Oriflame Skin Care Review


Oriflame Skin Care is a Swedish skin care line founded by Jonas and Robert Af Jochnick in 1967 that, since its formation, has launched over 60 products including a high end perfume line. Their skin care line is still extremely popular, and Oriflame Skin Care has recently released an anti-aging skincare line that aims to increase collagen levels in the skin. It is one of the few skin care lines that aims to do this with all-natural products, and it is marketed towards middle-aged consumers.

Oriflame is sold by various internet retailers, and although these products are hard to find, their prices are very affordable. Combined with a lenient 100% money back guarantee and options to purchase smaller products, Oriflame seems to really cater to the average consumer. Clearly these 30 years have been good to the Af Jochnick family, and the positive media coverage about their products is surely another advantage. Consumers will note that the Oriflame Skin Care website lacks proper testimonials and does not really explain where it came up with its science – and it also seems like this science has more than a few holes.

Product Details

Oriflame’s anti-aging skincare line is comprised of three main ingredients: soybean proteins, pea extract, and seaweed biopeptides. Each have roots in ancient medicine but are not used extensively today. Oriflame claims these ingredients target specific parts of a person’s hormonal system that weaken with age, and boosting these will boost hormones and the skin’s ability to stay younger. According to various independent studies, this is not as effective as they claim it is, and it is not clear where they found evidence of this supporting a healthy hormonal system. All of these ingredients are packed with helpful vitamins (including the only topically effective skin-boosting vitamin, vitamin E) and some amino acids that encourage natural collagen production, but none of the ingredients are connected with any sort of hormonal changes. Although these vitamins will improve the appearance of skin, don’t expect them to effect any sort of hormonal levels.

The Good

  • Contains skin-nourishing vitamins.
  • Products are aimed towards middle-aged consumers.
  • Comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

The Bad

  • There is contradictory information available regarding how effective ingredients are when it comes to regulating hormones.
  • Is only available through the Internet.
  • Soybean proteins could aggravate people with soybean allergies and those watching their estrogen levels.
  • Is not actually all-natural — contains some synthetic ingredients.

The Bottom Line

Oriflame uses different ingredients than other popular all-natural products, and it looks like it might actually be a good thing. Consumers are still advised to speak with a doctor about their skin care needs before engaging in any skin care regimen – they can appropriately decide the best course of action to take. Oriflame could help make skin softer and less prone to wrinkles, but without proper testimonials to reference, it is impossible to confirm.


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