Olay Regenerist Review

Are you curious about how Olay Regenerist works?

You want to fight the signs of aging, so you’ve picked up Olay Regenerist. Smooth skin and results, over time, may be a benefit, but is everyone happy with the outcome? Proctor and Gamble is the company behind Olay Regenerist. The official website first opened in 1995. That’s more than a decade in the business.

What is Olay Regenerist?

Olay Regenerist is a product line that offers anti-aging benefits. When used regularly, you are supposed to notice changes in wrinkles and fine lines. Popular ingredients include an amino-peptide complex, retinyl propionate, glycerin, vitamin B3 and sunscreen. All options are applied to the face daily – simple.

Quick Facts on Olay Regenerist

  • The line can be purchased in many stores.
  • There is no guarantee from the company.
  • The prices are affordable when you take high-end products into consideration.
  • The line uses some anti-aging ingredients.
  • There are limited products.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s take?

“The name Olay is popular in the beauty industry,” says our Skincare Editor. “That doesn’t mean the products are better or more effective than others on the market.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

The first issue we found with Olay Regenerist dealt with oily skin. On one side of the debate are people who experienced oily skin and on the other those who didn’t.

  • “I really like this product, but it does leave a bit of oiliness on my skin.”
  • “It is non greasy. It also doesn’t leave a waxy film.”

We also found experiences from customers who saw some results and others who did not. This can make it difficult to make a solid decision.

  • “Thought it would smooth fine wrinkles, didn’t do anything,” said a woman who tried Olay Regenerist.

To the opposite, a customer offered:

  • “For anti-aging effects, well no miracles, but so far, this is the best cream I tried.”

Are We Sold on Olay Regenerist?

Well, we like the website because it is easy to use and all of the ingredients are listed out in the open, but we have some reservations. There are no specifics on any of the clinical studies and testimonials fall on both sides of the debate.

What Do We Like Better Than Olay Regenerist?

After all our research, we’ve found one of the best products in 2016 is BioGeniste. We love that ingredients are clinically tested and it’s amazing to read stories from users who’ve seen fantastic results.

Click here to learn more about BioGeniste.

132 thoughts on “Olay Regenerist Review”

    1. I have been using it for two nights – I don’t use it in the mornings. I feel like my makeup doesn’t look right even though I am not applying it in the mornings. Anybody else?

    2. After reading all the below comments …Looks like I will not be trying any of the products mentioned.. Back to good old soap and water for me..

    1. I used the Target knock-off ‘Renewal Cleanser” that has the same ingredient as Olay Regenerist for about a week. I developed a nasty red, raised rash on my cheeks. I thought it was pimples at first and used MORE of the cleanser, which made the rash worse. Back to Clinique for me!

  1. I used the regenerist night recovery moisurizing treatment and the cream made yellow stains on my clothes and stained permanently my bathroom sink and counter. I was wondering why. I cannot use this product because it did more damage to my stuff.

  2. This is unsettling but…I’ve been using Regenerist for about 6 months and unfortunately may have to stop because my skin has begun BLEEDING quite easily. I am searching the web to see if others have had the same issue. I love what the product did for my wrinkles, but perhaps it is too strong (??).

    1. I have used for 4 months and loved it. Last week, however, I got a really RED face and HIVES that have lasted for 7 days now. Dry and ready to peel is my next step, I fear. Hate to give it up but HATE this!

      1. ME TOO TERRI! I finally just switched to something else this week because the hives would not go away after a MONTH. My skin also feels rough, and the hives would come on suddenly and are very big and angry! It’s so embarrassing! Pure tea tree oil is the only thing that helped me get them under control, but I’m giving up on the Regenerist. I am not happy that Olay put me through this.

  3. I’m concerned over the parabens used in these products so I won’t use them. I wish you could eliminate them; it certainly sounds like a product worth trying. I do use Olay products w/out parabens.

