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Editor's Review: 3.1 / 5.0

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NuFace is a device that has been created by Carol Cole Cosmetics. Carol Cole has been in business since 2000. The company was founded by its namesake, Carol Cole, who is a licensed esthetician and has been in the industry since 1983. Carol Cole Cosmetics produces several lines of skin care products, but for the purposes of this article we are focusing solely on the NuFace system. Unlike many products, the NuFace system is actually based on a device that delivers electricity to the skin, and this is supplemented by several other products.

Product Details

The NuFace Facial Toning System includes:

The NuFace Device: This is a micro current device that uses low level currents delivered in pulses to “lift and tone” the face and body.

The Dermal Gel: This gel is to be used while using the NuFace device. The product is made up of purified water, 1,2-propanediol, carboxylate polymer, citrate salt, FD and C Blue #1.

The Optomizing Mist: This is to be used just after using the NuFace device. Contains 5% Hyaluronic Acid and 40% Aloe Vera. The other listed ingredients are: Deionized Water, Rosemary, Chamomile, Glycerin, Sorbitol (skin tightening complex) Sodium PCA (moisturizer), Allantoin (healing properties), L-Ascorbic acid, Polysorbate 20 (conditioning agent) , Fragrance, Panthenol, Algae extract, Phenoxyethanol.

The Good

  • This product has the approval of the FDA.
  • The system looks easy to use. The website includes an instructional video for you to watch, as well as one that is shipped with your products.
  • The NuFace device itself has a one year warranty. So, if anything isn’t working right or you are sent a defective unit, they will replace it.

The Bad

  • The system itself costs over $300. This is expensive for what is considered the essentials. You can buy the items separately if you like, but it isn’t recommended.
  • There isn’t a lot of clinical research available. We aren’t sure if there’s been much, but nothing is listed on the website.
  • It seems as if you will have to use the NuFace system very frequently to keep up results.

The Bottom Line

The Micro current technology used by NuFace seems to be a hot ticket these days. With a lot of magazines and press putting ads in their pages, it seems to be the new thing. Who knows? $300 is a lot of money to spend on a fad though. So we’d like to see some clinical trials and long-term studies that NuFace really does its job. Similar electricity-based wrinkle fighting system have been popular in Europe since the 80’s, but there is little proof of effectiveness associated with these products. We do like the ease of the system: there isn’t a ton of things to put on your face, just be ready to hand over a chunk of change.

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61 Comments/Questions/Answers to NuFace

  • 1


    have been using nuface regularly for a year now, would like to know the hazards of its long term use

  • 2


    there is clinical research available. an extensive study was done at the University of Washington. also, microcurrent has been used since the 70’s for treatments. also, many clinical trials are REQUIRED before you receive FDA clearance.

    it also doesn’t take “frequent use”… just 5 minutes a day 5 times a week for the first 3 months. after that, it’s just 2 or 3 times a week for maintenance. i don’t think 15-30 minutes of your week is too much to ask.

    @zoi – there are no hazards of long-term use, otherwise the FDA wouldn’t have cleared it’s use. as long as you are using it under the recommended guidelines. microcurrent works with the naturally occurring electricity in your own body.

    from what i know, there are people who use this device 20 minutes a day EVERY day for the past 5 years.

  • 3

    nancy wilkinson

    does it really work or is it a gimic-does it work on upper lip area?

  • 4


    I used nu face for the second time since I bought it and noticed each time I use it there are flashing lights in my eye due to stimulation of the optic nerve. It also gave me heart palpitations. I feel some people are sensitive to micro currents and I will not be using this product again.

  • 5


    Yes, it works on the upper lip area. Microcurrent travels, that is why you would see flashing lights. It’s the microcurrent stimulating your optic nerve. It is FDA cleared and causes no harm.

    If you use the device along your cheekbones, jawline and forehead like it tells you to, the microcurrent will travel to those other areas (lips, eyes, etc.).

    The device should not cause heart palpitations as the current can not travel that far. The warnings say not to use if you have an implanted electronic device, so I would caution not to use it if you have a pacemaker, however the current cannot travel to your heart unless you are putting it on your heart.

  • 6


    I’m currently using this product and have been for about a month. I will be returning this to the store that I purchased it from. I don’t like that the micro currents stimulate my optic nerve and cause the flashing lights and a slight headache. Also, something that has been causing me greater concern is that I’ve been getting extremely dizzy and lightheaded and I’m a healthy 34 year old woman in her prime! I DO correlate the use of this product to my lightheadedness. Will not use again.

  • 7


    C – you need to drink more water. microcurrent is detoxifying, which causes dehydration. you need to drink plenty of water just like you would with other facial treatments. that is the cause of the headache. 20 minutes of microcurrent is equivalent to 4 HOURS of deep tissue massage so HYDRATE YOURSELF.

    yes, it does stimulate the optic nerve as well, but it is completely harmless and normal.

