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If you are brand new to the skin care market, then you certainly have your work cut out for you. Finding the right skin care regimen can take some time and effort. Hopefully this review will assist you with better understanding Orlane, which is a skin care company out of Paris, France. The official website states that this brand is well-known for their very effective skin care. At this point they have over 60 years of history in the beauty industry. According to the timeline on the website, they first began in 1946. The key focus of Orlane treatments is anti-aging.

After looking closely at the categories found on the Orlane website, it is clear that there are several lines of beauty treatments to select from. These are called programs. The primary programs are Anti-Aging, Essential, Body, and Solar. Under each main program there are different regimens to choose. Ideally one of them should suit your individual skin care needs. To keep things simple, I will focus on one particular program called Extreme Line Reducing, which is found under the Anti-Aging Program. These topical treatments are supposed to improve the skin’s cellular memory, which in turns causes it to appear more youthful. As the title describes, this program is primarily supposed to aid with deep wrinkle reduction and combating fine lines that come with age.

Product Details

The Orlane skin care line is a rather large group of products primarily marketed toward women, but of all ages. Although the core focus of this line appears to be anti-aging, Orlane products are additionally used daily for regular skin care and maintenance. Treatments found under the Extreme Line Reducing Program are the Re-Plumping Cream, Care Eye Contour, Care cream, Reducing Lip Care, and Reducing Extract. A primary active ingredient found in these products is Memoxyle, which basically aids with wrinkle reduction. There are simple directions for each treatments provided on the website. Unfortunately none of the prices are disclosed, however, there is a contact page to assist you with learning more.

The Good

  • There are convenient application directions for Orlane products found on the website.
  • This skin care company dates back to 1946, which is impressive.
  • There are a variety of skin care programs found within the Orlane brand.

The Bad

  • Unfortunately there are no prices posted next to Orlane treatments on the official website.
  • Although a few key ingredients are addressed, most of the ingredients are not disclosed on the website for these products.
  • There are no free samples of these skin care products available to try out.
  • Orlane products are not conveniently available in common stores.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Orlane line is not pitched in the best way. Although the website does offer some history on the brand, and there are brief descriptions of the treatments, none of the prices are posted, full lists of ingredients are absent, and there are no testimonials of any kind presented to support Orlane. On the other hand, the packaging looks nice, the company has been around for a long time, and the products do appear to be high-end. Sadly, this may also mean a high price tag as well.

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  1. I’ve used Orlane B21 products and they are superior. Hard to afford but still superior>sometimes they can be found on ebay discounts which saves money.

  2. Best product ever. Using them since 1998. Acne skin. Only Orlane work!!!. Puerto Rico.Jcpenney store. Products with facial treatment were the best…

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