  4. i use olay 7 seven days now. I noticed redish portion around my 2 eyes. Should i stop? Is d properties really strong for below 30 years old?

    1. I’ve switched to a new line called Apothecary 695 – and am loving the results! This line is different than all the others and I’m seeing really great improvement in my skin. This line’s ingredient list is fabulous – which is probably why I’m loving it!!

  5. I will never use this product again! My face turn redish, tiny bums appeared on my face, itching, funny feeling. It is too strong for me.

  6. Earlier in the Fall, I was having allergy issues on my face (ecsema sp?). When that healed, I started using Regenerist just to rejuvenate my skin. I’ve had swollen eyes (below & lids), red patches on my face, and this time my face actually was stinging. I’m very disappointed in this product and won’t purchase anything Olay again. Now that I know my recent problems were not allergy related, I’ll be sticking with Clinique from now on. Luckily, the product was on sale and I also had a coupon, but wish I had the $$ back that I spent on this product!!

  7. I have used 2 containers of this product hoping that it would work after losing 33 pounds. It does not work like the company has presented it. I am very very disappointed at Olay products now. We did not have the money to spend as it was anywaY with my husband being laid off work but my husband knew how important it was to me and my self-esteem. I thought finally I could be proud of the way I look with this product. But it has let me know. I wish I could have trusted Oil of Olay but they are only after the money. I would never recommend this product to anyone.

  8. I used Regenerist serum for a couple of days and it burned my skin, especially around my eyes and above my eyebrows. I now have wrinkles around my eyes that weren’t there before and redness and swelling. I took it back to Walmart and got a refund.

    1. Me too! Purchased olay regenerist 2 days ago. I used it the first night and we oke up with swollen eyes, wrinkles around my eyes that were not there prior to using. My entire face feels itchy

  9. when I used regenerist, my nose started to itch and I started to sneeze. Once I washed my face, I felt fine. Same reaction when I tried micro-sculpting cream. Must be the fragrance. anyone else experience this?

    1. Abby, I just started using fragrance free serum and i am having the same thing. My nose itches and i sneeze or feel like it for quite a while..

  10. I do not have a sensirtive skin. I used the regenerist night cream as directed and within minutes my face was swelling especially along my cheeks and under my eyes.. i looked older with bags . Bumps developed under the skin. I washed what I could off and by morning I still looked puffy but better. I do not recommend this cream at all. What happened Olay??

  11. I tried Olay moisture cream for one week. At the start, I had an allergic reaction to something. I have many allergies and didn’t connect. Finally I realized that it was the Olay–after antihistimine/steroid treatment!!

  12. I tried the Olay moisturizer for one week. In the beginning I had an allergic reaction to something. I have many allergies so I didn’t connect at first. After a week of antihistimines/steroids, I figured it out. Rash, swelling, itching, scary! Good idea, just not for me.

  13. I tried regenerist after using a SAMS club off brand. After about 3 weeks my face started breaking out into red spots on my cheeks. It was very bad. I thought I had some kind of disease. Off of this now for a day and looks like I may go to see a doctor to get rid of this rash.

  14. I used Regenerist Serum for several weeks in the UK with no problems. Then I went abroad, for two months, taking a couple of bottles with me. I developed red, burning, itchy patches above my eyelids and in the fold of my neck. So bad one eye began to close up. Didn’t put it down to this product, but left all preparations (except Astral cold cream) off my face whilst it cleared up. Used it again then, and after one application it’s flared up again. I’ve got a lot left, but it won’t be going on face and neck again.

  15. I’ve used the product for about a month and do not see any improvement. I had no ideal that the itching I have been experiencing is do to this product until I ready other testimonials. I even saw tiny rash like appearance on my face but never made the connection. I am thru with regenerious.

