Principal Secret Review


Principal Secret is an anti-aging and beauty product company that was founded by the actress and author Victoria Principal. She is probably most widely known for her role on the hit television show Dallas from the 1980’s. The official Principal Secret website says that in 1989, Victoria Principal decided it was time to put her years of experience in the show business and makeup fields to work, and she decided to create an anti-aging and skin care line that people with sensitive skin could use.

In 1991, Principal Secret was officially launched with two main product lines. One was a line of vitamin creams called Advanced, the other was an anti-aging and skin care line called Reclaim. There is supposedly a new, advanced product line coming to the market sometime in 2008 as well. Currently, a portion of all the money made by these products is being donated to help those in need after Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita caused tremendous damage.

Product Details

The official Principal Secret website is well set up and contains areas that give you a bit of history about Victoria Principal, the goals of her products, tips for overall health, and an easy to use shopping cart feature. The products come with a 60-day guarantee and there are also smaller, trial sizes of Principal Secret available so you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars at once.

The company page lists a vitamin cream line called Advanced, but we can’t seem to find it on the official website. You can order a free catalog from the official website so it must be available from the catalog only. The entire Principal Secret site seems to be mostly focused on the anti-aging line Reclaim.

The Good

  • The Reclaim anti-aging products all contain Argireline, a proven wrinkle fighter.
  • You can get a catalog sent to you for free.


The Bad

  • You have to order the catalog for a full list of available products which seems inconvenient in this digital age.
  • The only active ingredient in the Reclaim line is Argireline.
  • We can’t find a full list of ingredients anywhere on the official Principal Secret website.

The Bottom Line

Principal Secret seems to have a lot going on for it in the anti-aging department. The Reclaim line contains the popular ingredient Argireline which is common in many popular wrinkle creams. There is a 60 day money back guarantee and also a 30 day trial package that is relatively inexpensive. While we do recommend using an anti-aging product that combines numerous wrinkle fighters in a single cream, Principal Secret might be worth a look if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.


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