Paula’s Choice Review


Paula Begoun created the Paula’s choice line of skin care products and cosmetics based on her over 25 years of beauty industry experience. According to her website, she developed an interest in facial care after a childhood affliction of acne left her searching for an effective product and not finding anything that she liked, so when she got older she decided to make a career for herself in beauty and skin care and create her own. The Paula’s Choice line currently offers skin care, makeup, body products and several other complete product lines. Her website also boasts an “ingredient dictionary” and an educational skin care fact sheet consumers can use to research their products.

The Paula’s Choice website allows users to shop according to their skin type, with categories ranging from normal to oily skin to dry skin and many categories in between. These products are primarily toners and moisturizers, as well as sun screens, cleansers and exfoliants.

Product Details

The Paula’s Choice skin care brand offers a complete line up of products from skin care to hair care, body care and make up, and even self help books. We are just going to talk about the skin care products today however. Many of the skin care products feature such ingredients as aloe vera, alpha hydroxy acids, acetyl hexapeptide 3, glycerin, witch hazel, lemon oil, tea tree oil, and willow bark, which are all natural and well known to be good for your health. While the website does not actually post any clinical trial results either of any of her products as a whole or any information proving the effectiveness of these ingredients, a little searching can turn up a whole host of accolades for most of the natural ingredients in this list. The Paula’s Choice aims to help with acne, sun damage, sine lines, irritations and dryness and may aid in anti aging. The website does not offer free samples however.

The Good

  • The website offers consumer reviews.
  • All the ingredients in the products are all revealed up front.

The Bad

  • The ‘free’ samples offered are not actually free as you have to spend $5 to get them.
  • There are no results of clinical trials posted on the website.
  • Not all ingredients in the products are natural.

The Bottom Line

The Paula’s Choice line was designed to provide a wide range of options for people of every skin type and all ages. On the downside, the website does not provide before and after pictures of their clients, nor does it post the results of any clinical trials. As with all skin care products, you should check the ingredients if you have any allergies, and the Paula’s Choice line lets you see all their ingredients so you can be sure you are not going to react to anything.

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