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Laboratoire Payot Paris produces a line of skin care products targeted at hydrating, wrinkle-reducing, and repairing skin. For the purposes of this review, we will focus on the Anti-Wrinkle line of Payot products, called “Les Authentiques”. There are six products in the Authentiques line, focusing on different areas of the face.

None of the Payot products are available for purchase on the company’s website but they appear to be distributed only through salons. Using the search tool on the company’s website, we were able to find only three salons in the United States that carry this product line. This may make it difficult to locate these products for purchase.

Product Details

To our dismay, there is very little information available on the Payot website detailing what ingredients might be included in their products. This leaves those with sensitive or allergic skin at a disadvantage as it is difficult to determine if the products contain any allergy-inducing ingredients. It also makes it impossible to analyze whether the Payot products contain any low-quality “filler” ingredients.

The active ingredients that are listed appear to be patented by Payot and therefore reveal almost nothing about their composition. Payot lists Bioxilift, Leuphasyl, along with some botanicals like licorice extract and witch hazel. The proprietary ingredients claim to relax facial skin and smooth wrinkles to reduce the signs of aging. As discussed below, there are ingredients on the market today that have been proven to do just that and have research backing up those claims. We did not find an indication that the Payot products have been thoroughly tested and we feel this is very important in a skin care product. When we look to find a proven effective anti-wrinkle product, we look for clinically-tested ingredients like collagen for replenishment and hyaluronic acid for hydration. The best products combine these ingredients with peptides like Matrixyl 3000 and Argiriline which have a deep and long-lasting effect on wrinkles and fine lines. There is no indication that any of these ingredients are present in the Payot skin care products.

The Good

  • Formulated with patented ingredients.
  • Full line of anti-wrinkle formulas.

The Bad

  • Difficult to locate product for purchase.
  • No full ingredient list available.
  • May not contain clinically-proven ingredients like Matrixyl 3000 or collagen.
  • No money-back guarantee offered.
  • Not labeled as non-allergenic.

The Bottom Line

Payot’s professional-looking website may entice some consumers to look at their products more closely. However, when we take a closer look and realize how little information the company reveals about its products, it gives us pause for concern. With the thousands of other skin care products on the market targeted to aging skin, there are many that reveal their ingredients and stand behind their products with a money-back guarantee. Those looking for proven results may wish to keep searching.

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  1. Payot Authentique 5 stars
    It is excelent. I loved the product. I used payot and stoped when the company left Puerto Rico. If you have information on any store please send me the name of the store and phone number.

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