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Founded in 1984, NuSkin produces skin and hair care products, along with a number of anti-aging products. There is a website for NuSkin, but the products cannot be ordered directly from there and it does not give pricing details on the official website. Details of this new anti aging product, formulated in conjunction with Purdue University, were released and launched in October, 2008 at NuSkin’s North American Convention. The product uses ageLOC technology. It was difficult to determine exactly what ageLOC technology is from the company’s information.

Product Details

NuSkin 180 Cell Renewal Fluid is designed to rejuvenate the skin and diminish the signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, using ingredients Gluconolactone Polyhydroxy Acid and Soy Isofavones, to stimulate collagen production and diminish the signs of aging. No price details are listed on the website so it is hard to say how it compares with other anti-aging products. NuSkin 180 Night Complex contains Creatine as an anti-oxidant. Other ingredients include Gingko Biloba and Macadamia Nut.

The Good

A product is considered “good” for anti-aging if it contains peptides, particularly Matryxil 3000, and gives you a free trial offer. However, we were unable to find either of these listed on the website, but what we were able to determine is the following.

  • They have an official website for NuSkin products, although you cannot order there.
  • They have specific anti-aging products advertised.
  • They did give ingredient details for the anti aging products.

The Bad

We consider a product to be “bad” if it contains parabens, which have been proven to increase risks of breast cancer, and if it is more of a moisturizer or sunscreen rather than a wrinkle fighting product, and it would appear these may both fit NuSkin.

  • Anti-aging products cannot be ordered directly from the official website.
  • No price details are provided for the anti-aging products.
  • The ingredients in the anti-aging products can be found in many anti-aging products.
  • There is no evidence that the anti-aging products are more effective than any similar products on the market.

The Bottom Line

There is no clinical evidence to show the NuSkin anti-aging products are more effective than other anti-aging products that contains similar ingredients. It appears to be a moisturizer like many of the other products that claim to contain anti-aging properties, but actually hydrate the skin instead. While that is still an important part of skin care, it does not necessarily qualify as anti-aging, since it does not contain Matryxil 3000, a known anti-aging ingredient, or other known peptides. Little information is given about the new technology revealed in October or what it contains; maybe further, more detailed information will be available later to give a better picture of why they feel it is improved over previous versions they have on the market.

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    1. The benefits to using the NuSkin galvanic spa face conductor are basically that because of the channels, the product is not pushed off to the side of your face so the ingredients can better get deep into your skin. Additionally, the shape of the conductor is easier to use than the previous face conductor was, and if you have the new spa, it has a more reliable current than the older model.

  1. I began using the galvanic spa treatment about 7 weeks ago. It
    has really reduced my smile lines and around my forehead and lips. It’s made a believer out of me!

    1. You can get Nu Skin Shampoo by signing up free as preferred customer or distributor. You must be sponsored by a distributor like me first. Please feel free to contact me.

  2. I’ve used the galvanic spa for he last 2 months. It has improved my skin texture, pore size, tone and gives radiance. I’ve just started using it with AgeLoc gels and creams. So far so good.

  3. You will be amaze with the results… Let your skin tell… Those who are interested in Malaysia. Just email me.. i don’t mind sharing the experience… and keen on trying it…

    1. Is it that good? I’m interested to try because I have some fine lines around my eyes wish to get rid of it. But the product is very expensive… I want to know if it worth the money and could benefit me in the future…

      1. We have a money back guarantee 3 months after using our products. You can return it if you cannot see the difference in your face.

        1. NUSKIN promises a money back guarantee but when it comes time to get your refund, good luck getting your money back. I was told that they had a “Nordtrom” return policy, but I am having a hard time getting my money returned.

  4. My friend went for the Galvanic treatment and she had an allergic reaction to it. I am going on Saturday for one, but are scared as my skin is very sensitive.
    Please help
    Kind regards

  5. hi, is the galvanic spa 2 safe for pregnant women? and how cn i re order the pre treatment nd treatment vial?
    thank u and kind regards.

    1. HI Aileen! if you want to re order the pre treatment nd treatment vial, you can do it through a distributor like me or via online.Please feel free to email me for more details…

      about your other question, please read below:

      To reduce the risk to your health: Check with your
      physician before using the Galvanic Spa instrument or
      receiving a Galvanic Spa treatment if you are pregnant,
      have a pacemaker or similar device, are epileptic, wear
      metal braces on your teeth, or have a metal implant. The
      Galvanic Spa instrument should not be used over an area
      with many broken capillaries or over an inflamed or open

  6. About Paraben:
    ‘the recent paraben studies were conducted with exaggerated levels of test material ingested or injected into animals rather than applied topically. The conclusion that parabens at extremely low levels in a topical application would produce a similar outcome as an exaggerated use test is without direct evidence and unproven. Since cosmetic products have very low levels of parabens, it is unscientific to assume they could be absorbed through the skin in any significant amount to create adverse effects.’

    1. Your info. is incomplete. there have been tests on breast cancer tumors that prove over 70% of them had parabens in them.

    1. Yes there is, The AgeLoc System not only diminishes the appearance of aging, but it also evens the skin tone, reducing dark spots and discolorization.

  7. This is just another pyramid push..dont get sucked in…read the ingredients!!!! it is NOT any different than the thousands of more reputable products out there!!! Educate yourself…its a fad…Brad and Angelina dont use this product!!! before you sign up to be a rep…dont do the auto ship…just buy the product and give it a shot for a while….then see for yourself…not so impressive!! (i speak from experience)

      1. Claire, Most people would say that a comment like that posted is a scare tactic by another MLM company, or disgruntled person(s) Did you join the Team ?



