Pangea Organics Review


Pangea Organics is an eco-friendly company that manufactures and distributes various types of beauty products. The Pangea Organics tagline is “Nature Meet Nurture” and browsing their products, it’s pretty clear that this company is committed to being as “green” as possible. The beauty products contain 100% natural ingredients and even the packaging is made recycled materials and contains seeds so you can actually plant the boxes in your garden and grow herbs.

Pangea Organics doesn’t have a lot of products that are specifically geared for fighting wrinkles but looking through their list, we did see one or two. Almost all of these products do contain anti-oxidants and vitamins which can help your skin retain a more youthful appearance but won’t give you drastic, noticeable results right away.

Product Details

Pangea Organics sells their products through their official website as well as third party sites and magazines. Redbook, a popular US women’s magazine, features their products quite often and has given them a “Most Valuable Product” beauty award. On the official Pangea Organics website, you can purchase gift sets, cleansers, scrubs, toners, creams and masks as well as various bath and body products.

The main products we see that might interest those looking to fight wrinkles are the Japanese Matcha Tea With Acai &Goji Berry mask and the Nigerian Ginger, Sweet Lavender & Thyme facial cream. Both of these products claim to contain all natural anti-wrinkle agents and other skin restoring ingredients. The two ingredients that are supposed to help fight wrinkles according to Pangea Organics is Goji Berry and Lavender. There isn’t any clinical data to backup these claims but these ingredients are fairly common in holistic anti-aging creams.

The prices of Pangea Organics products ranges from $25 to $40 which makes these products fairly cheap. The official website is easy to navigate and provides full lists of ingredients for each product.

The Good

  • Pangea Organics products are made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • This company is very eco-friendly and uses recycled materials.

The Bad

  • The Pangea Organics products don’t contain any powerful anti-aging ingredients.
  • It’s possible some people may be allergic to some of the all-natural ingredients in these products so you will have to read the ingredients carefully.
  • There are no customer testimonials posted on the official website.

The Bottom Line

Pangea Organics products might make a wonderful gift for the eco-friendly person in your life. The products contain all natural ingredients and you can even plant the boxes they come in and grow various plants. We really respect companies that take the extra steps to be beneficial to the environment. The only problem we have with the anti-aging products offered from Pangea Organics is that they really don’t contain any powerful ingredients. While the anti-oxidants will benefit your skin, if you really want a powerful wrinkle fighter, you are going to have to keep looking.

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