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Omorovicza is a skin care brand that’s claimed to be based on something called “Mineral Cosmetology.” This company was founded by Margaret and Stephen de Heinrich de Omorovicza when they decided to develop an “innovative and high-performance” skin care line based on Hungarian thermal waters, and the benefits they offer. The full line of Omorovicza treatments can be broken down into seven different categories like Cleansers, Toners, Day Care, Night Care, Eye Care, Serums, and Treatments. Although these skin care products do not appear to be offered directly through the official website, there is a “locations” link provided to direct consumers to product outlets.

To focus more specifically on one Omorovicza treatments, we’ll look at the Instant Plumping Cream. This is a topical cream that’s applied to cleansed-skin daily. It aims to fill in fine lines and facial wrinkles, moisturize the complexion and sooth any irritation. Other than Hungarian thermal water minerals (magnesium, calcium, zinc and copper), this treatment additionally contains active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Filling Spheres (swell the skin), Omega 6 Ceramide (replenishes, hydrates and restores softness), Oligopeptides (helps increase collagen and elastin levels), Pannon Complex (vitamins and proteins). This treatment cream is directed to be used in conjunction with other Omorovicza products for maximum effectiveness. The full lists of ingredients for these skin care remedies are not offered.

Product Details

Omorovicza is a full line of skin care treatments based on the “power and nourishment” of Hungarian thermal waters. Although it’s not specified on the official website, these topical beauty products appear to be suitable for men and women alike. In a similar fashion to most other skin care brands out there today, Omorovicza products are geared toward aging complexions. They endeavor to hydrate, replenish, correct, smooth, heal, restore and protect facial skin. Since none of the Omorovicza treatments are actually sold through the official website, there are no prices posted for consumers to reference. These products have been addressed in magazines like Style, Vogue, Shape, W, and Nightlife.

The Good

  • All Omorovicza products are presented and described on the official website.
  • There is some background information provided on the Omorovicza brand and where it all started.
  • Omorovicza products have been featured in numerous magazines like Style, Vogue, Shape, W, and Nightlife.

The Bad

  • Actual clinical research concerning Omorovicza skin care treatments is not offered on the website.
  • All the ingredients incorporated into these products are not revealed, which may present a dilemma for some individuals with allergies.
  • Whether or not this line of skin treatments is sold with a refund guarantee is not addressed on the website.
  • None of the Omorovicza skin care products can actually be ordered with convenience via the website.

The Bottom Line

After reviewing the official website for Omorovicza skin care, there are some unique attributes regarding this line. First of all, it’s interesting that the company is based on Hungarian thermal waters and what they have to offer. This aspect will likely appeal to those in the market for more nature-based skin care. On the other hand, none of the treatments can actually be acquired directly through the official website. Naturally this poses a major problem for those who do not reside near an Omorovicza spa/store.

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  1. Correction- All of the products are available on the official website and occasionally they run a sale on them.

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