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OcuDerma is an “ocular skin therapy gel” that aims to benefit the eye area. Although there doesn’t appear to be an official website for this treatment, it is available for purchase online, and comes in a 0.5-ounce tube that sells for around $17. OcuDerma was apparently developed by a licensed ophthalmologist and optometrist. This non-oily gel treatment is translucent and suitable for all common skin types. The purpose of OcuDerma is to assist with dark circles, minimize crow’s feet, reduce under-eye puffiness, hydrate, and tighten the delicate under-eye skin.

As revealed online, OcuDerma is claimed to be manufactured with the “highest quality ingredients.” There are a number of active ingredients incorporated into OcuDerma gel to potentially help with restoring and maintaining youth to the user’s eye area. These ingredients are Sodium Hyaluronate (keeps moisture in the skin), Squalane (adds moisture to skin), Tocopherol (combats free radical damage), Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Retinyl Palmitate (antioxidant), Corn Oil (softens skin), Cholecalciferol (assists with cell growth), Chamomile Extract (soothes skin), Ascorbic Acid, Cornflower Extract (minimizes redness), beta-Carotene (increases elasticity), Bisabolol (reduces puffiness), Panthenol (strengthens skin), Lecithin (hydrates), Malic Acid (exfoliates), Glycolic Acid (helps with skin cell turnover), and Lactic Acid (removes dead skin cells). OcuDerma gel is free of fragrances and dyes.

Product Details

OcuDerma gel is essentially a topical treatment that’s claimed to restore youth to the eye area or under-eye skin. When utilized daily after cleansing, this product may assist with anything from crow’s feet, to puffiness, to dry skin, to dark circles, to sagging and anti-aging. OcuDerma should be applied to the under-eye area with the fingertips, morning and night. The product may take a minute to absorb completely. OcuDerma is not supposed to lead to any allergic reactions. Unfortunately there are currently no testimonials presented on this product. A money-back guarantee is not offered for OcuDerma gel.

The Good

  • OcuDerma under-eye gel is suitable for all common skin types.
  • The ingredients for this topical treatment are presented where OcuDerma is sold online.
  • OcuDerma is claimed to be free of all fragrances, irritants and dyes.

The Bad

  • There is no official website at this time for OcuDerma under-eye gel.
  • It’s not clarified whether or not there is a refund option with OcuDerma, therefore there probably isn’t.
  • No customer testimonials are provided for OcuDerma where this product is sold.
  • Clinical trials, graphs and/or data are not offered to help support the claims made about this under-eye gel.
  • Clearly, this only affects the under-eye area.

The Bottom Line

There are so many facial treatments at your disposal these days. This can certainly make it difficult for people to pinpoint exactly what they need. The same is true about under-eye therapy creams and gels. Although OcuDerma sounds ideal when discussed on websites that sell the product, so many other topical eye gels and creams are pitched in the same fashion. Some issues to consider when purchasing OcuDerma gel are the lack of a refund guarantee and testimonials. These factors may be a red flag for some individuals.

2 thoughts on “OcuDerma Review”

  1. I have been using Ocuderma for years. It is the only product I have used that does not sting when it gets in my eyes. I found that it does reduce puffiness and for my age (53) I do not have hardly any crows feet

  2. It was recommended to me by my eye doctor. It is very gentle and moisturizes very well. I have noticed dark circles after I ran out of my tube and couldnt find any at my relocated place. I used to buy it from Dr’s office previously. Haven’t bought it online yet.

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