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Phyts is a line of certified organic skin care products including Face Care, Body Care, Extreme Care, Sun Care, Hair Care, Baby Care, and In-Spa Treatments. Although many skin care lines claim to be organic, Phyt’s is one of the few labeled “certified organic” that we have come across, presumably because of the work it takes to become certified.

We will focus on the Phyts Face Care line for the purposes of this review and will determine if any of the products may be beneficial to mature skin to reduce wrinkles and fine lines or rejuvenate the skin. The Face Care line includes a full range of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and masks. With around sixteen products in this line alone, consumers may find choosing the one that is right for their skin confusing. The Phyts products are only retailed through spas and cannot be purchased either on the company’s website or through online retailers. This not only makes it potentially difficult to find the products, but may result in higher prices to the consumer after the spa adds on its profit margin.

Product Details

The Phyts official website is generally helpful and informative. However, some of the detail pages for some of the products are not active at the time of this review. In reviewing the active ingredients in many of the formulations, the line is clearly based on essential oils and extracts. Some of the products contain Vitamin E, which is known to have a soothing and healing effect on the skin.

Phyts provides full ingredient lists for all of its products which is something we like to see. Listing ingredients allows the consumer to assess the quality of the formulation and any potential allergenic ingredients. We did not find any ingredients in any of the formulations that lead us to believe that the Phyts products stand out against the competition. On a positive note, none of the Phyts products contain parabens, cosmetic preservatives that are known allergens and suspected of being carcinogenic. Another benefit of an all-natural formulation is that there are no synthetic dyes, fragrances or “fillers” which are often the culprits in skin allergies and sensitivities.

The Good

  • 100% certified organic.
  • Products do not contain parabens.
  • Full ingredient list disclosed.

The Bad

  • Unable to purchase products over the internet.
  • No money-back guarantee or product samples offered.
  • Products do not contain clinically-proven anti-aging ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid.
  • Number of products may be confusing to the consumer.

The Bottom Line

While the lure of a certified organic product may appeal to a number of consumers, we feel that the results may be less than claimed. Phyts does not provide links to clinical trials of its products so consumers are unable to objectively assess the products before purchase. We were disappointed that the company does not appear to stand behind its products with a manufacturer’s guarantee which would give the consumer confidence knowing that if the products did not live up to the hype, they could get their money-back. If you are looking for dramatic and long-lasting results from your anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products, you may wish to continue the research before settling on these products.

3 thoughts on “Phyts Review”

  1. Very disappointed with the product! For a premium priced product as this is, the benefits are non existent! I have used many skin care product & this product has been one of the most disappointing. Don’t waste your money!

  2. Satisfied with this line of products, have seen a difference in my skin, other people have commented also. Am a senior and Phyts makes me feel good about myself!! Thank you Phyts

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