Ombrelle Review


Ombrelle is a “suncare research” company that was founded in 1990. This Canadian brand is the “most recommended by healthcare professionals” in Canada. The primary concern of this line is to offer great skin care protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Ombrelle focuses on SPF (sun protection factor), UV filters, and active ingredients. This company introduced “Parsol 1789” to the suncare industry, which is an active ingredient that aims to filter out UVB and UVA rays. Ombrelle currently works with L’Oreal and makes products for adults and children alike.

At this point, Ombrelle offers four separate product lines, which are Regular, Sport, Face, and Kids. The face products are stated to be hypoallergenic, free of fragrances, non-comedogenic, and lightweight. The major active component found in these topical creams is Mexoryl XL (a sunscreen filter). SPF protection ranges from 30, to 45, to 60. Other active ingredients that can be found in regular Ombrelle products are Mexoryl SX and Parsol 1789, which are also UVA and UVB filters. All of these sunscreens appear to be colorant-free. Naturally the goal of Ombrelle creams and sticks is to defend the user’s skin from the sun’s damaging rays. This means that these sunscreens should be applied each morning to clean skin.

Product Details

The Ombrelle line is exclusively for suncare and daily skin protection. This Canadian brand offers topical sunscreens that are suitable for adults and children alike. While all Ombrelle products are offered on the official website with descriptions, there are no prices posted. Nevertheless, it appears that they can all be acquired through the website. By using active ingredients like Mexoryl SX, Parsol 1789, and Mexoryl XL, these products aim to protect users from the sun’s damaging rays. There are a couple useful links found in the website, such as an “education” guide and a “sunsmart tips” link. There is additionally a “dermatologist Q&A” page offered. In regards to the active ingredients offered in Ombrelle products, a graph is presented on the website to explain how these components work.

The Good

  • All Ombrelle sunscreens are described in detail on the official website.
  • This brand has been around since 1990, which may reassure some users.
  • The active ingredients for Ombrelle products are discussed on the website.

The Bad

  • The actual prices for Ombrelle suncare products are not listed out on the official website.
  • Some ingredients found in Ombrelle products may irritate the skin or some individuals.
  • There are no positive testimonials presented on the website.
  • Free trial samples of these sunscreens are not offered.

The Bottom Line

It’s not too often that we see a skin care line that’s devoted specifically to sunscreens. It’s nice that Ombrelle offers products to suit anyone from women, to men, to children, to athletes that perspire more. On the plus side, all Ombrelle products contain active ingredients like Mexoryl SX, Parsol 1789, and Mexoryl XL to potentially block out the sun’s harmful UV rays. However, there are no testimonials posted from those who use this line of sunscreens, nor are there any prices offered for Ombrelle products. These factors may deter some individuals. While this looks like a fine line of skin-thoughtful sun care products, it doesn’t claim to do much for fighting wrinkles etiher.

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