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One of the major selling points for skin care lines is the ingredients they utilize. Take Origins, for example. This is a commonly found cosmetic brand that’s generally offered in shopping malls through their own chain outlets. This company places a focus on all-natural and organic ingredients. The goal of Origins skin care products are to hydrate, smooth, tone, firm, restore, repair, replenish and rejuvenate the user’s skin. A particular treatment offered by this brand is called Origins Modern Friction. The official website pitches this product as “nature’s gentle dermabrasion.” It’s essentially applied to facial skin 1-3 times each week. By massaging this product in circular motions, dead facial skin is exfoliated to bring forth the new/more radiant complexion below.

In regards to the Origins Modern Friction grooming scrub, the primary active ingredients are Rice Starch (sloughs away dead skin cells), Lemon Oil (helps illuminate the complexion), Aloe (calms and heals skin), and Peppermint (invigorating aroma). Not only is Origins Modern Friction supposed to clear away dull skin cells, but it’s additionally claimed to assist with age spots, sun damage and blemishes. Although reviews from Origins Modern Friction users are not provided on the official website, there are simple directions concerning how this treatment should be used. Origins Modern Friction is suitable for all general skin types and can be purchased on the website for $37.

Product Details

Origins Modern Friction is basically a type of facial scrub or exfoliator marketed toward women. As with all Origins skin care products, this treatment is pitched as mostly organic and infused with all-natural components like Rice Starch, Peppermint, Aloe, and Lemon Oil. The official website does reveal that Origins Modern Friction was tested on “54 different women.” The results showed that 94% of the women admitted to considering Origins Modern Friction as a future purchase. Unfortunately the full list of ingredients for this product is not disclosed on the website.

The Good

  • Origins Modern Friction, as well as all Origins products appear to be available online, via the website.
  • This topical scrub or exfoliator is supposed to be suitable for all skin types.
  • For those that reside near an Origins store or counter, you can likely attain a sample of Origins Modern Friction to test out.

The Bad

  • Actual reviews discussing the effectiveness of Origins Modern Friction are not presented on the official website.
  • Free trial samples of Origins Modern Friction are not accessible through the website.
  • All the ingredients for this topical exfoliator are not revealed on the website, which may present some problems for individuals with allergies.
  • It’s unknown whether or not Origins Modern Friction is offered with a 100% money-back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

The Origins line is certainly one of many skin care brands that shoots for the “environmentally friendly” or “all-natural/organic” aspect of skin care. While this is fine and commonly desired in this day and age, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the products are superior to others offered. It’s a worthwhile idea for those considering the Origins Modern Friction brand to visit an actual Origins counter or store to acquire a sample of this facial treatment before spending the $37 on it.

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  1. What would be the longevity of Modern Friction. I have a jar that I found that is probably 5 years old – is it still good?

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