  16. I have had a red rash on my face, neck and chest for more than 2 weeks. I have systematically changed my detergent, my hair spay and other products thinking they were to blame. I even quit eating nuts. Today I googled red rash from Olay and found many comments that sound exactly like my symtoms. Red, itchy skin on my face, neck and chest. Good Bye to Olay after 30 plus years of use.

  17. i have rash on my face , neck, chest,after using olay the cream mosturizer ant-aging micro-sculpting for 3 days.my face itchy , i have oil skin& sensitive but i like the regenerist face wash .what moisturizer should i use.

  18. Tried the eye cream and eyelids swelled up and blistered. I had to go to the hospital for an allergic reaction. Imagine my telling the ER doctor that I had tried a wrinkle cream!! How embarrassing! I also ended up with some bumps on one eyelid that is permanent!! Try l’oreal! Someone told me that Olay uses some kind of fish product and that causes the allergic reaction in alot of people.

    1. Hi I used the regenerist eye serum about 3 weeks ago and has burnt under my left eye. Does anyone know how to help these burns heal? I have left it alone but is still red and sore.

  19. After reading all the negatives on these products, why hasn’t the FDA got involved? Do they just arbitrarly make this stuff and sell it with no testing?

  20. i’ve tried olay regenerist wrinkle relaxing cream once last night and this morning till now (8pm) i could feel that i face itching….should i continue using it or should i stop using it in fear that my skin will get worse?

    1. stop – my face is a disaster right now because of regenerist micro-sculpting serum and wrinkle revolution complex. I used it before and my face became itchy, puffy, red and hot – thought it was due to new shampoo, but now I realize its this product. Should be taken off market

  21. I started using Olay Regenerest Moisturing Serum Fragrance free and the first day I love the way it felt on my skin. Second day and I can’t stop sneezing. I attributed it to a facial scrub (another line) but after reading above comments I’m going to stop the Olay for a couple of days and see if my allergy symptoms will go away. It it’s the Olay then I’ve wasted $30+. Wonder if Shoppers Drug Mart will give me a refund?

  22. After 1st application my face around both my eyes swelled so much I looked like a space alien! It’s been over 3 days, had to go to a Dr for a round of prednisone to just get back to normal..think I will learn to enjoy what mother nature gave me, much more beautiful!

  23. I used this product once, the next morning my eye was swollen and eyebrow was blistered. I now have a one inch scar on my brow rom using this. Olay does not care what their product is doing to their costumers, I called to tell them and they said we are sorry, and they sent me coupons…… Do not use this cream!

  24. I have been using the target brand of the cleanser and I feel like I’ve had a facial every time I wash with it. It gives my skin a glow that reminds me of what you see on a pregnant woman. I’ve been using it for 4 months now and have seen no problems. I want to try the other products because pf how happy I am with the cleanser.

  25. I commented above (Jan 26 2012). Yesterday I tried the same cream again to see if anything had changed. This morning I look like I’ve gone ten rounds with a prize fighter. Nuff said – in the bin with it.

  26. Hives returned to my skin around my mouth after trying this product again. How do I get my money back? This was so expensive and now my face looks terrible!

  27. I used regenerist eye roller and after 2nd night my eyes swelled up so much I could hardly see out of them. Had used Revitalift before without problems… it’s really painful and sore

  28. I thought I was the only one!I thought several of the products were helping with wrinkles. But first my skin got so dry, and then I developed brown patches, a rash, and some bleeding. An expensive mistake!

  29. DO NOT use Regenerist Serum. My mum bought it as a gift because I’m getting married this summer. I have been using Olay cleansers etc for at least 15 years and was even asked to be a face of Olay. However, on trying this, my skin has become ‘burnt’, inflamed with lumps, patches, is sore and painful. I have lines I didn’t have and almost overnight my skin has aged at least 10 years. Nothing I do eases it for more than around 10 minutes before the ‘tightening’ and pain restarts.
    I have contacted Olay in the past to affirm their products and always had immediate responses. I contacted again begging for help and they have not replied.
    I believe they should be sued.

