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The Company Nutrimetics has offices in the United Kingdom, France, Greece, Australia and New Zealand. Each country has a corresponding website that gives product information regarding the products in the Nutrimetics range. We are told that all of the products in the Nutrimetics range are 100% natural. Nutrimetics produces a range of skin care products including anti-aging products. They also produce natural hair products and household products.

Product Details

Anti-aging products within the Nutrimetics range include the Nutrimetics Anti-aging Intense Night Cream. We are told that this anti-aging product includes Natural Bio Phyntox TM, as well as Vitamin E and Vitamin C. We are not, however, given a full and comprehensive list of ingredients present in the Nutrimetics Anti-aging Intense Night Cream. We are told that it will reduce the lines and wrinkles on your face. We are not presented with any evidence to back up the claims of the manufacturers of this product.

Another product in the Nutrimetics anti-aging range is the Nutrimetics Anti-aging Firming Eye Cream. This cream seems to contain the same major active ingredients as the Intense Night Cream, with the addition of Apricot Kernel Oil. There are no price details given for the products in the Nutrimetics anti-aging range. This means that we are unable to assess whether the products are competitively priced in relation to similar products for sale on the market. It does not seem as if they can be ordered directly from the official website. There is no information regarding a full money back guarantee upon purchase of a product within the Nutrimetics anti-aging range. There is no offer of a free trial size sample via the official website.

The Good

  • We are told that the products in the Nutrimetics range are one hundred percent natural.
  • There are detailed official websites for the Nutrimetics range of products in different languages.
  • The Nutrimetics range of products includes specific anti-aging products.

The Bad

  • You cannot order the products directly from the official Nutrimetics website.
  • There are no details given for products on the Nutrimetics website.
  • There does not seem to be a money back guarantee upon purchase of a product within the Nutrimetics range.
  • There is no offer of a free trial sample via the official website.

The Bottom Line

The Nutrimetics range of skin care products are not the only range of natural products offering anti-aging treatments. We felt that the official website was rather difficult to navigate. Also there was some fundamental information missing such as the price of products. We cannot recommend the anti-aging products in this range over and above other anti-aging products for sale.

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  1. I would check on your information that “We are told that all of the products in the Nutrimetics range are 100% natural” – this is outright misinformation. The products may contain some natural ingredients but they are also full of chemical products – I hate to see something advertised as “natural” when it isn’t – most of their products wouldn’t even come close. Take their Loofah Shower Gel – still on the market – first ingredient is water – the second is ammonium lauryl sulfate (no way this is natural); glycerin (animal or vegetable based ?); luffa cylindrica fruit along with sweet almond oil, citronellol, limonene and honey (all natural); fragrance (natural or not ?); sodium hydroxide (also known as lye and caustic soda); disodium EDTA (penetration enhancer alters skin structure, allowing other chemicals to penetrate deeper into the skin, increasing the amounts of other chemicals that reach the bloodstream; sodium hydroxymethylglycinate – skin and eye irritant, can sting the eyes for hours; benzyl benzoate – another chemical eye & skin irritant; carbomer – carbomer is a term used for a series of polymers primarily made from acrylic acid – Acrylic acid is made from propylene, a hydrocarbon gas, that is a by-product of oil refineries (now tell me any of these are natural products). Oh and don’t forget the colours yellow 5 also known as tartrazine – can induce asthma attacks and red 4 – chemical colour

    1. yer i dont like nutrimetics at all. i used their clear range and it gave me pimples and i think their so called “natural” products are a waste.

  2. yer i dont like nutrimetics at all. i used their clear range and it gave me pimples and i think their so called “natural” products are a waste. their makeup smells disgusting and i know someone and that person talks about how nutrimetics is the best and trys to tell me what to use on my skin but guess what i dont care! i really dont! normal products that cost way less are fine for me cos they actually do work.

