Oxylight Review


Those who sell the Oxylight device tell us that it is a hand held portable machine that will enhance the appearance of your skin, as well as reduce your wrinkles and reduce your fine lines and crows feet. We are told that the Oxylight device generates tiny pulses of electricity that provide an active energy for your daily moisturizer to work. We are also told that the tiny electrical pulses will increase the blood circulation in your skin, and will therefore reduce puffiness and lines.

Product Details

Although Oxylight seems to be for sale in a number of online shops including Amazon, when you try to order the product you are told that it is currently unavailable and no price details are given. We therefore do not, at the moment, have any access to price details for Oxylight, and there does not seem to be an official website from where you can order the device. Those who claim to sell it online tell us that when you order this device you will receive the Oxylight device as well as a free cosmetics pouch and a 12 volt AC adaptor. Of course the principle of emitting tiny electrical pulses to increase circulation to the skin and hence improve the complexion is not new, and has enjoyed faddish waves of popularity in Europe for decades. Thousands of spas worldwide offer these types as treatments, using electrical impulses as skin tonics and also as anti-aging treatments. There are also other hand-held devices designed for home use to improve the skin’s complexion for sale apart from Oxylight. There do not appear to have been any clinical studies carried out on the Oxylight device nor do we have access to any information which would suggest that it is superior to other similar devices available for sale.

The Good

  • There is a gift of a free cosmetics pouch with purchase.
  • The product information tells us that the Oxylight device is safe to use.
  • We are told that, as well as improving the skin’s complexion, it can also be used to treat scalp problems and razor burns.

The Bad

  • At the time of writing this review it does not seem to be available for sale from online shops.
  • We could not access price details.
  • There is no proof that it is superior to other similar devices for sale.
  • There do not appear to have been any clinical studies carried out on the Oxylight device.

The Bottom Line

Although there is some product information available for the Oxylight device, those online shops that claim to sell the device do not actually seem to have it available in stock, nor do they seem to have any price details available. There simply is not enough information available on this device to recommend it over and above other anti-aging skin treatments, especially considering the controversial nature of electronic skin stimulation in general within the anti-wrinkle industry.

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