Onsen Review

Wondering how Onsen works?

Onsen is a skin care line that appears to be sold primarily in kiosks in malls and online. Salespeople tend to be a little pushy, but that’s the case most of the time in this sales setting.

What is Onsen?

The Onsen line offers multiple skin treatments for aging, hydration, discolored skin and breakouts, among other issues. We didn’t find any parabens or sulfates, but there is fragrance used in many formulas. This can cause irritation for some users. There is a detailed description of how to use each product. Some solutions are supposed to work instantly and others can take weeks.

Quick Facts on Onsen

  • This Onsen doesn’t appear to be the same as the spa company.
  • Kiosks may be independently owned and operated.
  • Prices are much higher than comparable products.
  • You may not be able to return kiosk purchases.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take on Onsen?

“There’s a lot to take into consideration with Onsen,” said our Skincare Editor. “There are high prices, reports of poor customer service and even some texture issues. We’re not sure how well this bodes for the company.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

We found some issues with customer service, the lack of return policy for kiosk orders and texture. On the flip side, there are people who saw nothing wrong with the products at all.

According to some customers, when you purchase from the kiosk, you are not given the opportunity to return the items.

  • “We…tried to take the products back – as is – only to be told they don’t have the authority to agree to refunds, and gave us an email address. We emailed our request, but so far to no avail.”
  • “You can’t return it.”

Others had a fine experience with Onsen customer service.

  • “I always have costumers coming back to visit me and show me results.”
  • “I am… satisfied with the scrub and also lotion and feel I got a great customer service experience.”

We also found a customer that didn’t like the feeling of an Onsen product on the skin.

  • “The texture is a bit too thick, makes it difficult to apply.”

However, for every negative we found a positive.

  • “It provides moisture and hydration without being heavy.”
  • “It is non- greasy…and soaks in really quickly.”

Is it Time to Order Onsen?

Well, there’s no doubt some people like the Onsen line. However, we are skeptical about recommending any products that cost in excess of $300, $400, $500 or more. There is no information on clinical testing to support these high prices. We also have to consider that some customers are not happy with their experiences via the kiosk setting.

What Do We Like Better Than Onsen?

In 2016, of all the reviews we’ve completed, BioGeniste has stood out from the rest. We like that it’s packed with ingredients that are clinically tested and there are tons of amazing reviews from customers all over the web.

Click here to learn more about BioGeniste.

72 thoughts on “Onsen Review”

  1. These products have no scientific proof whatsoever. With this kind of pricing, you should be covering the costs of effective research on this. You should look for some evidence of this product working, even if it is qualitative from other users. As a scientist, their explanation of how the product works doesn’t really make sense.
    In addition, there are very agreesive sales techniques used to promote these products. Hold out and you will get more and more free products.
    Please review these active ingredients. They are basic in their nature.
    As their is no proof that these products work, these could just lower quality products, sold at very high profit margins.
    Their active ingredient is, ironically, called F.A.C.T.

  2. We walked by the Onsen concession this weekend at Westfield in East London.

    Stay away! The sales guys at the stall will drag you in to a hard sell… extremely patronising and you would have to be a serious idiot to buy after their sales tactics!

    We tried to walk away 3 times and they were excessively pushy and massively defensive to the point of petulance when we questioned their product.

    Whoever these guys are – they do not exemplify Japanese sales tactics and were probably more suited to selling second hand cars on street corners rather than cosmetics!

    1. Bad experience ever!!
      I was at Westfield last weekend, too. Got ripped off. What they have said and tried to sell made ppl sick when thinking back of again – regardless the product itself good or not!

      1. Unfortunately, I got suckered in. Actually I think I just gave in because I could not get away, but that is my fault. Started using the product after my current lotion was finished. Thought the spin top was really cool, until it broke about a week later. I wrote the company and was told basically they are independent contractors and I must go to where I purchased. Since I was traveling and not planning to be back there I’m stuck with a bottle of moisturizer that I can not use. Stay away the company does not stand behind their product.

      2. My experience in Westfield , Century City, Los Angeles, is like a replay of these two comments from London, stay away from this company, all they want to do is to rip you off. They are not Japanese company, the owner is a Israeli.

        1. Did the same in Westfield Mall, Santa Anita. Went on line and could have purchased products for $25 a bottle rather than the $100 I paid. I was stupid!

      3. Just two words, STAY AWAY!!!
        I got scammed by the hard sell. And I agree it was the worst experience ever in west field in shepherds bush. They drag you in and don’t let you go until you buy their product. I said no several times and this guy kept on asking me what was so wrong with the product that I wouldn’t buy it. He was standing in front of me blocking my way until I finally gave it and said I will buy a cheap one. When he went to charge one product he added another item. I wanted a refund but the receipt said no refund. What made it worse was on my way back home I was reading the description on the bottle… that’s when I found hair mixed in with body scrub salt through the transparent blue color bottle.
        Don’t be a sucker like me… no matter how hard they try to sell things to you just RUN AWAY!

