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Editor's Review: 3.6 / 5.0

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Victoria Principal is a former television star who segued from the television screen into the beauty industry with products aimed at diet, exercise, and makeup. She has packaged a set of skin care products that she guarantees will give skin a healthy, youthful look. This product line is aimed at women who are concerned about the effects of aging on their skin, and it actually comprises four individual components. All of them contain Argireline in one form or another. Argireline is a patented peptide complex manufactured by Lipotec for the purpose of relaxing wrinkles in the skin.

First there is the Total Facial Cleanser that exfoliates and relaxes skin while it cleans. It is a product that also removes make-up, including stubborn eye make-up. It claims to rinse cleanly and quickly from the skin. The second is the AgeBraker EyeFirmation eye serum. Like all skin serums, it is put forth as a feather-light product, lighter than moisturizing creams, that rejuvenates the skin with re-firming and contouring benefits. Besides the Argireline, it features the chemistry of beneficial teas, peptides, and antioxidants. Ms. Principal calls the third component the Revolutionary Anti-Aging Cream, to be applied every day and again at night. Its purpose is to energize and yet soften the skin. It also contains a sun protective factor (SPF 15) to keep skin healthy. The last item in the set is a boosting product that fights free radicals. The Reclaim Age Breaker Line Breaker Serum also combines the Argireline with what are identified as collagen plumping ingredients. This is another product that can be used day or night following cleansing. Regular use of the system is meant to enhance skin moisture, increase skin elasticity, exfoliate the skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The eye product also minimizes puffiness and crow’s feet.

Product Details

This line of products is available for purchase as a set. Two bonus products come with the set at the time of this writing. One is a Reclaim Radiance Illuminating Youth Wand to be used as a highlighter and concealer, and the other is the Reclaim Age Breaker Wrinkle Retreat Firming Mask. Sample products are not available. There is a 60-day product satisfaction guarantee. The sizes of the products are undetectable on the website. The cost is $29.95 plus $5.99 shipping and handling.

The Good

  • The set utilizes a product that has gained a reputation for real advances in wrinkle-smoothing technology.
  • The set can be purchased easily from the website.
  • Its pricing ensures that it is accessible to most women-it’s very reasonable.
  • There is a 60-day guarantee of satisfaction.

The Bad

  • It is impossible to tell from the website the sizes of the individual products.
  • Product samples are unavailable.
  • Ms. Principal makes no claim of recommendation by a dermatologist.
  • Only a few buyer testimonials are available.

The Bottom Line

Among the product descriptions is an extensive list of ingredients. It almost seems as if just about any purported anti-aging product is thrown into the mix. How well they operate together is for the buyer to experience. Only the Illuminating Youth Wand specifies the strength of the Argireline. It claims to be at 5%. It would be useful to have more knowledge of Argireline on the website. Whether or not the products are effective, the pricing does mean that women who have previously omitted a regular skin care regimen can now afford to attend to their skin. But just how effective the product is against wrinkles is yet to be seen.

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8 Comments/Questions/Answers to Principal Secret Reclaim

  • 1

    debra pumphrey

    I put in an order on June 15. After waiting 2 weeks my order had not arrived. Called them, they told me 2 items were on back order & they were holding the order up. I was out of almost everything & asked if they would send the order out. They said they would federal express the order on Thursday and that I would have it that next Monday. After not receiving the order as of Wednesday, I called them again. THEY HAD NOT SHIPPED IT YET. They lied to me again, and said it was already shipped. It wasn’t. I finally received it the next Monday. They were supposed to break my payments up into 3 payments, told me what my payments would be, then took it out all at once out of my checking account. I still have not received my “line braker serum” or the “eye-mazing eye serum. (as of July 31st. I WILL NOT ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN. I have been a loyal customer for years. (A man took my order…..)

  • 2

    lori zepp

    Donot order from this company. Cannot cancel your order. They keep charging you until you finally cancel your credit card.

  • 3

    Debra Pumphrey

    After canceling my order well in advance, they sent another one out & took $40 out of my checking account, as the first of three payments. After refusing it at the post office, I called them immediately & they told me they had created another account for me & it had been sent out by mistake. They told me it would be 8-12 weeks until they could credit my checking account as they were backlogged with refunds. Well, that should tell me something right there! Why so many refunds?

    I have called them back & they assure me that my account has been canceled. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau if I get another shipment.

    Up until this last year, I have had great service from Principle Secret. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that when this started messing up – I was dealing with men on the phone. I’m just saying.

    I began using Loreal products; they work just as well if not better & there are also coupons available for these products!! No $10 shipping charge or waiting for the products to arrive in the mail.

  • 4


    I have used Principal Secret for two years. They let me vary my shipping schedule, customize my orders at the last minute, and only once has a product been delivered late. Most importantly, it works. I stopped using the products for a while because off-the-shelf products appeared more convenient. Within six months, I had huge regrets. I went back to Principal Secret, and I’m frequently told that I look like I’m in my 20’s. I will be 40 this year.

  • 5


    i feel the same as you i have been useing it for a year i look younger wow i love it.

  • 6

    Minetta M Buffington

    I have been a customer of PS since 1995. I was on the club system where you can customize my order and after paying for 4 you get the 5th kit is free. They messed up on getting my 5th order to me free and charged me for the one in Aug.2010 that was the free one, then when I was calling trying to get it cleared up they said it was to long ago so they would give me the one I was saying should be free, free but because I had a messed up acct. and they admitted that they missed it up but claims might not give me my old program back. Then the supervisor said if I was going to cuss- and I said cuss what did I say that was cussing, she says well I don’t know but- it was here that I said I was no longer wished to have PS. I wanted all the items I had ordered that day 443.99 cancelled. It was fine with them. This is how they are getting rid of the old timers by saying I messed up my acct.? I ordered my 7 piece kit on one invoice and a 6 piece kit as a gift on another invoice. They put it in wrong, and have been trying to not give me that free kit. I am sure there are other makeups out there that are just as good, and gentle. I sure am going to try and find it. I have to say I am 53 years old and I do not have 1 wrinkle anywhere. But, I do drink a lot of water, keep my face out of the sun, and I think I have some good genes on my side. I will not be treated by any company like I have been these last few months, and yes, a lot of my problems started when I had to deal with the men.

  • 7


    I’m really surprised to read the negative comments on PS. I have been using it since 1994 and have never, ever had a problem. Once I had received a smaller bottle of the eye serum and when I contacted them to inform me, they sent me 2 extra ones just to make up for it and it was sent out to me immediately. Like Minetta, I too stopped shipment for a while just to see if I could save some money by using other off-the-shelf products and I was so disappointed to see they did not work as well. I get comments all the time on the smoothness of my skin. I have never had a problem with shipments being late, ever. I would definitely recommend the product!

  • 8

    Tricia Collins

    I like the reclaim products myself but a few years ago I went to a Big Lots and noticed a few bottles of reclaim on the shelf. I was very upset and called them immediately and made a complaint because the product is suppose to be sold from PS. The woman on the phone sounded very surprised and assured me she would investigate how it got there. Perhaps that’s why Debra Pumphrey didn’t get her product? Lol

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