  30. NB – in addition to my earlier comment, I have been to the chemist for medication and he recommended aqueous cream. The Clinique rep said she wouldn’t dare sell me a product until at least a month and recommended I see a dermatologist/the doctor.
    Like someone else, my skin thickened and hardened too

  31. After one application, the skin under my eyes because very red and horrible swollen. Never had a reaction like this to a cream before. I am on prednisone now trying to bring it down. Very sad this happened. I hope it does not permanently damage my under eye area! Be sure to test your reaction before applying it.

  32. After using Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting cream nightly for about a month with no problems (and no significant improvements to my skin) my skin started to burn and had thick dry patches. After taking a few days off from the cream (since my skin burned) the dry skin peeled off and I was left with beautiful smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Amazing results if you can get through that initial dry period. Very similar results when you use retinol-a although that stuff is stronger and burns through my skin after a day vs a month. Back to using it daily.

  33. A rash developed on my face the day after using the regenerist night cream. I didn’t realize it was the cream as i thought I was having a reaction to an insect bite. I then used the night cream for a second evening. In the morning my skin was red and itchy and i have this unusual feeling around my mouth. I keep trying to cool my skin down with cold water. I realised it was the cream. I am hoping the feeling soon goes away. I am throwing this product in the bin.

  34. Regenerist turned my face red and I broke out in a rash and welts. Will walgreens take it back without receipts and packaging?

  35. Wal-mart. knock off gave me hives twice had to take pegesterone both times. My 95 yr old friend just had to have 2 black growths cut off her face after using Olay regenerist. Dr said second case he had in a short time!

  36. I have been using oil of olay products since i was 25 and have very good results. A couple times I tried other products and had some skin reactions also. The same product is not the same for every skin type.

  37. After using this product next morning I had red sore marks around my eyes and I looked terrible. I will not use again my skin feels burnt. I don’t usually have a reaction to creams. I hope this clears up quickly

  38. Ive been using olay regenerist am and pm I’ve had good results.I have used olay since I was 13 and people always say I look 28 i’m 42!

  39. I used Olay Regenerist off and on for about 10 days and had to stop when I started noticing dry patches and numerous fine lines running up and down my cheeks that were definitely NOT there before. Up close, my skin now looks weathered. This stuff is bad news.

  40. I have been using the regular formula Olay Regenerist for a couple of years, no problem till they just changed the formula, it says it acts faster on the new box, it is making my under eye make up all caked up and I cannot apply it or my regular makeup without it doing so…I going to make a change! Unless they go back to the original formula.

  41. I have been using Regenerist for many years. I love the feel and look. I also love the compliments, when people tell me I look much younger then my age. I use two small pea size dots on my face, one on neck, I buy large bottle at Sams club, lasts me a very long time. Very inexpensive. I was majorly suprised of those that had bad results.

  42. I have been using the cleanser for about two years. Just bought a new bottle and notice it started to burn. My face began to get welts and became raw. When I used it so I compared the formula and saw that it changed. How do I get a refund for the product?

  43. Just a comment about the packaging of your product. I love the product , I buy mine at Sams Club. However, by the time I get the frickin package open I have aged 10 years so I really need the product. Why? Why? Why?

  44. I have been using Olay Regenerist for a week now.got red itchy skin with red rash on my face and neck. I am throwing it in a bin.

  45. I searched for feedbacks on this product. Sadly after i bought olay regenerist serum and day cream. 3 days after using it, my face feels like its skin are being ripped off my face. I had some serious analgesic for the pain.
    I love the smell of the cream.
    The serum felt light on the skin .. But felt like a film of oil too..
    I cant use the day cream anymore because it stings my skin now ( it was not during the 1st day & 2nd)
    I tried applying moisturisers (other brands which are hypoallergenic!) but it feels like my face is burning.
    A red face for a week. Then comes the peeling of my skin.
    Gosh! The embarassment! I scrub my face from all the peeling dried skin. Its awfull!
    Few days after, a friend taught me to rub vaseline and olive oil on my face to relieve it from dryness and the burning pain.

