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POLA is Japanese beauty company that was founded in 1929. The founder of this company had a goal to deliver personalized service and develop unique relationships with the consumers. According to the official website, POLA has more than 400 scientists working on research and development of very high quality beauty products and POLA has been honored multiple times by organizations and even the Japanese Prime Minister.

POLA advises you to call a POLA Skin Analysis Advisor to get the most out of their products and there is a locator and 1-800 number on the official website so you can find someone in your area. On the official website, the two categories that contain anti-aging products are skin care and special care and between the two categories you will find 12 different product lines that each have multiple products.

Product Details

In the skin care section of the POLA website, they offer moisturizers, anti-oxidant creams, skin lighteners, and an anti-aging line called Polissima. The Polissima line of products claim to be specifically for “Matured, dried, dehydrated, wrinkled, and damaged skin”. The two main ingredients mentioned for this line are ginseng extract which has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicines, and N-Placenta. N-Placenta claims to block the aging process and renew your skin cells. It doesn’t say much about this ingredient except that it’s from West Germany.

The special care section contains moisturizers, skin softeners, and two expensive products called Wrinkle Shot and two Signs Solution products. Wrinkle Shot claims to be a “long-lasting, deep-acting wrinkle fighter” and uses Ursolic Acid derivatives as the main ingredient. The POLA website claims that Ursolic Acid will help regenerate collagen fibers in your skin which will make it more firm and elastic. The Signs Solutions cream claims to regenerate your skin, prevent damage from free radicals and give you a youthful look. There is also a Signs Solution 28 Carats system that has 5 products that claim to work together over a 28 day period to give you amazing anti-aging results including firm skin, and a complete cell renewal.

The Good

  • Pola has received various honors in Japan.


The Bad

  • The full list of ingredients for each product isn’t available.
  • POLA products are very expensive and range from $60 to over $300.
  • There isn’t any clinical data provided on the official website to show that the main active ingredients really work as well as they claim.

The Bottom Line

POLA seems to have a rich history in Japan and has offered its products through affiliates in the US since the early 1970’s. POLA products contain unusual ingredients that we don’t see very often and come with a very high price tag. We would have liked to see the full list of ingredients for each product as well as some user testimonials but those are unavailable. We can’t recommend POLA products at this time because of the high cost and lack of useful scientific information on the products.

5 thoughts on “POLA Review”

  1. I have used Pola products. I used the Vitax which has been discontinued. I have sensitive skin which reacts to all cosmetics. I have also used Pola Sakura Veil. I like the products. I have used the double clear wash, moisture serum, milk and moisture essence. The products do not sit on the surface of my skin like creams do and they are very light. I have not used Polissima as it is too expensive but I may try that line.

    1. I have seen the result myself. My mum have been using the pola polissima moisture lotion for oily skin S since she was 30 y.o. And she is 61 y.o and her face is still very tight, no wrinkles at all. She is really religiously putting the lotion day and nite everyday. She has been telling me ages ago that i have to use polissima once i turned 30 but i never listened. Until my sister in law complained about my face that need to be looked after as i have quite a few of pigmenttion spots. I am turning 33 soon and it’s almost a month that i started using polissima lotion. Back to my mum, her face is look very young but the hand and feet are looked old as she never apply body lotion at all her whole life . Anyway but it is hard to find the pola product here in perth now. I have to shop online to buy it for me and mum. Thanks Okke

  2. I am currently using Clinique but interest in your product. The only thing I need are wrinkle corrector, make up remover, wash,and clarifying lotion. My skin is very sensitive(often break out) and oily. I have used Shiseido, and that made my face break out.

  3. I love Pola. My mom has used and sold pola for a few years now. She is in her mid 50’s and her skin looks amazing and she looks younger than her age. I have been using this product since I was 18 (I am now 28) and I get confused for a high schooler. I have sensitive skin and have used many of their products which all have worked well for me. I love their face powder! It’s extremely natural and helps your completion. I really recommend it !

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