  3. My teenage son was accosted by the salesperson at the ONSEN kiosk at the galleria mall in Cambridge MA and within 10 minutes she had taken all of his hard earned money. He was left with diluted stinky cheap lotion and watery cuticle remover and an emery board all encased in a lovely green zippered pouch. THe worst and most reprehensible way to make a dime. RUN don’t walk from this product and their people!

  4. Was at Westfield today and I couldn’t shake off the onsen sales woman she was so desperate that she dropped the salt scrub price down to £25, fortunately I managed to escape without spending a penny.

  5. actually, my experience is a little different from everyone else here. Agreed, their sales people are super pushy and, being a skin care fiend, bought the eye cream and serum, scrub, face wash and cream. Like someone said above, the bottle on the cream didn’t hold up BUT the eye cream and gel is just awesome. The macadamia body scrub is also pretty good, too. I’m a murad faithful but i had to create a little room for the eye cream and scrub. Been using them for months now. I will buy another when i run out :-). But then again, different strokes, right?

    1. How much did u pay? We were quoted $500 Singapore for a jar 30g size. This was given at a reduced price as normally $1000 per jar do am very confused as to what people have paid.

  6. So. I am not the only one finding these hard-sellers annoying. I came across a sales person at Westfield London. First of all, the woman tried to give me a “great ” deal, when i was not giving in….I could give one product for free….hmmm. When I said I left my purse with some one else, she said I could take one product with me if i would pay for it later on….what really annoyed the hell out of me…was her manner of speaking: ssht, it’s a secret, don’t say it out loud, don’t tell anyyyyone…..Excuse me, woman, is this Sesame street and do I look like a piggy-tailed toddler. Let me tell you an honest thing…these products may be the best thing in the world or may make you look like a 15 year old again……but these sellers and their big daddy sales techniques kill it for me. P.S. didn’t buy anything, will not buy anything.

  7. I actually got sucked in as well, though I paid much less than the price on the website (you can get a product for around £25…) Anyway, apparently I’m the only one who’s actually rather satisfied of the products, I never bought expensive creams, so I’m not good at comparing, but still the eye serum really did make a difference to my very bad and thin round eye area, as well as the mask…I even went back to buy it…I agree on their very aggressive tecniques, but if you hold on, you will get a good cream at a reasonable price (£25/30)


    1. Hi Sara,
      Did you get your money back? I also spent money last week and want to get my money back but I am afraid they will just tell me to exchange because i had a discount…

  9. Westfield Santa Anita (Los Angeles area)—First of all, the saleswoman kept saying how these products are great for sensitive skin. I politely mentioned that my skin was itching and feeling irritated after she used the product. She assured me the products are fine for sensitive clients, she “knows all about sensitivities.” I just had to get used to the product. (I wondered how any products so laden with fragrance could benefit my sensitive skin?) Asked me my ethnicity, said she could tell all about my skin needs based on ethnicity. Final straw–when doing the nail buffer, she started criticizing my nail grooming and telling me how bad my cuticles are. OK, so I neglected them for a few days, but I usually get compliments on my hands/nails and didn’t appreciate her head-shaking, or her calling me “honey” every single sentence. I got up and told her I had to leave. She said, “It’s OK, Honey. You can go. This is for you, not for me.” Whatever. Couldn’t tell me anything substantial about the products, either. I didn’t buy anything but left feeling deflated and a bit shaken.

  10. Same here – accosted by a very pushy salesman who was not flumixed that there is no clinical evidence to back up anything they say. Flirty and patronizing and the tenaciousness of a pitbull. I am 60 quid lighter after the ‘shhh don’t tell anyone’ 2 for 1 offer. I left feeling like a mug but had to put my foot down when he still tried to sell me more. I did try some of the wrinkle cream there and was impressed with the results though but had to draw the line. Be warned – These guys Will suck you dry! Am yet to see whether the products are worth the money.

  11. Same happened to me – I feel physically sick at how much money I have spent as was pushed into it by very persuasive salesman. “it will never be this price again and I will give you this for free – don’t tell anyone” etc etc etc.

  12. Don’t buy these products. The sales technics are agressive, they can swap prices in negotiations, they make fake assumptions (in my case: they told me they have a men’s line). There was told aloe vera is in the cleanser which eventually was not. When I returned the product, she didn’t provide me service but was very rude. Also, warehouse don’t officially represent the brand on their websites etc. And indeed: there is no investigations in public about there public and the healing. Be aware!