  3. I have been using Nutrimetics for a couple of years, and i LOVE it! Within the first week of using the “Brighten” range i noticed a massive improvement in my skins over all appearance. My pore size was reduced, especially on my nose and chin. My skin is plumped and hydrated, and i am always having people comment on how great my skin looks. I find the website easy to order from, and they offer a 60 day money-back guarantee on all of their products. To get free samples you need to find a consultant in your area. They will give you the full sized skin-care pack of your choice or their recommendation, to try at home for a couple of weeks. I was using expensive skin-care products recommended by qualified beauty therapist prior to trying Nutrimetics, and none of them come close to the results i see from using Nutrimetics. My mum uses the “Restore” range & it has taken years of her. Fav products are: Brighten range, Lip appeal, Tight firm and fill, and their make up primer.

  4. nm have lots of ranges, so trying just one doesn’t give you a clear perspective. not one product in the range actually has ‘natural’ as a claim. only naturally derived ingredients. The clear range is meant to clean out problem skin, which is what it seems to have done on yours.. hence your pimples. shame you didn’t stick to it. you would have seen a result. i’ve used products from NM for 30 years. my skin is brilliant!

  5. I do Nutremetics and don’t have any problems with it but I don’t like the fact it declares itself natural when it is full of chemicals

    1. There are no harmful ingredients in Nutrimetics. All ingredients are 100% natural and derived from sustainable sources. Do some real reasearch before complaining especially if u r a consultant. Some of those who commented on here need to get your facts straight!

  6. Nutrimetics used to sell all natural products and cosmetics. I know because I used to sell the stuff 20 years ago. I loved their products, they had no fillers, alcohol, it was so healthy, it was food for your skin. The Nutrimetics Group was sold in 1997 to the Sara Lee Corporation. That is when all the other toxic stuff and fillers were added. The products may be okay, but they are no longer the miracle products that they used to be.

  7. Someone needs to sue Nutrimetcs for saying their products are all natural. My sister just signed up to sell after the consultant told her Nutrimetics is 100% chemical-free. I asked, “What’s in them, electricity and good wishes?” Because even WATER is a chemical, it’s HARMFUL chemicals & chemical compounds (chemicals that react together) that we must watch out for in our products. The claim I need to hear before buying is “non-toxic”, and no way can NM make this claim–even their “Comfort” range makes my skin feel like it’s on fire. I did love their Bio-Repair cleanser and day-creme, but they’ve discontinued them to replace with yet more highly-fragranced lines. A-choo!

    1. Hi Helen, Skincerity is 100% toxicity free. Safe for all skin types and all skin ages with $5 million in health grant funding. Its result proven for hydration, anti aging and in assisting skin conditions. Nothing on the market can match the technology behind Skincerity.

    1. Probably poor shelf life due to the lack of full permanent broad UV protection including and especially visible light that degrades contents.

  8. I have to admit that I am also disappointed with Nutrimetics. I was a consultant 12 years ago and thought I would come back to the realm – unfortunately I have discovered their products have changed vastly since then. None of their products seem to suit my skin. So okay, I’ve gotten older. But I have trialled all ranges, including the Comfort Range, and all make my skin burn. 12 years ago their slogan was “Nutrimetics, naturally” and they no longer even have a slogan. This time ’round I cannot understand their ingredients list, and have definitely noticed that they do NOT provide a comprehensive list of ingredients on their products – even in their full Products Catalogue. I am definitely disappointed that I have re-signed for an account with them, as I won’t be using their products at all.

  9. Nutrimetics is a great product. The website in Australia is very details. Our products do not contain lead and the palm oil is from certified harvests. Unlike many other Companies. When using skincare for the first time it can bring the pimples out before it clears them up. Every cosmetic contains some safe chemicals to stabilise the product. the shelf life of any cosmetic or skin care is SIX months

  10. I think you’ll find that all soap products have sodium hydroxide in them as you need that plus a fat based product to creat saponification and it turns into soap. That’s how soap is made no way around it. I make soap at home for my family

  11. Most Cosmetic products sold globally do not provide for permanent broad protection of the contents. Studies show that wavelengths above 400 nm into the 480 nm region accelerate oil degradation. There are solutions to the problem especially in the plastic packaging but its never easy working with people in these industries if you are not part of the good old boy network

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