  • 8


    it’s an excellent device….however, with 20 years in the plastic surgery field, i feel a better education is necessary before u use it….. try to study the anatomy of the facial muscles & nerves before u spend too much time using it or u can end up looking like a freak…
    if, u experience too much stimulation turn it down….

  • 9


    Was wondering how long the flashes go on after the optic nerve is stimulated. Also is it safe to use if you have a dental implant?

  • 10


    I recommend reading the user manual. It should only happen while using the device. If it happens constantly when not using the NuFace, consult your doctor.

    Also, you can use with dental implants. You are just not to use with ELECTRONIC implanted devices like pacemakers.

  • 11


    the device is safe to use every day up to 20 minutes. microcurrent doesn’t stimulate muscles like galvanic or TENS machines. it works at a CELLULAR level and cannot make you look like a freak. i would recommend always reading the instructions and go in the direction of the muscle.

  • 12


    Thanks for the reply. Also wondering if the DVD explains how to use it on the neck and other body parts, such as hands and glutes… I did order it and can’t wait to receive it!

  • 13


    I am allergic to most metals ie copper, brass, nickel I am curious what are the balls made from and what will be touching my skin. I am very sensiitve to almost everything including aloe vera

  • 14


    I used to use NuFace till I saw my friend using a device called ReFa. It uses same microcurrent technology but no messy gel to use. I like the feeling of “suction” when you roll on your face.

  • 15


    I’m a 50 year old with dental braces..Yes, braces at 50. Can I use the NuFace or should I wait until the braces are removed???

  • 16

    b. eleff

    I have a programmable valve brain shunt for hydrocephalus…is the NuFace system safe to use?

  • 17


    the gel can get expensive…can you use anything else?

  • 18


    Yes – you can use with braces, just not with an ELECTRONIC implanted device such as a pacemaker.

  • 19


    sounds like this isn’t for you. you need a gel to conduct the current.

  • 20


    I used NuFace for the first time and experienced vertigo within 24 hours. I have mitral valve prolapse but the medical information did not include contraindications for heart patients. What’s the correlation?

  • 21


    it is best to consult your physician first. that’s what the user manual states.

  • 22


    my daughter uses aloe vera gel. it works, but not as well as the gel that comes with it.

  • 23


    I have been having very unpleasant side effects from the NuFace. It gave me heart palpitations (by the way you dont have to put something directly on your heart to make it palpitate), a headache, and a sick, dizzy feeling. I think I will have to find another way to keep my skin looking healthy and young, as I cant afford to feel like crap every time I use this. I do keep hydrated, I drink 1-2 pitchers of water a day.

  • 24


    my manual says only for those in good health and caution to those with diagnosed heart problems…maybe you should have read the instructions better.

  • 25


    I know that someone already asked, but what material is the metal balls made from, and what part is touching my skin?


  • 26


    the spheres are aluminum with chrome plating. the chrome plating touches your skin and they are not porous so you don’t have to worry about product getting stuck in it. just make sure you clean them after each use!

  • 27


    My skin breaks out with the conductivity gel. My acupuncturist uses a different microcurrent machine (AWQ-105 PRO 5 Channels Acupunctoscope) but only applies salt water to my face. Can I just use salt water when using NuFace?

  • 28


    thanks for the clearing that up – just hoping that there’s no negative side effects from the aluminum.

  • 29


    my daughter uses aloe vera as she is very allergic to most everything.

  • 30


    what are the instructions for using it on your neck? Also under the chin. I am 60 and starting to wobble. Thank you.

  • 31


    Hi I am looking to buy a hand calvanic machine for facials here in south africa. Durban, johannesburg or pietermaritzburg thank you

  • 32


    I’ve been using this device for over a year and LOVE it…
    I’m 63 and have no untoward
    effects. As an RN, I’m aware of body muscles/facial muscles, neck muscles and know the safest “tracks” to follow when using the Nuface. I use on the neck collar bone to jaw line, but avoid the “adams apple” area due to thyroid, etc. I have NEVER experienced flashing around the eyes, any palpitations of any sort, etc. That’s ridiculous given the level of “microcurrent” in ths product. Enjoy it–you should see totally acceptable results.

  • 33


    I have a pacemaker and my aesthetician says no microcurrent. Is that a hard and fast rule? Seems like it is a long ways away from the pacemaker. What do cardiologists generally say?

  • 34


    Seems like something I wouldn’t want to mess with. It says not to use it, so why risk it?

  • 35


    I am just now starting to research NuFACE; however, FDA approval does not mean no harm. It means nothing is known yet. Think about all the prescription drugs that were FDA approved and have now been recalled.

  • 36


    Sounds like she should consult a neurologist. These are central nervous system problems. Much more than a dehydration issue.

  • 37


    When it comes to cosmetic medical devices, FDA-clearance does mean it has been deemed to be safe and effective. This device is considered very low risk. Comparing a cosmetic device to a prescription drug is comparing apples and beef.

