NV Perricone Review


NV Perricone is the brand name of a wide variety of skin and body care products developed and manufactured by NV Perricone MD Ltd. While they are primarily known for their skin care products, NV Perricone also produces weight loss products and a line of general health care products devoted specifically to men. NV Perricone was founded by one Dr. Nicholas Perricone, MD, who is a certified dermatologist and who has developed a reputation based on his clinical research experiments. Dr. Perricone has been a featured guest on Oprah, and has also appeared on CNN and Larry King, making him something of a celebrity dermatologist in some circles.

As an anti-wrinkle product, NV Perricone relies on a holistic approach to fighting aging. While a cream is one aspect of this strategy, Dr. Perricone also advocates a healthy lifestyle, claiming that this will help skin look younger and healthier. The product line aims to “reduce cellular inflammation,” and this includes a recommended exercise routine, a pure diet and various stress reduction techniques. Also, NV Perricone users are directed to limit their exposure to UV rays, which can be a leading environmental factor that contributes to skin damage. The ultimate goal of these treatments is to reduce “internal inflammation” which, the doctor claims, can eventually reverse some signs of aging.

Product Details

The signature product from NV Perricone’s anti-aging division is the Amine Complex Face Lift. The primary active ingredient in this product is a proprietary vitamin C ester that acts as a potent antioxidant. Antioxidants are a common ingredient found in skin care products. They are often derived from various fruit essences, and they stop oxidization, which can be a leading cause of cell death. NV Perricone’s Amine Complex Face Lift also contains a proprietary NTP Complex. The manufacturers claim that this helps beneficial nutrients penetrate the skin, resulting in firmer and healthier skin. Unfortunately, little solid info is given regarding what goes into this NTP complex, how it was developed or how it works once it’s in your body. Some users may find this unacceptable.

No full lists of product ingredients seem to be offered on the manufacturer website.

The Good

  • Dr. Perricone seems to be a well-established skincare industry professional.
  • Patient testimonials are offered on the official product website.
  • Official website offers overnight shipping.

The Bad

  • Products may be expensive for some users, with the featured anti-wrinkle cream selling for $90.
  • No product ingredient info is given.
  • No free product sample is offered.
  • Large number of products available from NV Perricone make it difficult to tell which might work best for which skin type.

The Bottom Line

NV Perricone is a confusing line of skin care products. Their overall approach to skincare seems to be to throw everything and the kitchen sink at it. Some individual NV Perricone products could be solid contenders, but unfortunately the company has not taken the time to list product ingredients. Similarly, active ingredients like the NTP Complex are heavily hyped in the product descriptions, but then are not explained. The current market for anti-aging products is so large, potential users can probably easily find a similar product that explains itself more clearly, so why risk it?

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