  13. Well, I am really hoping I end up liking the Serum. I too had the flirty pit bull salesman. I happened to be looking for a new serum, although I don’t usually pay that much for one. Feeling a bit like a fool seeing I totally got CHARMED into buying…of course with the manipulative “your so beautiful” discount. GRRRRR

  14. I’m so interested to find everyone’s experience was like mine. Last week I was at Westfield Shephards’s Bush and was accosted by a flirty young man giving me the salesman’s pitch – so cheesy. He got me in by saying that I could have a sample. I told him that he was wasting his time – that I couldn’t afford his product. He persisted. Unfortunately for him, I could see right through his very old fashioned patter and didn’t give in when he tried to push me to buy – saying – anyone will afford something if they want it. He was extremely patronising. I’m old enough to be his mother – stupid boy. When he realised I meant it and wouldn’t budge, he dropped his interest stone cold. I didn’t even get a sample which annoyed me, but hearing what other people received, I’m glad I didn’t!

  15. I was in Westfield Shepard bush last week and was scammed too. I stuck to my guns with a £40 peel but when I got to paying he started the whole 2 for 1 with the eye serum and powder, so I said ok, and then he came bak to give me the 1 and 3 at cost price etc. I felt like such a sucker!! But all I wanted to do is get out of there!!! He used his Cham although I could see right through it! Even gave me his email on the receipt supposedly to get in touch with him if he ever stood a chance and if I needed help with the products…..as if!!! Ver expensive lesson learnt!! I wonder though, why doesn’t the shopping centre/mall do anything about it? Are they allowed to sell like that??? Luckily I don’t live there otherwise I’d have gone back and given them a piece of my mind :((( so angry with myself :((((

  16. I’m a total idiot! I feel ripped off. I spent $400 I’m so stupid – I could kick myself. STAY AWAY – very flirty staff, although the product does feel great I could have bought it all on line for less. It was a very high pressure sale. Don’t be the idiot I was !

  17. I bought the bio cell lift at Westfield Shepherds Bush after it was demonstrated on my face. It was fantastic and reduced the Lines round my eyes in seconds. It was expensive £250 but was like a face lift without the surgery. Unfortunately I discovered I was allergic to it. I have sensitive skin and am on medication which compounds it. . I returned the product next day slightly dubious as when I checked the receipt I noticed that it said no refunds. At first they told me they could not refund and that I had to call customer services and wait up to 48 hours for a response. I refused and they did eventually refund my credit card, though not willingly, which is a pity as I think the product is fantastic and I may have tried their other products in less sensitive areas had they agreed and given me a refund without fuss.

  18. I bought the peel and Ageless night cream online (not the onsensecret). The website gave me the full size eyecream for free. I have to say my skin is very happy after the second day of using them. I had some irritation and sensitivity when I started using these, but in just 5 days: All clear up. I have normal skin again. I think I am lucky not buying from the rude and tricky sales. It would’ve put me off. But as it is, I would buy them again,online of course as I have not had much success with other skincare line these past years.

  19. I went to Shepherd’s Bush and was hassled by a petite Isralien lady. She was very persistent and enthusiastic.
    For three items, the total would have been £319/£329 (the lady kept forgetting her own lies). However, for today it was reduced by 50%. I refused bluntly. The resilient lady bounced back with lots of flattery and personal testimonies as to why I should purchase at least two products, this time for £100. After many other sales techniques used, ignorant assumptions, invalid claims about the product and being bribed into keeping a secret the lady insisted that she cares about me so much that she’ll sacrifice her daily pay to give one product to me for £29.99. When I refused and told her that I meant what I said from the start that I will not buy the product, she turned cold and bitter.

    Seriously, just stay away. It’s not worth your time or money.

  20. Hey, it is interesting how after buying something you get all these reviews. Anyway, i agree that their sales boys should be kept of the streets. i was at Stratford-Westfield mall and after chatting with a young lady…I should say, i got convinced at the bath scrub and facial scrub products and i actually bought. The saga begun after i paid and was walking away….one of the guys told her to show me the eyes products, which i thought was a free sample but alas, it was another product, which i was not interested in and took too much time to use…..when i stood up to leave, the guy just kept on insisting and blocking my way from leaving not to mention holding my hand. At that point i just got stern and told him off. The products were a little costly and now checking them online i feel deceived….anyway, i like them so far….smooth feeling and smells nice. Whether they are from Japan or Israel is another thing. But I believe they are scammers. I suggest you test the products at their stalls then buy it online! AWAY.


    I went to Westfield London in Sheperds Bush London where I met Ilan, your salesman, who convinced me to buy the cleaner and the peel for the face at a reasonable price.

    Or so he made it sound: 50% off on each product and had 1 other product for free. I thought it was a good deal since he showed me the official website with the original price list.

    When I got home I checked on the Internet because I felt like something was suspicious with his speech. He was notably very pushy and even got angry when I asked him why the product was for free etc..

