Perlier Review

Are you at least a little curious about how Perlier works?

Perlier is a product line packed with anti-aging and moisturizing solutions. The website has been around since 2000, but the business spans more than 80 years. You can purchase online and all of the ingredients are listed in the description for each formula.

What is Perlier?

Perlier is a natural skincare line from Italy. Ingredients used in some formulas include shea butter, peppermint leaf, honey, peppermint oil, limonene, linalool, lavender, sweet almond, vanilla and various citrus extracts. You can choose from eye serums, face creams, toners and more.

Quick Facts on Perlier

  • There are irritating ingredients in every formula we checked.
  • Some irritants include linalool, limonene, methylisothiazolinone and methylchloroisothiazolinone.
  • Fragrance appears near the top of the ingredient list for some Perlier products.
  • You can contact the company by phone or email.
  • As long as you have the original receipt, you can return products.
  • There is no dedicated time-frame listed on the return policy.
  • The products are not tested on animals.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Perlier?

“We like that Perlier offers a variety of products without overpowering the customer,” says our Skincare Editor. “What bothers us is the number of irritants used in these formulas. The higher up on the ingredient list, the more concentrated it is. Fragrance is near the top in some and that’s a huge concern as it can cause irritation and skin damage.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

Mediocre results and issues with scent seem to come up time and again with Perlier products.

Customers who weren’t thrilled with results said:

  • “It’s okay as in just okay!”
  • “The quality of the cream seems acceptable.”

Those that liked what they saw felt the opposite.

  • “I use this on the bottom of my feet and it softens them up in one application.”
  • “It goes on smooth, stays on, and smells great.”

We were surprised by the number of people who were upset by the muted fragrance. This clearly means some consumers have no idea about the connection between scent and irritation.

  • “Sent me two kinds of body creams (I wanted bath gel), labeled respectively “Sandalwood” and “Honey-Lemon.” Both smell exactly the same: like nothing at all!”
  • “I just wish it had a stronger fragrance of vanilla.”

Others felt the scents were just right.

  • “Smells so nice, seems like it should be dessert.”
  • “It goes on and feels so moisturizing and the fragrance is heavenly.”

Have We Decided to Give Perlier the Green Light?

We’re absolutely sure we can’t recommend Perlier with 100% certainty. We have reservations because there are quite a few irritants and some, like fragrance, are highly concentrated. Though the user may not notice the changes, irritation can cause skin damage that can facilitate premature aging.

What Do We Like Better Than Perlier?

We’ve been through hundreds of products in 2016 and one of the best, without a doubt, is BioGeniste. The formula is loved by many, there are clinically tested ingredients and fragrance is not an issue.

Click here to read up on BioGeniste.

11 thoughts on “Perlier Review”

  1. For approx. the last 6+ weeks I have been using “ARM LIFT- EXPRESS CREAM” made by Perlier SPA Il Melograno Red Gold & love it!However I am quickly running out of the cream & tried to re-order it frm HSN-BUT! It seems to have done a disappearing act! Can’t find it anywhere— WHAT GIVES????????????????????

  2. I ordered some perlier talc before Christmas on Dec. 8 and have never received it, or had a response from anyone regarding my order. They debited my account on the 9th and I still have no order or any response to my queries. The talc is the best I’ve ever used but the perlier website is not to be trusted, that is my experience.

  3. I have received my orders of Perlier products. I could never find a list of ingredients anywhere so I ordered them anyway. All the products contain bad ingredients for the skin. I am sending all of them back.

  4. I’ve been using the Perlier Anti Aging Body Balm & it’s fabulous! Smells light, won’t interfere w/your perfume of choice, absorbs quickly into skin & still the next day u can feel your skin kinda slippery when in the shower. I always buy my Perlier products on HSN because of the great deals, prices & free S&H. For ingredients in all their products check HSN.

  5. I bought the large 3 liter size shea body wash and I had to return it because the pump is so small for the size of the jug & it did not work. It would pump out about a pea size amount of body wash but then I had to manually lift the pump back up to pump more body wash out Doing this about 10 times is too much. No time to play around people have to get ready for work. I tried to exchange it from HSN but they were out, with no surprise.


  7. Been using Perlier and pretty much only Perlier for years. The body products certainly continue to be the best I’ve tried! They do not test on animals and never have!! I don’t find Perlier body products irritating. Since they have been making more natural and organic product, such as their Pomegranate, I have had a few, perhaps allergic experiences but most of it is heaven in every way! My favorites are Olive Oil, Shea Butter with Vanilla and also the Shea Citrus, White Almond though the newest version not as the one from c.1995. You said fragrance is at the top of the ingredient list on many and while that may be true I think the lasting-ability differs for some reason or maybe we just can’t smell it on ourselves?

    The face products are another story for me. Almost all of them really bother my skin. The Royal Elixir line has been the one I can use w/o issue but the others such as Black Rice caused quite severe reaction. That said, I personally know many other customers of Perlier who use their face products with no negative reaction whatsoever. I believe there are common irritants in these and many products and since I find I can use very few face care products of any brand and about zero face creams (only some serums, cleaners) I can only assume that I have become very sensitive and shouldn’t judge product by my unfortunate situation.

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