  • 38


    I agree with Casi ~ comparing cosmetic devices to prescription drugs are NOT comparing apples to beef. Both are “devices” deemed “approved by the FDA.” There is NO comparison when it comes to a judgement as to whether a product is approved or not. Either it is okay to use, or not. Low risk doesn’t constitute “safe” to me. Low risk, high risk? It all clearly states RISK! And effective? C’mon, it is undoubtably effective to shoot a bullet from a gun, but is it safe? Hmmm. It’s easy to keep attorneys busy these days with all of the “safe and effective, FDA approved” products out there.

  • 39


    I’ve been using this device for a few days now. I use real aloe vera mixed with water, which seems to work great. My only complaint, is that I am breaking out in A LOT of small red bumps that itch. I’m wondering what could be causing this, other than the obvious irritation? I’ve been doing my own professional strength chemical peels to myself for years, and have never experienced anything like this. Help!

  • 40


    I feel that the device may work, but it also made me lightheaded and dizzy. It’s going back- for the minimal results you may get, it’s not worth the stress.

  • 41


    I just purchased a Nuface and after the 2nd use, I have had optic flashes for about 3 days.
    I feel like I did get it a little too close on my eye on that side, should I be concerned, or contact my doctor?

  • 42

    Lynne Reinhart

    instructions say “house in cradle” and charge 12 hr before use. Do I leave cradle charging at all times or allow to run down and recharge?

  • 43


    Does the Nuface Trinity cause broken capilaries on the face?

  • 44


    I’m 62 and have been using the Nuface Trinity for a year now. I just had to send it in for repair under warranty as it stopped working. It’s been a week since I last used it and I can see the affects. My skin is becoming looser especially at the jaw line. So, bottom line: It does work to tighten the skin and smooth the skin, but does not eliminate deep wrinkles. To be effective one must use the device consistently. People have made comments on my skin so I believe in the long run it is worth the effort, especially if you want to age gracefully without plastic surgery.

  • 45


    I see immediate, significant results after using NuFace, especially in the throat area. But the skin on my lower face and neck itch insanely afterward, then breaks out in big pimples. I’ve tried different gels and liquids in place of the conductivity gel, but can’t stop itching. I don’t want to stop using NuFace, but the pimples are unsightly and uncomfortable. Any advice?

  • 46

    lynda moore

    After using Nuface for two weeks, my skin along my jowls has actually become more slack and looser. I have stopped using it.

  • 47


    Been using nuface for a month. I do see some minor changes on my face, however I am interested on the infared device for fine lines. I am looking to see if anyone uses the ifared attachment and how they like it

  • 48


    everyone’s body is different. what do you think, we are all making this up?

  • 49


    My NuFace has a ball that is starting to pit – almost as if it’s rusting. Has this happened to anyone else? What would cause this? I wipe it down after every use. Is it still safe to use?

  • 50


    I have not used the Nuface but everyone is saying that the flashing lights they are seeing is from optic nerve stimulation. I disagree as I have had retinal problems and been to many specialists. Flashing lights in your eye is caused by the tugging on your retina when your vitreous membrane separates from the retina. This is NOT a good thing and can cause a detached retina. I would not use this if you see flashing lights until you talk to your eye doctor. A detached retina can be a very serious problem.

  • 51


    I’ve been using Nuface periodically for over a year. I have it set on 4. 2 weeks ago I decided to bump it up to 5. I bumped it up to 5 and now I am seeing the flashing lights. I went to the eye doctor and luckily there are no signs of retinal tear or detachment. Be careful around the eye area. I’m still seeing the flashing lights.

  • 52


    Hi. What are the risks of facial cancer associated with daily exposure to Nu Face’s microcurrents?

    Thank you.

  • 53

    K D

    Don’t buy!

    It loosened top layer of skin. More wrinkles

  • 54


    Getting red bumps that itch after use. Why?

  • 55


    people sound hysterical here

  • 56

    Jerry Matthews

    I have a cochlear implant…. Can the NuFace device be used along my jawline? I have 16 electrodes implanted in my cochlear canal….

  • 57


    i have a glaucoma in both eyes
    nuface is it safe for me?
    kindly tell me thanks

  • 58


    I see a very weak flicker when its anywhere near my eyes. At first I thought it was the strength indicator light flickering, but soon realized it wasn’t.

  • 59


    I just bought a nu face a month ago and have noticed a difference in my facial skin. It does seem firmer. I have not had any negative side effects from using it. i will keep using it

  • 60

    kathleen cappola

    You can use it with a pacemaker as long as you discuss it with your doctor mine told me as long as I don’t use it anywhere on my neck or below I would be fine

  • 61


    I have used this product now starting my 5th week. It seems as though my lines are deeper than before. My pictures verify this. I’m really disappointed as I was hoping this would work. I will return it tomorrow.

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