    Indeed I was right because other buyers had the same speech : that he is the manager, that I got a huge bargain and a product for free and I had to keep it for myself…

    I just want to make people aware that ONSEN LIES to its customers and uses SCAM as a sales technique. I will make sure that this company won’t get away with it, not only by making sure to report you to the Advertising Standards Authority for false advertising but also by looking into other legal options – fortunately, I have close friends that are barristers. It goes without saying that I will also be contacting consumers rights associations right away.

  22. Sounds like I got had too! No plan to buy any creams or lotions but pushy saleslady got me in westfield and started selling with half price etc tried to walk away but eventually walked away with £80 worth of stuff. Not a pleasant experience just hope cream live up to her hype!!!!

  23. I had never heard of this product before. We were at the Northwest Washington Fair in Lynden, Washington this weekend and a girl at the Onsen booth invited me to try the vitamin c powder the lifting cream and the exfoliant. She used the powder and cream on one of my under eyes and I have to say it was amazing. There was a marked difference in the puffiness which lasted through washing even the next morning. She quoted me $500.00 for the cream at first, then all three for $250.00 then the lifting cream for $148.00. I told her I wanted to see how it lasted so she gave me her card. No pressure. I have since found it on Amazon.com for $44.99. Plus lots of other products for $20.00ish.

  24. I too had this experience at Westfield London and spent quite a bit of money, HOWEVER, the products are really GOOD. The C Delight serum is AMAZING, it’s like having a face lift, the body scrub makes your skin so smooth and soft. I felt like a bit of a mug until I actually tried the products. A big thumbs up for the Wrinkle Reducer, the C Delight serum, Body Scrub and as yet to try out the others. They’ve lasted ages too so I’m actually happy with my purchase. I would buy again.

  25. So glad I didn’t buy it after seeing mostly negative feedback. I saw the product online at ” OZSALE”, very discounted and reasonable prices but I thought I’d check the reviews first as I always do. Those pushy sales people have tried to pull me up many times, I just say ” I haven’t got time right now ” have a good day see you! They do all appear very pushy and the men flirty which puts me off right away.

  26. I’m surprised how many people were talked into buying something my flirty men. And frankly this product works, and works so well friends and family have started buying ONSEN products. While i have to aree the twist top is cheesy….I am a skin care fanatic and I am hooked! Purchased my initial products in Hollywood and finished my onsen “collection” on amazon when I got home. My redness has minimized and fine lines dramatically.

  27. Got dragged in at Westfield London and so far this product has turned out to be the best I’ve ever tried .the wash, the daily peel and the moisturiser were the only three I purchased and they are absolutely amazing products. They don’t last as long as their pushy and flirty sales people say they do though in my opinion a maximum of two to three months and thats it. But its really the best I’ve tried

  28. My friend and I bought these products at Westfield London with a big promise “come back after 90 days and we’ll give you money back if you don’t like the product”. We bought the eye treatment. what they call natural botox and I also bought the heat mask. We tried both products at the counter and the result was fantastic. Brought the product home, used for three weeks and it didn’t work at all not just for me, for my friend as well. I also used the mask on my son, which she claimed it was good for the acne, no results whatsoever. The eye treatment is the worst i ever tried in my entire life. I had developed skin allergies and no botox effect after using it for three weeks.Just makes you wander what are they advertising at the counter and what’s actually in a products you buy???? Anyway, came back today with my friend to get our money back as promised, there was not any sign of this girl who sold us the product and we have been told she is no longer working for the company. We have waited two hours for the Manager to come just to hear that we cant get our money back because its 14 days exchange only, which was written on the receipt and they don’t know anything about 90 days money back garantee. Impossible to speak to big Boss because he is in Maiami and its not convinient time to call him. We called the security of the mall to dispute our matter. He was very understanding but couldn’t do much under the circumstances but helped us to write the complaint at the customer service and advised us to write to the consumer rights people. Also they are aware of the standards of trade of this company and will keep an eye on them. Overall very disappointing experience!!!!! Stay away and run if they approach you!!!!!

  29. Absolutley outrageous pressure selling. i was pressure into buying this the saleman kept on and on and i couldnt get away. i purchsed 250 worth of product and had a niggly feeling i had been scammed . Iggogled them on the way out of westfield and found this site. i then went back and got my money back. that was as tough as getting away in the first place. Watch dog should look into this. its giving westfield a bad name.

  30. I got sucked in by a sales assistant in Selfridges, unfortunately I believed him, he was charming and even gave me his pen that will also work on an ipad!!! I feel such a fool as I believed the products were good, they are a gift for my Daughter as she has exzema on her face, he said they were perfect for that, he also said he worked part time in Harley Street…I think I should go and get ‘Mug’ tattooed on my forehead..Grrr!!

    1. Sandra, the sales assistant works in Harley Street these days aswell. If you are in trouble with your items, dont forget you have 14 days of return/exchange according to the situation.

