PRAI Beauty Serums Review

Are you curious about Prai Beauty Serums?

Prai Beauty Serums are a line of products available from the company of the same name. There is an official website, but there’s no information on a return policy or guarantee. Prices are relatively affordable and the online store was created in 2004 – so, there are some good elements.

What are Prai Beauty Serums?

Prai Beauty Serums consist of just a few products from the company. These include one for firming and lifting and another for hydration. The ingredients are listed so you’re looking at using cyclopentasiloxane, glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, tocopherol acetate, limonene, denatured alcohol, citronellol and fragrance. Unfortunately, several of these are irritants that can cause skin damage.

Quick Facts on Prai Beauty Serums

  • Ingredients are listed on the official website.
  • There’s no mention of a return policy or guarantee.
  • We found no parabens.
  • The two serums contain irritants like alcohol and fragrance.
  • The prices are comparable to similar serums.
  • You can save money by signing up for autoship.
  • There are some reviews and comments online.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Prai Beauty Serums?

“It’s a good thing that the ingredients are listed, but it does give us a look into the fact that irritants are used,” explained our Skincare Editor. “There’s no doubt you can find anti-aging and hydration serums out there that do NOT contain anything to damage the skin.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

One of the issues that came up time and again is how ineffective the products are.

  • “Haven’t noticed any change around the eye area as of yet.”
  • “Although I found this serum user-friendly and well-tolerated by my skin, I saw no noticeable results after several months of use.”

Looking at the other side, there are some positive experiences.

  • “This intensive serum is quite effective.”

Aside from a few comments here and there, we found little on how customers feel about Prai Beauty Serums.

Are We Ready to Recommend Prai Beauty Serums?

The biggest positive with Prai Beauty Serums is the fact that the ingredients are listed, but that’s also the downfall. We have reservations, mostly because of the irritants used in some products. We don’t like to ever see alcohol or fragrance because these can cause irritation and skin damage. Another problem is that no return policy or guarantee is mentioned on the official website.

What Do We Like Better Than Prai Beauty Serums?

In 2016, we are sold on an anti-aging solution called BioGeniste. We love that it works with clinically tested ingredients and there are some pretty amazing reviews.

Click here to check out BioGeniste today.


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