  8. Hi, I want to know which NU SKIN line of products is the best for a woman of 50+

    the NuSkin 180 or NuSkin ageloc?

  9. Hi, I Would like to know what is a good line in nuskin for a 26 yr old? I am told by my esthetician that i have really good skin, i just want to maintain my youthful look and fix any small imperfection i might have like small lines and a little esun damage. I would love to have 20 somethinhg yr old skin for a while Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Emily, I’ve actually been using the ageloc line for nearly a year now and I’m only 23 years old. The major result for my skin is my sun spots have significantly diminished. And it is safe for me.

  10. This product is dangerous for home use. BE CAREFUL – YOU CAN DAMAGE YOUR SKIN!!!
    I don’t have many wrinkles (or i didn’t use to) but I’ve noticed my face have dropped a bit giving me a tired look and some expression lines. So I bought the Galvanic Spa II after doing my research on internet and having a treatment in a beauty salon.
    I used it 6 times in a period of 2-3 weeks, 5 minutes pre-treatment and 5 minutes treatment gel (as per demonstration videos on youtube). The first day my face looked fresh but then it went back to normal again so after few days I repeated the treatment. Having not seeing permanent improvements, I gave it a break of 2 weeks and my face starts looking worse. My eyes have dropped, my black circle around the eyes and my expression marks are now more prominent. I can see fine wrinkles around the eyes (which I didn’t have at all). People from work keep saying I look tired. I feel I’ve lost the rest of “freshness” I had on my face.

    I’m looking old for a 35 years old (I’m not married, I don’t have kids, I have a very healthy diet and I have good genes as my family don’t look their age at all).

    I sent an email to Galvanic and they replied saying that I had over treated the skin (I should use only 2 minutes and then 3 minutes) and it potentially can have the opposite effect, increasing the lines and wrinkles for a shorter period of time.

    I’m very wary of trying it again and make my skin even worse than it looks now.

    I think this information should be very clear and well explained on their website and youtube videos. One can damage their skin if they use ti more than 3 minutes (up to this date there’s nothing on their FAQ explaining the opposite effect when overusing it. There’s no mention about negative sides).

    ‘I’m not sure whether my skin will go back to normal. I’m going to see a dermatologist and start some facial exercises routine and hope that will fix my skin. This was a lesson for me (a very expensive one). I’ll never try “miracles” again.
    Do not believe when I product is too good to be true. Don’t waste your money, Don’t take the risk of damaging your skin. Consult a professional (and not a galvanic seller) before buying their products.

    1. scary information, as well, i have noticed a degradation after 3 month of using the galvanic spa. I DO NOT OVER USE IT, so it is not this. I have a thiner skin, therefor more wrinkles. I never had on my forhead and now I do, for example. I think this system is not good for certain skin types, and they do not say it, or about overusing it. After the great results in the debuts now I get scared…..

  11. Hi guys,
    Please let me have your products range and knowledge? Also how is your coverage in East Africa regions?
    How do somme one can be your distributor or will you be ready to partnership to distribute your products in modern trade and beauty store here in Tanzania?

    1. You can get Nu Skin Products by signing up free as preferred customer or distributor. You must be sponsored by a distributor like me first. Please feel free to contact me.

  12. Hi everyone. As a Nu Skin distributor I am happy to provide you with accurate information on each product. There will be no guessing as to the correct way to use the product or what product is best for you. I represent a company that has 30+ years of science behind their ageLOC products. ageLOC is a proprietary patented product and cannot be duplicated or bought from the local retail stores. The support you receive does come from the company,but more importantly choose a knowledgeable distributor that cares about their clients and the distributors they sponsor. We carry many different skincare treatment systems specific to certain skincare types. I have several professional skincare experts as my distributors that use and sell these products to their clients. Our biophotonic scanner was presented on the Dr. OZ show approximately one year ago. He was very impressed with our science and technology of measuring skin carotenoids.
    Feel free to contact me for help. You can contact me at (my personal email)

  13. I bought one because I thought it would be good. The second time I used it my face went red and burnt-looking. They told me to wait a week and try again. second time- skin looked lovely. Then I tried it again. Without even using the Spa, just putting the gel on, it began to sting and burn. I washed it off but my skin went bright red around my nose, skin and cheeks. It was so hot and sore I had to sit with cold facecloths to cool it down. Consultant assured me they never had probs with gels and I would get my money back. Have phoned them – just hope they do refund the Spa – otherwise have paid a lot of money for nothing

  14. I am also a NuSkin distributor and have been using the NuSkin system for 2 years this month. I have had acne all of my life and am in my late fifties so have the droopy look coming on. I love it for both. If I use it at least twice a week I don’t have any zits. If I use three times a week I see dramatic change in tone. My skin is tighter, does not absorb the treatment gels or other products as much; because it is hydrated! I visited family that I don’t see often after using for about six months-on mostly three per wk schedule, and received “glowing” comments and everybody wanted it. I had no blackheads on my nose and smooth tight skin. Like everyone I get lazy but twice a week does maintain. The must haves is the spa, treatment gels and the AgeLoc Essence capsules. The products are no more expensive than any other quality products. Dramatic results in lifting eyelids. After writing this I am going back to three times a week! I am in Texas. Recently saw my family practice doctor. He gives Botox and Reguvenate injections and he is now a distributor and loving the NuSkin health products. Contact me if or NuSkin.

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