  31. I thought i was the only one experiencing the very pushy sales tecnique of those people. I was in westfield london last january 2014 and i was just passing through when the israelu man suddenly grab me and told me to give him just 2minutes to see their product. I was hesitating at first but he was really agressive and then 2minutes became 20minutes! Well, i dont know why i was hypnotized and why the hell i was able to buy all the regimen from face wash, serum, and moisturizer and he also said he will give me for free the body srub and body butter if i take all the facial products. Well, i bought it all and paid for £135 (pounds). I was planning to spend that money for buying a michael kors bag but anyway i was really taken by him!! I had soo many regrets when i came home because i decided too quickly and i havent heard of this product before.. well, when i tried it… i think it was good!! Thats my own opinion.. it is showing some improvements on my skin and i think i will continue to use this product but i will buy it on the internet as they say its much cheaper to buy it there.

  32. My husband was sucked in to buy me some Onsen products at Westfield Sheppards Bush for Christmas. I was using La prairie and then Carita Diamond night and day (£800) in total and Carita eye cream (day and Night about £200) At first I was cursing him under my breath for buying me Skin care products, when he knows how particular I am about my skiin care.. My Carita Cream were reaching the end so I thought I may as well use the Onsen products so as not to waste his money.. knowing where he bought it from.. knowing how hard sell these parasites are.. I honestly thought in for a penny in for a pound I bet the products are blinking useless .. he has been well and truly mugged… Well I will be damned… the daily hydrating cream and the night collagen the eye serum are honest to God awesome … I have to choke on my words because I really want to say something derogatory about the way those charlatans sell the products but the products themselves are honestly well worth trying.. I suggest you should buy on line if you ever try only one of the products then try daily hydration.. the skin plumps up and looks significantly hydrated in minutes.. I just hope it has not got anything in the cream which is bad for the health of skin but the products get thumbs up shame about the people who push them down the poor passer by’s throats

  33. i went to the Westfield Centre in Shepherds Bush and was dragged over by Danielle to discuss the products. although i’d never heard about them, i thought it was a load of tosh. She was SO familiar with me almost wanting to be my best friend! Anyway long story short she wanted to sell me the eye serum for £150 and the am/pm powder for £209. When i told her it was totally outside of my price range, she said she would see what she could do and returned offering me her personal staff discount…. the am/pm powder for free!!! What sort of professional company would give away product worth £209?….Absolute waste of time and money…. definitely stay away from them.

    1. So my name is Danielle and I am working for onsen for 4 years now. I apologise if my approach of sales is in a friendly manner but that’s because I belive in this product and want my customers also. I have many customers coming back continuously to buy these products over the lady 4 years,ordering from me from email and sending me great feedback too. With regards to discount sometimes I am able to apply discount orate staff discount to the products if the prices are unaffordable or the customer wants to try something new and get familiar with this line of skincare. If I have received wrongly I apologise. But I have a lot of experience in skin and products and I like to promote this brand.

  34. Yesterday at Westfield Stratford East London. The beautiful young lady Tal offered me a gift card, and next thing I was exfoliating my hands while she chatted familiarly. She even correctly guessed my Nationality. Then she mentioned my oily face and when she saw she had struck oil (pun intended) she kept dropping the price. Even offered the 2 for 1 at £60. I said nope, we guys rarely shop spontaneously and for that amount. Then as I began to walk away, she brought out the ‘Joker in the pack’, her personal employee discount for £30 making it altogether a 50% discount. I bought it, went home and searched for their website. It was in dollars and the so called half price was the full price when you convert it from dollars to pounds. The £60 is the full price + shipping. meaning those who buy it in London pay for the shipping even though they bought it at the stand. I went back argued with them, mentioned FRAUDULENT MISREPRESENTATION loudly, told them I am an e-commerce lawyer and their aggressive marketing was unfair to consumers. After trying to quieten me, they gave me a full refund. No more polite smiles from now on.

  35. feeling pretty stupid myself – westfield london ! hard sell, flirty salesman, although knew it was all hype but push push push, bought two products for £60 so i reckoned £30 per product not bad and wanted something for my teenaage som as very happy with my own skincare. purchased as given hard sell and wanted to get away. however, very impressed with my son’s results after 1 day and looking to use on myself today, plus lookning into purchasing other products just wish i hadn’t felt so cheated / pushed into purchasing in the first place!

  36. I got done over by a Turkish guy selling this stuff in Singapore. Gave him a $50 deposit as I was so desperate to get away. Singapore is highly regulated so I will probably report him.

  37. Wow. All the comments above are real… just walked past and seriously the girl would get an a for effort for trying to sell to me but as a sales person myself I gave her a taste of her own medicine hahaha she was not happy at all. These people are not sales people their products is literally tap water. If you look at the ingredients you will laugh.oh yes she dropped “her sales tousers” and bared all for me too. Discount on discount on discount. To which I turned around and said no.