  46. After starting to use Olay Regenerist a few days ago, my forehead has swollen, gone red and then wept and finally peeled. I have itchy eyelids and red bags under my eyes.
    I look as if I have been in a fight. After reading all these comments, this product range should be banned.

    1. I just bought this product at costco and I experienced the same plus hives on my front head, eyebrows, eyelid, swallow, no good.

  47. After one use came down with a bad case of hives throughout my body, red patches on my face, and swollen lips and cheeks. What a waste of money!!!

  48. There is something really odd about all these reviews. Were they all chosen for their negative response? I have been using Olay Regenerist for years, no problems at all. Having read reviews elsewhere, I have never, ever seen any reviews like this. Most peculiar! I have great skin for my age, don’t know if it’s the Olay or just good luck. Can’t help feeling that whoever chose the above reviews is pretty biased.Be interesting to see if my lone good review actually makes it onto this page.

      1. I agree, I to have been using Olay products for years, and have never had any bad reactions even though I have extremely sensitive skin. I also wonder if these bad reviews were hand picked by? Maybe a competitor!?

        1. I tried this. The second morning I used it my face and eyes were swollen shut. Only a heavy dose of benadryl and cold compresses relieved it. I showed the doctor pictures. She was shocked. I wasn’t recognizable. That was the only change in my routine. Sorry but this product can be dangerous. I recommend trying it on a small area first.

        2. I used this product for 2 days. The second morning I woke with itchy eyes. Within half an hour my eyes were swelling shut and my face was red and swelling. The only thing that saved me was a high dose of benadryl and cold compresses. My husband was standing by to take me to the emergency room. This was the only change in my routine. I showed pictures to the doctor. She couldn’t believe it was me. I recommend anyone put it on a small area first.

          1. I guess I can be happy I didn’t use it near my lips or eyes.. My forehead, cheeks and chin are one bumpy red hot mess

      2. Bought Olay Regenerist at Rite-Aid, I thought maybe the redness and peeling was supposed to be a normal reaction to it removing a top layer of skin, can’t take the redness and burning a week later, have to stop using it, I look a fright.

    1. I just tried olit for first time. I woke up with massive liquid filled hives under my eyes where I used it. It apparently has a ration on some people, who like me are more likely to search and post about a negative experience.

    2. I agree…I have been using Olay Regenerist products products for YEARS. I’m 55 years old and most people would guess my age around 42. The serums, microsculpting cream, and skin cleansing washes are all awesome. P & G puts out great coupons for these products, which are already nicely priced. Wouldn’t trade my Olay for anything!

    3. I just started using it and my face feels raw splotchy and burning after 4 days. 30 bucks down the drain. I will toss it tomorrow., I’m NOT HAPPY !! Loved Olay products and now am going to revisit ALL their products!!!!

    4. I have have been using this product for years and love it— but in the last month, have developed the sunburn look each of the three times I’ve tried it. I thought it was a different product, but now I am convinced I can no longer use this product. 🙁

  49. I used the regenerist overnight cream last night and woke up this morning with huge puffy eye bags. It looked like I had been crying all night long. In the garbage!!!

    1. I just experienced the same thing! My face burned throughout the entire night, and I woke up looking like I was punched in the face, two swollen puffy eyes!
      Returning the overnight cream immediately!

  50. I have used this three times now and each time it has caused severe swelling and a burning sensation under my eyes. Trash!

  51. I used Olay Pro x Eye Cream, Deep Wrinkle Complex and Cream about 1 year ago. After nearly using half the product amount I developed a red rash with very small blisters on my skin. I stopped. Last week as I ran out of my eye cream I used the Olay Pro X eye cream and the next day got a red itchy swollen little bumps all over my eyelid. I’ve never had a skin reaction like this from any face product.

