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Nutra Lift is a company that provides an entire line of skincare, cosmetics, and anti-aging products. All of these products are completely organic and natural. There are no free trial products offered, but all of the come with a 30 day money back guarantee. These products can be purchased online directly from the Nutra Lift website.

Product Features

There are many different products offered by the Nutra Lift company. To list all of the products and their features would be a time consuming venture, so we have chosen some of the most popular skincare and anti-aging products to highlight here.

The Anti Aging Organic Cleansing Milk does not contain any soap and does not foam. It is a perfect choice for those that have sensitive skin. It cleans the skin, cares for the skin, and contains anti-aging antioxidants. Some of the ingredients in this formula are: rose hips, natural Hyaluronic Acid, Lipadure, copper, parsley and basil.

Acne Defense contains Salicylic Acid, ionic silver, golden seal and burdock. These ingredients are in a smooth and all natural product base that includes vitamin C, and grape seed extract, pycogenol, Co-Q 10, Vitamin A, along with nourishing ginger and basil that will offer anti-aging benefits along with fighting acne. This formula uses anti-bacterial cleansers to keep the skin clean and moisturized. It will help brighten the skin and has a powerful response while remaining mild to the skin.

The Good

  • The Nutra Lift website is very thorough and provides a great deal of information on all of their beauty products.
  • There are many different products to choose from in the various product lines offered by Nutra Lift.
  • All of the Nutra Lift products are available for purchase directly from the Nutra Lift website.

The Bad

  • There are no free trial sized products offered to entice users to try the products.
  • All of the ingredients found in many of the Nutra Lift product formulas can be found in many other beauty and skincare products on the current market.
  • There is no clinical support to vouch for the fact that Nutra Lift products are any better than the other products on the current market.
  • There are many other companies that offer all natural products.

The Bottom Line

The fact is that because there are so many different skincare and anti aging products that contain these very same ingredients and hold an all natural and organic status that this product does not do anything to stand out from the rest of them. Since we are looking for products that stand out from their competitors we have no choice but to continue searching for the perfect skincare products for our readers.

8 thoughts on “Nutra Lift Review”

  1. After seeing this product on the Rachael Ray show I ordered it. There has been absolutely no improvement in my apparance after 5 days, much less 10 minutes. It is as useless as every other product that claims to have great results on wrinkles. WEll this time I have finally learned not to believe these bogus claims (altho I am $60.00 poorer)

  2. Another completely useless product. Nutralift, as seen on Rachael Ray show provided absolutely no improvement in my skin after 5 days, much less 10 minutes.

  3. One day I was sent a notice that my shipment is on it’s way. I did not order this product but my credit card info was used without authorization from a product I had ordered from an affiliate company. I requested a full refund and was told “It is quite clear you ordered this product”. Since I was in the hospital at the time, this was not possible. I returned product and only given a partial refund along with a threat against me and my bank If I pursued furthered contestment of the charge.

    ***** BEWARE *****

  4. nightmare of a company to deal with what a joke. received several unprofessional emails from nutralift while attempting to purchase and drop ship watch out have read several threads on this company with terrible customer service

  5. This product is useless and attracts buyers with baseless claims then charges an outlandish price if you don’t notify them within 15 days from date of order that their product is worthless. And, it made me break out with an acne-like reaction.

  6. I had trouble ordering so I tried to find a phone number and couldn’t. I got an order in and then I had two of one product I didn’t realize and now I ‘m stuck with it. I’m not great with a computer and had no idea what I had to do to send them an email. I will never order from them again.

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