  38. Was walking around the mall and came across their shop. Heard the sales woman said something just smiled but my aunt walked in and all a sudden the SW was all over very kissassy kinda of way next few mins another person came and the windows to the shop was closed and slide the door. Started feeling somethings wrong so i started to google the brand but then my phone died… Luckily my aunt was tougher than the sales people and we walked out without getting anything… Was back and forth trying to make a deal lowering the price, discounts etc Oh and when we said we were tight (meaning on budget) their reply was “so are we we just did a demonstration for you” uhmm tight not tired… And they looked super pissed when we left… If they’re tired then dont be so pushy pressuring ppl to buy. Disgraceful. This was in Singapore…

    1. That’s a lie. I’m sorry to tell you, but you weren’t in onsen shop because that is a kiosk. No doors no windows. It is in the middle. I think that you went to a different shop of skin care and you got wrong that it is Onsen.

  39. Feel like a mug. Just spent a small fortune.
    My skin insecurities + Westfield cover looking legit + silver tongued sales ppl + I was tired = my getting screwed

  40. I absolutely agree, they do hit the hard sell, very hard. And yes, my saleswoman did want to be my best friend, and yes, she also did the staff discount thing with me. She is also the first person I have met in about 20 years who told me I looked older than my age, which did not impress me! But she also put the eye cream on me (didn’t buy it, way outside of my price range) and it did work. I thought it would be a five minute wonder, but no, I still saw improvement at the end of the day. I’m still not sure I’d buy it, because I’m not crazy about the hard sell, etc, but it did make me use another eye product I had at home.

  41. Hmm…well at least I don’t feel quite so bad after my Westfield experience yesterday! Got totally sucked into the hard core sales thingy..and ended up spending £120.00! The young lady tried so hard to get me to pay nearly £700.00 for the face mask/eye treatment! I don’t have much experience with this sort of selling pressure..so next time I’ll be aware! She tried all the flirty stuff, complimenting me on looking good for my age ( lol) and saying how attractive the eye stuff was making me look…and when she’d asked me if I was single ( which I am) commented that I’d be having the ladies falling over themselves! Well as a mature gay man, I certainly have no interest in that!! Although I hated the hard sell and felt a bit of a mug, I used the face wash and moisture products this morning, and have to say my face felt amazing. I suffer from the odd rash where i sweat in the gym, mainly on my forehead and it is certainly feeling and looking less angry today. So I’ll carry on using the products and probably buy them on the net from now on. Stay away from their stand if you don’t like the hard sell!

    1. well , i was early 2015 in Westfield mall as a tourist .the salesman came running after me saying i heard you speaking arabic , where are you from and i ended paying around 250 pound for products that still in my Fridge now .
      why ?
      because there is no clinical approval on these Product .
      i cant forgot the scene , some of you mentioned it ” the manager came saying , he seems to like you “,well obviously they are repeating same story for everyone , regardless the case .
      i am sure also that they go down in prices for everyone and this reminded me of restaurants in some countries where a guy stand out , convincing u to come in .
      i actually was reading the comments because i am about to choose a new line of face care and this brand call up.

  42. geezzzzz..my hunch is right, the first time i stepped into this store in singapore, to be exact is in wisma atria, the salespersons are so nice talkactive and keep demonstrating the product and yes its the eye cream, as i read all of the above review i think thats their holy grail, they just simply put the product on my dad’s under eye, my dad looked pissed i think but stay quite because my mom already fell for the products, the body lotion and the scrub. i have to admit those products are ok, but after we bought the lotion and the scrub, they offered my mom the facial peel off something for me, geez,,the price was SGD 210 and i just simply said if its SGD 100 i would buy, cause its too pricey for just an facial mask, i would rather buy another brand which already proven and baammm u guys know what happened, they just cut down the price into SGD 100 and plus SGD 50 voucher..shoot…..this product must be a scam!!!! and i did ask them where is the factory..they said in LA, well i dont buy it -_-‘ and they said they have the ingredients from japan…i dont buy it as well..my mom really fell for it…oh lord!!!

  43. I never saw this brand in a mall, but i bought them on the internet. Much better prices. And the products are simply amazing. My favourite is the smoothing eye cream and i will keep buying it. Very high quality and much better than very expensive brands like La Prairie or Sisley

  44. I recently popped into Westfields Shepherds Bush after work to buy a top to go out that evening… Came out empty handed, or atleast almost until I got dragged over to the Onsen counter. Anyone who knows me knows I never give these demo people the time of day (I don’t even take free passing samples being handed out usually!) but it must have been the fact I was killing time and only had the cold rainy evening to kill time in outside otherwise but I let the “friendly” Israeli man have the “2minutes” of my time he said he needed to show me a product.