  52. I purchased the Regenerist products last night as my skin has been very dry and via the Oil of Olay site these were the best products for my skin. Through the day today my face and neck (which is where I used the products) have been itching and it’s been getting worse through the even. I just looked in the mirror and my face is very red and filled with small watery itchy blisters and swollen batches. A few places are burning as well. I’ll be returning these products tomorrow. I’ve used Olay in the past with no issues so perhaps it’s this particular line, but very disappointing regardless.

  53. My husband just bought me Olay Regenerist and I use it 3 times! After the second time I start having some kind of itchy in my face. Notice also some redness but I didn’t pay too much attention. By the third time, the itchy was worse and the redness also. I started to think that it was probably from the moisturizer, and I wash my face and had to put a towel wetted in very cold water to get some relief. Then put some aloe Vera to help. Even today, I feel my face very hot and a little bit itchy. So, I don’t think that this product is for everybody. Fortunately, my husband bought it in a place that can be returned, and that’s what we’re going to do. Just in case you are wondering, no, I didn’t start having all this “symptoms ” after I read this comments, I had the symptoms and then I went online to find out if more people had the same problems, or something similar.

    1. I just bought the Olay Regenerist brightening cream cleanser and luminous tone perfecting cream. I used both morning and night for 5 days and on day 6, this morning, I have one red eyebrow that itches like crazy, 2 deep skin pimples and about 3 red rash spots on my face. This is not normal for me, I was very excited about this product and to start not wearing makeup, but now I have to wear makeup because I have large red patches on my cheek, jaw line, eyebrow and chin. I never write reviews about products, but this morning I was super worried about my face so I did some research on this product and found this webpage… moving forward, I will look into all my products online prior to purchase as I don’t want this to happen again. I have to go to work looking like this… this is very saddening to me.
      I will be trying to return these 2 products today.

  54. Olay Regenerist serum is NOT inexpensive. But I wanted to try it because I had heard such good things about it. I unfortunately feel like it is burning my skin. I have always had difficult with serums, so this is no exception. It also makes my skin itch. I’ve tried to ignore the itching and pretend it isn’t there because I really want the benefits I’ve read about. But it is pointless to stay with it since itching skin cannot be a good thing. 🙁

  55. I’ve been using the sculpting cream and I didn’t have any problems with the product . I got a slight sunburn so I thought it was from the sun. I don’t think the redness was from the Olay product., regenerist sculpting cream, but I did see my skin peeling a little, which I thought it was from the sun. I did not have a rash or small pimples forming on my face. Oh I’m in my 60s!

    1. I stopped using this product over three months ago due to blistering on my lip and peeling, flaking eyelids followed by, redness, swelling,burning sensation with an oozing of fluid. The lip got so bad, I had to have a biopsy done. It was benign and I’m now using a medication given to me by my dermatologist. I can not say this product is the absolute reason for my problem but I find it more than coincidental after reading other posts.

  56. I’ve used olay regenerate luminous brightening cream cleanser twice and I’ve broke out in hives especially around my eyelids and brow area. I thought it was because it’s a new product so my body is trying to adjust. I don’t know if I should continue using it. I don’t want to waste my money and the product. Is this normal? Help.

  57. Used 2 nights ago Regenerist serum on my chest and neck, yesterday I had red and itchy skin where I apply olay serum. Still itching. I do not have sensitive or allergic skin type. I am 45. Still searching for a product for my just started aging skin to keep in shape. I have noticed that my neck and chest is loosing firmness.

  58. I too have been having a reaction to this product and intend on bringing it back. I applied it to my face and neck. First I noticed the red bumps in clusters on my neck which are also hot and sometimes itchy. So I stopped using it on my neck and now I am starting to feel bumps all over my face, still feeling the burn on my neck. I will discontinue full use of this product. Such a shame because Olay products have been around for years and I thought I would try them now that I’m 40, I could use a little help from my friends. Don’t spend your money on this product.

