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Pelactiv is a skin care company based in Australia that produces a number of toners, cleansers, moisturizers and specialized skin treatments. The products are available through many online retailers (although most appear to also be based in Australia). The company does have an official website but it was under construction at the time of this review and did not provide any information. All of the information for this review comes from retailers’ websites.

Pelactiv is based on Australian botanicals like natural extracts of apple, berry, lemon, grapefruit, orange, willow and sugarcane. They list their most important active ingredient as “milk extract” but do not explain what that is or what its purpose is other than to say that it has skin perfecting qualities. Because the Pelactiv products are not available directly from the manufacturer, there does not appear to be a satisfaction guarantee offered or product samples available. However, product samples may be available through the online retailers.

Product Details

For a product as expensive as the Pelactiv line is, it is disappointing to find that none of the online retailers we found listed the ingredients in the products. We do know according to the company that the products are based on Australian botanicals. Unfortunately, Pelactiv does not provide any indication of clinical testing on either the ingredients or the products themselves so we are left wondering if these ingredients are effective or if they just sound like they work because they are exotic.

While we like skin care products that contain natural ingredients, we find that the most effective anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products contain collagen for restoring the body’s natural supplies, hyaluronic acid for deep penetrating hydration, and peptides like Matrixyl 3000 and Argiriline for long-lasting and dramatic wrinkle reduction.

The Good

  • Products can be purchased at online retailers.
  • Products are all natural formulations.

The Bad

  • Products may be difficult to purchase outside of Australia.
  • No full ingredient list available.
  • Products may not contain clinically-proven ingredients.
  • No money-back guarantee offered.

The Bottom Line

With so many skin care products on the market claiming to rejuvenate aging skin and reduce lines and wrinkles, we find that many of those products are more about marketing than about results. We find nothing in the listed ingredients of the Pelactiv products that lead us to believe that they can have more than a modest moisturizing effect on the skin. If you are looking for a clinically-proven product with dramatic and long-lasting results, you may wish to continue the search. Keep in mind that if you do purchase Pelactiv skin care products and are not happy with them, you may not be able to get your money back.

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  1. I started my career in the beauty industry and have tried many expensive brands over the years.I was given some Pelactive product in professional packs.i.e. large bottles like sorbolene comes in. I had never heard of it and did not expect it to be anything but a cheap skincare line and actually shared it. Then we began getting compliments about how great our skin was looking. When I examined what had made these changes, I realised that it was the Pelactiv. As I had no expectations of the product when I began using it, all I can say is that of all the products I have ever used (bearing in mind that I have worked in the indutry) this would be the best product that I have ever used.

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