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One skin care line that reigns from Europe, and is always touted as high-end is Guerlain. Amongst their many cosmetics and skin care products, you will find Orchidee Imperiale. This is a treatment cream that is applied to the user’s face daily to potentially aid in the anti-aging process. Although it sells on websites like Neiman Marcus for $400 per container, it is currently out of stock (on Neiman Marcus). A few other Orchidee Imperiale treatments from Guerlain are the Discovery Trilogy set (three topical treatments), the Eye & Lip Cream, and the Orchidee Imperiale Fluid.

As with many other topical creams, serums and lotions available these days, Orchidee Imperiale Cream is claimed to help women prevent fine lines and wrinkles, while combating the signs of aging they currently have. It is suitable for all skin types and is applied in the morning after cleansing. Over time the user’s skin should become smoother, more resilient, stronger and more luminous. This cream contains key components like the Orchidee Imperiale molecular extract, which is an exclusive ingredient offered in Guerlain treatments. This substance is derived from orchid flowers, and is supposed to provide the same beauty for the users as it does for the flower. Unfortunately Guerlain products do not appear to be sold via the official website.

Product Details

Orchidee Imperiale is a small line of skin care treatments offered by Guerlain. Although they do offer categories like Make-Up and Fragrance, their skin care line is rather diverse. In regards to the Orchidee Imperiale products, these treatments fall under the Exceptional Complete Care link on their website. Sadly there is no ingredient list provided next to any of the products, nor are their any reviews or feedback left from past/current Orchidee Imperiale cream, fluid or serum users. Along with other Guerlain products, this line is supposed to be used for daily skin care maintenance and anti-aging. Clinical research and/or trial results are not presented at this time.

The Good

  • Orchidee Imperiale treatments contain a molecular extract from an orchid, which is all-natural.
  • There are brief descriptions of each products on the official Guerlain website.
  • This anti-wrinkle line may be able to assist with anti-aging and improved skin radiance.

The Bad

  • None of the Orchidee Imperiale skin care treatments are sold directly through the official website.
  • There are no responses or positive comments about this line presented on the website.
  • It is unknown what most of the ingredients are in Orchidee Imperiale treatments.
  • For the Orchidee Imperiale Cream alone, the cost is $400, which is very high in comparison to many other topical anti-aging treatments.

The Bottom Line

The name Guerlain has been around for some time now. Apparently many women in Europe enjoy their cosmetics and skin care products. However, you have to be realistic when it comes to purchasing a skin care cream or moisturizer. Orchidee Imperiale Cream sells fro $400, which is likely going to be too high for many women. Also, there are no positive reviews or comments for these products posted on the website.

7 thoughts on “Orchidee Imperiale Review”

  1. I have been using the Orchidee Imperiale cream for a little over 2 months now and the texture of my skin has truly improved. More resilient, even toned and hydrated. The smell of this cream is divine! Love it!!

  2. I got a sizable sample for free with a different order, and now I can’t live without it. Just the 5 days the sample lasted did more than any other expensive treatment I have tried, and I have tried them all! There is no comparison.

  3. I’ve used Orchidee Imperiale cream for nearly one year. Best skin care product I’ve ever used, no skin sensitivity, skin feels looks and smells great.

  4. This product has actually gone through over 30 years of research and development through Guerlain’s Orchidarium (over 30k species of orchids). Sure it’s expensive, but isn’t your skin worth it (we only have one face)? This entire line of skincare is second to none. It’s fabulous!

  5. I’ve been using the eye and lip creme for 9 months now, started with it after application of a sample at the guerlain stand gave me instant relieve of my dry eyes problem. Years of trying all kinds of eye drops and medication could not achieve what this creme did in a second. I’m using now as well the serum and some other products, absolutely great! It really works, no more problems with sores and you need very little to have the benefits. The natural ingredients make it safe for hyper sensitive skin and the lift that it has given to my eyelids mean that I don’t need surgery to lift my lids, something that was needed for several of my family to keep their vision in later age.

  6. I tried the sample cream and fluid – no breakouts at all for my oily skin, and my skin is hydrated and soft. I’ve been on Guerlain skin care since my 20s, and now approaching 40s- this exceeds The Success line and Happyology by far!

  7. I purchased orchidee cream, the face serum, and the lip and eye cream. Are these products supposed to be applied morning and evening? And what order are they to be applied?

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