    1. I purchased Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting cream. Used for the first time last night. I have blistering underneath my eyes, and puffy eyelids. No effects in other areas, but I will stop using the product. Very disappointing. There are no warnings on the product. Had similar problem with L’Oreal Revitalift.

  59. I bought olay regenerist this morning. After 3 minutes of applying the cream my face looked as if i had been burnt by the sun. It last for 3 hours and i had to go buy an antihistamine. I will never use this again and I no longer trust any olay products. There needs to be a warning on the box or paper inside – a contraindication warning.

  60. Personally, I believe the huge amounts of negative comments here to be bogus. Olay has reputable spent decades and decades in the marketplace and on the skin of countless people. I’m a 40-year-old man with naturally terrible, sensitive, cystic-acne-prime skin, and regenerist products (namely the serum – unscented) used alongside pro-x night-time micro-peel have transformed my skin in ways that tetracycline, accutane and topical chemicals (BP, sulfur, etc.) never could. To say that my skin is highly sensitive and reactive is an understatement. The Olay products I mentioned began clearing my skin within the first week of use… I’ve never even been able to apply a moisturizer without breaking out to the point where I could feel my pulse in the pimples all over my jaw-line and neck… I couldn’t even shave without painful irritation. Miraculously, olay products have done amazing things for my skin. I’m sure the odd person may have an adverse reaction to this, and any product available (we’re all different), but I feel that this number of negative comments all in one place is indicative of dishonest, spoof reviews. Olay has been around far longer than many, has a solid reputation backed by thousands upon thousands of people, and is definitely worth a try for those who have been considering it. It’s great stuff.

    1. I agree with you Peter! I love this cream and these negative reviews are so far in the left field that I serous believe they’re giving the review about a different product!

      1. Totally not bogus!! I used the serum a year or so ago and had a terrible reaction, much like a chemical burn all over my face. Couple of days ago I used some Olay face wipes and the same damn thing! I have a severely burned face that hurts like heck. Nothing bogus about that.

        1. I have just used this moisturiser for the first time this morning,almost immediately had a burning sensation which has left my face and neck bright red and burning,I do not have sensiitive skin and have never had a reaction to anything before.Definately will not be using again .

    2. What would be the purpose of writing a bogus review? For someone with such sensitive skin surely you’d be more sympathic. I’m lying in bed with a burning red face and would rather be asleep than panicking about an allergic reaction I’m having to a product. I’ve used olay face cream for years and love it but this CC cream is absolutely awful and is causing me a great deal of pain. I wish I had read reviews like this before purchasing this product and if I can help prevent this from happening to someone else I will.

      1. Used it for 3 days .. bumpy red hot skin .. I’ve never used a face cream before and now I’m afraid I won’t ever again~! Hope my face clears up 🙁

    3. I have just today used and my face was stinging. I have washed it off … Still stinging, a burning sting, not tingling, still stinging hours later. Disappointed taking back to store does not live up to expectations for me.

    4. I have zero reason to lie. I think it’s very rude of you to claim that those of us who broke out in rashes are making “bogus” claims. Why would anyone do that unless they were trying to sell their own skincare products, which is not the case here.

  61. I bought this product at BJ’s a few days ago because I felt the urge to use some kind of lifting and rejuvenating cream. After 2 times of using I started experimenting an awful burning, itching and to top it off I got blisters all over my face;( I am very disappointed. Wondering if I BJ’s has a return policy help!!

    1. I just started using this product (the serum and the cream) last week, and the same thing happened to my skin! It’s still red, itchy, and broken out. My red spots are more like blisters as well. I was actually quite worried, and am still concerned bc I look like I have bad acne now. Before trying this stuff, my skin was flawless. Looks like it’s going to take another week or so to clear up and get back to normal. It’s still very itchy in several places.

