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One of the newest anti-aging products popping up on store shelves would have to be Perlabella. Perlabella certainly take a unique approach to anti-aging skin care, in that their product is packaged in individual, single-dose “pearls.” These Perlabella pearls seem to actually be heavy gel caps that contain a quantity of the product that is designed for a single use. Users twist off the top of the “pearl” and sqeeze out the cream. It’s certainly a novel form of packaging, but what does Perlabella really have to offer consumers who are serious about getting rid of wrinkle?

Once you get past the pearl packaging, you’ve got the actual Perlabella formula. It turns out that Perlabella actually comes in several different recipes, each one of which is designed to treat a specific skin concern. The four available Perlabella products are: Retinol Face, Q10, Vitamin C and Retinol Eye. Cearly, the Perlabella Retinol Eye pearls are intended specifically for treating the under-eye area of the skin, which can be very sensitive. The Vitamin C Perlabella pearls are intended as a protective measure against environmental free radicals. Not surprisingly, the Q10 pearls feature Coenzyme Q10, which is a popular ingredient is numerous anti-aging products. Finally, the retinol-face cream features the “highest available” concentration of retinol.

Product Details

It seems that Perlabella pearls were originally available exclusively at Walgreens, but they are now also found on Amazon and in some beauty product boutiques. If the Amazon prices for Perlabella are standard, than this product retails for $19.99. However, the pearls are not sold via the official manufacturers website. Perlabella products were apparently created in Italy, and much is made of the product being an “Italian beauty sensation.” It seems that Perlabella pearls are sold in bout 7-count and 28-count packs, and each “pearl” is intended to be a single-use dose, meaning that a product like the Vitamin C Perlabella pearls that is directed to be taken twice daily will use up two “pearls” per day.

The Good

  • The amount of product to be used is already conveniently portioned out for you.
  • Some consumers might find Perlabella’s novel package idea fun.

The Bad

  • We could find no full ingredient lists for any of the Perlabella products.
  • At $19.99 for 7 “pearls”, this could become a rather expensive weekly habit.
  • While they do a lot to protect against free radicals, we found no Perlabella product that addressed collagen production.
  • We can’t help but feel that Perlabella’s “pearls” are a little bit gimmicky.
  • No full ingredient list found on the official website.

The Bottom Line

Perlabella does seem to be a fun skin care option. However, fun might not be what very many skin care consumers are looking for. These “pearls” probably will be fairly effective at combating free radicals if they contain the amounts of Vitamin C and Retinol implied. However, we found no ingredients in Perlabella products that would boost collagen production, and we believe that this is crucial in any real wrinkle fighting product.

6 thoughts on “Perlabella Review”

  1. i just received Perlabella capsules in the mail as a free trial and a $10.00 coupon off and 2 $1.00 coupons off too. I used the Retinol Face and the Q10 Face which were my free samples. 7 capsules of each kind were sent to me. Both seem to work the same they are like silk on your face which makes your makeup go on so much more smoothly. Im 53 with a few lines on my face and I compare it to MURADs serum which I payed $75.00 for. Its a temparary fix but it works nicely. Smooths out my wrinkles for my foundation to go on smoothly. Ill use up my coupons and then have to think about using it more because of the cost

  2. Is there anywhere I can purchase the Perlabella capsules for $10.00 as oppose to $20.00. I bought them 3x’s in the past for $21.00, (exspensive) I love the way it goes on my skin and look under my make up, but I don’t think I can keep up with it because of the cost. Where ca I might buy it for half price, Was told sometimes they give specials, but where?

  3. $19.99 is for 28, NOT 7. Dr. Oz show mentioned that retinol loses potency when exposed to light, hence the perfect capsules. Even lotions and creams are exposed to light, so this product is perfect.

  4. Perlabella Hyalauronic Acid was not mentioned and is great for “plumping. Walgreens online sells 3 products for $19.99, and the Coenzyme Q10 (with Vit E) for $16.99 (but not the Vit C). I’m 67 and can go without makeup. Skin feels great and makeup goes on smoothly.

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