    Well 25mins later and me who uses SIMPLE range products (£4-5 per bottle!!) from Boots and refuses to spend more on skincare and I’m paying £60 for 2 products ( a facial wash and a moisturiser). I said I was impressed with results shown but wanted to go away and think about it, and somehow he managed to convince me to just buy one and would get another free. He asked me which put of the 3 (wash,peel,moisturiser) id use most and I said the wash, so he “reduced the price from £90 to £60 for that, then “threw in the moisturiser free specially just for me”. At this point the manager/other sales person comes over to say “he must really like you to give you for that price!”. Oh dear! What a mug. Googled prices online at home (he did show me at time on their computer the cost of the moisturiser and was $199/&£100 so it seemed good deal, but was a little annoyed to discover the wash he claimed was £90 and had given me for £60 was actually $49.50/£25!!!!!! That being said, he had given the moisturiser to me for “free” so in total I did only pay £60 for products that would have cost £125 online… So I did get a 50% discount.

    As I was leaving £60 poorer he did also ask if I wanted a free eye sample, I said OK (I don’t use eye cream I was being polite to leave the counter at long last worrying my bank balance was going to bare the brunt of my rash and out of character actions) when I get sat back down and have serum wiped on my face over my make up?! Bizarre! All it meant was I had dinner that night with one under eye concealed and other bare where product had wiped off my make up!! I drew the line and said I was going to go and try the products at home I had bought already and would be back in the shopping centre again soon so if I wanted eye serum I could come back.

    All that being said….. The products are REALLY GOOD! Been using for a week now, and my skin is so soft and my problem skin has got a lot better – I even went 3 days without my medical spot cream (Duac) and still no breakouts. For me, I’ve resorted to SIMPLES range in past because any other expensive and cheaper brands I’ve tried have made my skin so oily or spotty which is why I was so set on sticking with my cheap brand! Who knows if I’ll be converted to Onsen, permanently… Watch this space!

  45. Hi All,
    For years I’ve been approached by Onsen sales people at Westfield. They never convinced me to buy. I refer to myself as a hard sale and when it is a no, it is usually a “firm” no for me. However, this time at Westfield was different. I was approached by Jackie who was extremely nice, articulate and well read on beauty and health. She respected the fact I only wanted the scrub and was able to offer a product within my budget. I am very satisfied with the scrub and also lotion and feel I got a great customer service experience. My friend also bought the scrub and was impressed with the results after using it on her chest. Her skin is more even and smoother after one shower. We just wanted to say thank you and right a positive review for Jacky F.
    Thanks! Simone

  46. Hi All,
    For years I’ve been approached by Onsen sales people at Westfield. They never convinced me to buy. I refer to myself as a hard sale and when it is a no, it is usually a “firm” no for me. However, this time at Westfield was different. I was approached by Jackie who was extremely nice, articulate and well read on beauty and health. She respected the fact I only wanted the scrub and was able to offer a product within my budget. I am very satisfied with the scrub and also lotion and feel I got a great customer service experience. My friend also bought the scrub and was impressed with the results after using it on her chest. Her skin is more even and smoother after one shower. We just wanted to say thank you and right a positive review for Jacky F.
    Thanks! Simone

  47. First of all, I’ve read all of the reviews.
    Most of the reviews about the product was really nice. I know that the products are good. Otherwise I’ll never buy it for myself and for my family.
    Second of all, I was so sad to hear the reviews about the sales way. I don’t know how it goes around the world, but I know that I don’t see myself as a sales lady. I see myself as a beautician first.
    As sales stuff, we are NOT sepouse to offer discounts. If we can, we are more then happy to do it. I know it’s expensive but it is still a good quality of products.
    I want to say sorry for everyone of you that had a bad experience from Onsen. I feel really bad about that. And if I could, I wish I would’ve make it better for you.
    Sales is not easy also from our side. People can be not nice.
    I believe in what I do. And I believe in my way.
    I always have costumers coming back to visit me and show me resaults.
    I’m sorry if you were introduced to this company not In a nice way.and again, I wish I could’ve take it all back.

    Have a good day.

    1. Jacky, I have no idea what gives you the idea that you are a superior sales person when you don’t have the grasp of basic English grammar!

  48. well , i was early 2015 in Westfield mall as a tourist .the salesman came running after me saying i heard you speaking arabic , where are you from and i ended paying around 250 pound for products that still in my Fridge now .
    why ?
    because there is no clinical approval on these Product .
    i cant forgot the scene , some of you mentioned it ” the manager came saying , he seems to like you “,well obviously they are repeating same story for everyone , regardless the case .
    i am sure also that they go down in prices for everyone and this reminded me of restaurants in some countries where a guy stand out , convincing u to come in .
    i actually was reading the comments because i am about to choose a new line of face care and this brand call up.

  49. I was in Westfield Stratford yesterday and the above comments sound all too familiar, tried to persuade me to buy body scrub, face peel and skin wash, I said I would only be interested in body scrub so he said he could sell it to me and let me have the skin peel as a gift. Said the the deals were only for today but did not believe that!
    When I had paid the wanted me to try the eye product but they had already used up too much of my time and I could not see the point of using when I had make up on so left.