    2. I bought the cream for the same reason and after using it 2 times my face is full of read bumps. I never was allergic to creams. This is so weird. And now I read about other people having the same issue. Clearly its something!

  62. I haven’t experienced any type of allergic reaction from Olay. However, I have noticed that my skin is somewhat ruddy and there has appeared what looks like age spots on my forehead since I’ve begun using this product. I may be returning to Roc.

  63. Delighted to have found this review. I used Olay Regenerist CC cream two days ago and have had an allergic reaction. I don’t have sensitive skin and I’ve never reacted to a product before! My skin is now hard, red, swollen, hot, and itchy. Now I’ve a bit of research to do to help alleviate the symptoms!!!! Horrible experience with this product!

  64. I wish I had read these reviews before I put this on my face. I have been a devoted Oil of Olay/Ulan user for 30 years. I am now 45 and thought I would change from the standard moisturiser to something more age appropriate. What a mistake. I applied it 24 hours ago and now look like I have been sitting in the sun for hours. My face and neck are bright red. I have removed the product and slathered on Aloe Vera and hope that I look normal in the morning. I am happy to go back to my old trusty favorite – the Pink Olay, I wished I had patch tested the Regenerist first.

  65. Honestly this product should be banned, used it for the first time today and my face is on fire, looks like I was in the sun for 20 hours. Wish I read this reviews before purchasing this. Absolutely so disappointed in Olay. Never using Olay again.

    1. I’m in the same boat. My face is on fire! Used this for the first time this morning, watched it off at lunch time and my face is still hot and red. I absolutely hate this product…..needs to be taken off the shelves!!! So angry with Olay Roth now!

  66. I have been using Regeneratist serum for years..had beautiful results and people always complimented me on my beautiful skin…now I have a terrible rash for the last few weeks..at first I thought it can’t be the Regenerist..I’ve used it so long…but I stopped using it and began taking benadryl. ..better but has not gone away completely..they must have changed the formula? Never had anything like this before? It is awful.!

    1. I too have used Regenerist products for years with no issues until a couple of months ago when I got a new bottle. I began to get red, slightly swollen, eventually flakey skin around my mouth and forehead. I kept moisturizing with Olay, not believing it was the issue since I’ve used for so long – but my face healed only after switching to another moisturizer. Then I bought a new bottle of Regenerist, thinking it might be a batch issue, but I’m back to burned skin again! Seems pretty conclusive to me – they’ve changed their formula, and for the worse.

    2. I just googled this subject since I’m having the exact same problem! Got a new bottle and the skin around my eyes is a red rashy mess! Looking for something different. Thinking of trying a Clinique product. This is terrible.

  67. I purchased Olay Regenerous Luminous cream and started using it after I purchased it. After the second day, I noticed breakouts on my face and neck. I thought my skin my adjusting to the cream but it was getting worse each day. This morning, I woke up and my face felt itchy and when I touched my face, I felt a cluster of bumps next to my nose and ran to the mirror and noticed the bumps appeared red. Effective today, I am discontinuing the cream.

  68. I have the same reaction! Should they give us our $ back and pay for Doctor visits and treatments? I look like Iv’e been in a fight!

  69. I’m a real person and this is not a bogus review. I used this for a long time and liked it. I ran out and hadn’t used it for a while. I bought some at Costco and started using it again. My face is all bumpy, dry and flaky. I’m not sure if they changed the formula or what but it doesn’t seem to be agreeing with my skin anymore. I’m going to stop and see if my skin clears up. The reason I found this was because I was having issues with my face that is normally perfect and flawless. I know some of these ingredients are supposed to make your face peel to regenerate new cell growth so it makes sense that some people could have a reaction.

  70. Okay so I have had the same skin issues that a ton of you have had and WHAT DO I DO TO GET RID OF IT. I am so miserable and nothing I am doing is working. Please help.

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