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Pampermint is a set of two skin care treatments suited for feet. These are the Pampermint Foot Work (foot scrub) and the Pampermint Sole Mate (foot cream). This set is manufactured by Arbonne “Pure, Safe, Beneficial,” which is a rather large beauty line that offers an array of skin care categories to address individuals with normal to dry, normal to oily, combination, sensitive, mature, and problematic skin types. Although there is an official website for this brand, the Pampermint set no longer seems to be offered. Arbonne is a Swiss line of self-care products suitable for women and men.

As you may have figured it out, the Pampermint Sole Mate and Foot Work products aim to benefit the user’s feet, or at least the skin on his/her feet. Basically the Foot Work foot scrub is massaged onto the feet and then rinsed thoroughly. The user follows with the Pampermint Sole Mate foot cream and massages this product into both feet for soothing hydration and healing. The end result should be healthier looking and smoother/softer feet. It appears that this set can still be purchased online via websites like EBay and Amazon for around $35-45. While it is stated that Pampermint treatments smell like peppermint, there are no active ingredients listed.

Product Details

Pampermint is essentially a two-product set of foot treatments. One is a foot scrub or exfoliator and the other is a foot cream or moisturizer. Naturally the two treatments are utilized in conjunction with one another to potentially reveal smoother, softer and healthier looking feet. There is no actual clinical data offered online to support the effectiveness of Pampermint products, however, there are some reviews posted on websites like At this point it appears that the Pampermint foot care set is no longer offered by Arbonne.

The Good

  • The Arbonne Pampermint foot treatments can be used by anyone.
  • Pampermint products are still available for purchase on some websites like EBay.

The Bad

  • Although the official Arbonne website is flooded with self-care products, the Pampermint set is no longer offered at this time, which may work as a red flag for some individuals.
  • None of the key active ingredients for the Pampermint foot scrub and cream are presented on the official website or where this set is sold.
  • There is no actual clinical research offered to support these foot treatments.
  • The description of Pampermint foot treatments is vague at best where this product is still sold.

The Bottom Line

As you may have already guessed, the Pampermint treatments may have been a seasonal set that’s no longer offered via the official website. Although this isn’t clarified, it does appear this way. On the plus side, Pampermint may be desirable for certain individuals that prefer the scent of peppermint. On the other hand, there are several other skin care and bath/body companies out there offering similar foot treatments. The only difference is that they provide more details on the treatments themselves and what they contain.

3 thoughts on “Pampermint Review”

  1. The ingredient list is readily available in a drop down tab for all items sold by ARBONNE. And no “red flags” should be waived about the product not being available year round. Pampermint is a seasonal item only sold for the holiday season from September-December annually.

  2. I received this as a gift at Christmas from someone who home-sells Arbonne. I love this foot scrub! it really makes the bottom of my feet smooth and hydrated without being greasy in any way. It is too bad it is a seasonal item because I would like to purchase more, however, I can do that next year I guess. Great product for sure.

    1. Hi Joanne,

      I have a pampermint foot care in stock, would you like to purchase it from me? please email me if you’re interested,


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