  50. I saw these guys at Westfield and was actually interested as I love Onsens in Japan. But I asked and nothing actually comes from an Onsen or Japan it is all made in California. But why would you put mud on your face that 1000 people have had their feet and hands in anyway?
    The spotty guy put the syringe product under one eye and it tightens the skin for an hour. It’s probably useful if you have to be on TV or something but he claimed it would change your skin for life and that it cost £800. Did lots of cheesy, pushy sales stuff which got very tedious. I actually have the sales technique book “influence” by Robert Cialdini on my mobile phone and wanted to correct him on a few points. They have a few fake receipts in the till… they show you the pretend retail price etc. He was good at not letting me answer “no” for a good few minutes. Then showed me a “review” that had been glued into a magazine. That was quite funny so I said I’d go and check out the magazine review for myself on the web. He threw a hissy fit and walked off
    Your skin can’t absorb collagen so all the claims are B.S.

  51. My very thrifty husband got ‘caught’ by these people; a very attractive lady in his case, here in Johannesburg, South Africa. She coaxed him into spending R5000-00!!! on a trio-pack for men. Then they threw in the guilt factor of ‘what about your wife’ and he bought 2 items for me, one of which is a body scrub, to the exorbitant amount of R1500-00!!!!
    R6500 is nearly the equivalent of 2 months groceries for us who are approaching retirement. We immediately tried to take the products back – as is – only to be told they don’t have the authority to agree to refunds, and gave us an email address. We emailed our request, but so far to no avail. They had convinced him on the grounds that it only costs R200 pm for 2 years…… I would rather pay off debt on capital goods than on cosmetics, no matter how good they are. Unfortunately these scenarios stigmatises a certain population group, who one loves; but their sales methods are reaalllyyy bad.

    1. Dear Louise,

      I hope this message finds you well.
      I am very sorry for the negative experience you and your husband had purchasing the ONSEN products.
      My name is Lital, and I am the account rep for the brand.
      I was very shocked to read your review as we don’t have any authorized retailers in South Africa.
      Could you be so kind in sharing additional information with me regarding the receipt and purchase made, I would love to look into it further.

      All the best

  52. Stay away from this company and their horrible pushy sales people!!! I was shopping in Westfield white city when I passed the ‘Olsen stand’. A sales woman comes running up to me asking if I’d like a sample of this amazing product. As I politely accept hoping it would get her off my back she then says can she show me something at the counter? Once there she starts using a scrub on my hands and washing them. all the while she’s asking me what skincare products I use and when I mention I use NIVEA on my hands she lets out a high pierced laugh and assuming a very posh accent exclaims ‘oh my gawwwwd! you cant be serious!!!’ She then proceeds to tell me their products are in the Selfriges stores and you cant compare ‘high end’ products to ‘high street’ ones….sniff…sniff! Later I found out this was a lie and Selfriges do not stock ONSEN products! I felt like she was trying to compare her unheard of products to my PRADA bag! She then lines up their products and asks me which ones I’d like to buy, telling me the creams were retailing at only £99! Seeing where this is heading I tell her I’m not looking to buy any of their products today as I have lots of skin creams at home. She then starts to get personal, she looks hard at me and says you must be over 30 now right? You have to start taking better care of your skin as you get older. She then comments on some hyperpigmentation I have on my upper lip and says what you are using obviously doesn’t seem to be working does it? I looked at her over made up face, her chipped finger nails and her yellow teeth and thought…. The gall of the woman! Have you looked at yourself lately?! If she thinks the perfect sales pitch consists of insulting potential customers she needs to enrol in another marketing class! I was not going to be intimidated and insulted into buying anything from her so I told her firmly I wasn’t interested and proceeded to walk away.

  53. I was absolutely outraged by the pressure that was put on me to buy these terrible products. As I was walking through Westfield last week I was jumped on a girl called Ramona. In the beginning she seemed very friendly but near the end of the sale I saw how she got irritated and mad if I didn’t buy from her. She flirted with me and put her arm around me and acted very full on.
    After 30 minutes of persuasion I bought a lot of products that I didn’t need or want. When I got home I decided to try them and they are absolutely rubbish. I am embaressed and ashamed and won’t be going anywhere near her or that stand again ! If you walk past there watch out for that young lady.

  54. Does anyone know where the company is located? And how to contact their corporate offices? I did not see – or missed – any such information on the website.


  55. Today at westfield one of your employees aproached me and said i was very beautiful and had amazing skin. Obvs since thats how they get your attention. After that he asked what cosmetic products I use, when i told him none he said its obvious you look older than you are and also how much weed do you smoke? I cut his conversation there and told him thats no way to speak to a possible customer , he was rude and offensive and I left. They should have profesionals working for them and not random people that dont know anything about customer service. 0 out of 10

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