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In the beauty product world, there are countless products aimed at reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging. Available in creams, lotions, and serums, there is no shortage of things to try to erase time from a woman’s face and neck. While we take a closer look at many of these products, we get the occasional chance to take a closer look at an ingredient used in many different formulas. Pitera is a substance found in several different anti-aging products, and this review will take a closer look at it to see what it has to offer and if products containing this ingredient are superior to those that do not.

Product Details

Pitera is a byproduct of the yeast fermentation process of a specific strand of yeast. It claims to have shown an increase in the skin’s metabolism in a variety of clinical studies. With an increased metabolism, the skin can regenerate faster. The other benefits include: helping the skin get and retain moisture, toning the skin texture, helps adjust the pH levels of the skin, helps prevent the development of dark spots in the skin, helps heal sunburned skin, and controls the secretion of sebum–the oily substance made of fat–which is a main contributor to acne. The yeast this Pitera liquid comes from is a certain kind, while most of the yeast used in skin care products comes from beer.

The Good

  • Pitera is a natural source of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients that keep the skin healthy and youthful looking.

The Bad

  • SK-II products are the only ones that we can find that utilize the Pitera ingredient.
  • Though several websites reference that Pitera has been proven to work in clinical studies, we are unable to find these studies to verify the claims.
  • Though Pitera is a byproduct of a certain kind of yeast, we don’t know if that’s the particular yeast used in the skin care products formula.
  • Little information outside the SK-II company is available about Pitera.

The Bottom Line

While Pitera sounds like the miracle anti-aging skin care ingredient, we are displeased because we cannot find the clinical studies SK-II talks about that prove Pitera to be so amazing. We like that is an all natural ingredient, but we think it should be made more widely available for other products. We think it is a better idea to use products that contain proven ingredients in a moderate price range. If you are interested in trying Pitera, you will have to find an SK-II product to try.

11 thoughts on “Pitera Review”

  1. I use SK-II Essence and noticed an immense difference within days. Yes, I can’t find much information on it, and yes, I bought it overseas where it is more affordable, but all I can say whatever is in it, it works and is worth the money. It has done an amazing job at balancing out my skin tone and I haven’t had a pimple since I started using it 6 months ago. It may me magic and mysterious, but it works!

      1. the best buys are at Singapore’s Changi airport if you ever pass through! Though I’m pretty sure the deals are similar at Hong Kong or Japan

        1. As a Singapore and long time SK2 user, i wanted to say Changi Airport is still expensive to get SK2 product. Many many retail all over Singapore sells SK-2 at a much lower price. Also buying many bottles of travel size Facial Treatment Essence is much cheaper + hygienic than a full size bottle. Average retail price from beauty store Around Lucky Plaze in Orchard Road is SDG$25 for a 30ml size, if you buy 5 bottles the price is reduced to $20/bottle. I get my supply at $18/30ml bottle. There are SK2 copycat range carry by various korean skincare brand like Missha Time Revolution, OST First Boosting Essence, Graymelin – Galactomyces 100%, Secretkey Starting Treatment Essence, Nature Republic The First Number One Essence, etc. I never tried any of those as i fear of disappointment. I’ve tried retin-a which is too strong for my sensitive skin even when i am using 2.5% retin-a, Hado Labo all ranges that are sold in Singapore i’ve tried their lotion and essence and they do will clog my pores but SK2 will never even when i over apply. I would say what makes SK2 above other lotion/essence/toner is that it can balance the oil and moisture level of our skin and never ever clog our pores due to its super watery texture. It is expensive but all that is needed is just a bottle of Facial Treatment Essence + BB cream for its sunblock. I don’t even need anything else.

  2. hey there, I”d like to know which product from SKII is better for me..Im 16, no wrinkles of course, I’d like to buy a product that makes my skin a little bit tight and radiant, but the problem here is I don’t know if it’d be bad bcuz of my age…

  3. Hey,
    I’d like to know which SKIII product would be best for me
    I’m, 16
    I’d like to have my skin radiant and a little bit tight but I aint sure if it be bad bcuz of my age
    Thanx a lot:)arigato

    1. Don’t worry 🙂 I’m 16 as well and I use it once in a while, for a special event or anything like that! It has done wonders! It mademy skin dewy and radiant!

  4. The truth about Pitera is it slowly destory your Epidermis, so you end up show your Dermis to the world, of course, it is tight and radiant. If you have been used SK-II for a while, try stop using it and see what will happen to your face, then go to your dermatology and find out the truth.

  5. Hi,

    I’ve just realised this is now a dated post. There’s plenty of dupes around. Tony Moly, Missha, and lots of other companies sell pitera products at a fraction of the price. Plus they have more pitera!

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