valid this claim is because the advertising budget for Proactiv dwarfs most of the competition. If you have acne, it couldn’t hurt to try Proactiv or another popular brand of acne fighter. If you are looking for something to help control wrinkles or other aspects of aging, this product probably won’t appeal to you. Instead, we recommend finding a wrinkle fighting product that contains some powerful anti-aging ingredients.

2 thoughts on “Proactiv Review”

  1. If i use this product for couple of month & discontinue will it effect my skin is there any sideffect or again it will be back with acne

  2. I usually use ProActiv, but I wanted to try something new which was healthier with less chemicals. I read bad reviews of all the harmful chemicals in proactive. My mother who is in her 60’s and looks like she is in her 30’s, recommended Made from Earth.

    I have a bit of adult acne and she recommended the Made from Earth Grapefruit Glycolic Scrub, and it works just as well as ProActiv. I used it for a couple of days, and saw results right away. Overall, my skin looks much better than before I used it. I didnt use any of their moisturizers but I would recommend the Grapefruit Glycolic Scrub.

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