Novaderm Review

Are you just a little bit curious about Novaderm?

Novaderm is an affiliate anti-aging cream that’s supposed to make you look “years younger” with regular use. We were unable to find an official website and all links lead to a completely different product. According to one description, the formula is supposed to offer results similar to a laser resurfacing treatment. There’s a good chance this is not the truth.

What is Novaderm?

Novaderm is an eye cream that contains peptides. That’s the only indication of the ingredients in the formula. There is mention of clinical studies, but without an official website, there’s no place for the company to provide such information. We have no idea when the product was released or when the business behind the formula started.

Quick Facts on Novaderm

  • There is no official website.
  • We found no place to order online.
  • Novaderm makes unrealistic claims.
  • Will not work as well as laser resurfacing.
  • There are reports of undisclosed charges.
  • The 14-day trial appears to start when you order.
  • You will likely have fewer than 14 days to try it out.
  • Links to purchase Novaderm lead to the PurEternal website.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Novaderm?

“There are far too many questions about Novaderm to get a good look at the formula,” said our Skincare Editor. “We have no idea the ingredients, how the customer is supposed to order or where the official website has gone.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

There are plenty of issues with Novaderm creme, including problems with undisclosed charges and price.

As a couple unhappy customers put it:

  • “$89 for a small container of eye cream that doesn’t work.”
  • “I was charged twice in a matter of a two-week span. Almost $360 is a bit much.”

We found no one who felt Novaderm was worth the price.

There are also the undisclosed charges that plague some customers.

  • “They charge within 2 weeks from the day the order is placed, which I have yet to see where it states that.”
  • “When I called they now advise that there is a $9.95 restocking charge. That was not previously disclosed.”

One person claimed all the customer had to do was read the website.

  • “It clearly states that you get a “14” day trial, and you have the option to buy or discontinue product …. if you don’t cancel you will be charged…. common sense.”

Do We Think Novaderm is Worth a Try?

Well, we’re not exactly sold on Novaderm eye cream. There are reports that it doesn’t work, complaints about the high price and charges, like a restocking fee of $9.95, that aren’t revealed. We also have concerns about the missing website and no information on where to purchase.

What Do We Like Better Than Novaderm?

In all of 2016, of hundreds of reviews we’ve completed, the one that stands above the rest is BioGeniste. It’s made with ingredients that are clinically tested, results are amazing and there is an official website.

Click here to learn more about BioGeniste today.

90 thoughts on “Novaderm Review”

  1. This product is a scam. They offer you a trail period to set you up for recurring billing. When I told them that the product didn’t work for me the lady I spoke to had just wanted to be smart with me on the phone and trust words up to avoid refunding me my money. Please don’t fall for this.scam

  2. I agree with Derek….this is a scam. I did not get any satisfaction speaking to their customer service rep regarding the recurring billing. She just told me that she could give me a 50% discount and that I could not get my money back. Did you get your money back Derek?? If so how did you go about it? Because she just kept telling me to go back to the page and read it. I’m so frustrated. Please be careful what you order.

  3. They are a scam. They sent their useless product then charged me $179.47. When I called they offered me a 30% refund but said if I accepted it I could not file any complaints which I intend to do so I refused the 30%.Could not get into any of their websites. Want to know what state they are in so I can file with the BBB

    1. Same happen to me. The girl Kelly Give Me A
      Return address
      Novaderm return
      1885 -B Braver Bridge Circle
      North cross GA. 30021

      With a R MA number that I have to put on the box
      And told me to make sure I put a tracking number on it I will be doing this tomorrow afternoon hope to get my money back good luck everyone.

        1. These people are Rip offs!!! they pulled $89.95 out of my bank account after I called and canceled my order for a little bottle of cream that does not work!!!! and plus they added some kind of eye cream that dont work either.. Now I have to wait for 3 to 5 business days in order to get my money placed back in my checking account.. This was taken out of my bill money that I had to pay my car insurance!!! they pulled this out of my account in the middle of the night…SMH!!! I learnt a valuable lesson..never again will I try any free trails online..I dont care how much it cost!!! thats what I get…Thank God I had the original number on my bank statement and that was how i was able to call and complain and demand my money back in my account!!! These people should be ashamed of themselves…Can you believe they wouldnt let me cancel at first and try to charge me a storage fee?? where they do that at??Never Again!!! I’m done.

        2. I ordered this like April 16. And found it was a scam so immediately canceled. Gave me grief. I talked to people and emailed. They confirmed the acct is closed
          It’s Aug 14 and finding where they have been charging my card since April and haven’t sent me anything.
          We canceled our cards

  4. I agree this product is a scam. Please make sure you block your bank account from future billings because I read that some customers were continually billed despite calling to cancel this ridiculous product.

  5. I am disputing the charge to my card now with my bank. The rep that I talked to was defensive almost from the moment he said hello. He said that I agreed to the terms and conditions. Well… I printed the terms and conditions and pretended to place another order. NO WHERE did I check a box or did it reference that I agreed to the terms and conditions. Additionally, the terms and conditions say that you only qualify for a refund if the product is returned opened. How the hell can I know if I like it if I can’t open it. I have done screen prints from the order site, etc. to present to my bank to support the chargeback and hope to regain 100% of my funds back.

  6. I agree with all the above comments, this is a SCAM! Nowhere did it say the free trial product would be charged to your account. The impression it gives is you are getting a “FREE” sample! Had I known I would have to pay $179.47 for it I never would have requested a “Free” sample! I called Magic Face Therapy this morning after seeing notification from my bank that came in at 12:32 AM, that my account was charged for $89.49 by Magic Face Therapy and another charge for $89.94 by Gracefulskin. First, who is Gracefulskin? I orderd from Nova Derm! Well, Customer support for Magic Face Therapy, Leland, was nasty and rude! He kept talking over me and when I asked to speak to a manager, he said he was the manager. He kept saying I agreed to the Terms & Conditions and wouldn’t listen to what I was saying. I hung up and called the number again and this time got Ameer, who told me that same things and that he was a manager. He too was very nasty to me even though I was doing my best to be nice and state the facts! They didn’t want to hear it. I then called the number for the Nova Derm and spoke with Andrew. Guess what, he too was a manager and he would charge me 30% restocking fee and credit the balance back for Nova Derm. I asked again to speak with someone higher up because they can’t charge a restocking fee for a product like this that has been opened and they could not resale the product. I told Andrew nicely that I would take this to my bank and to my lawyer and politely told him to have a nice day. I have gone over everything including starting the process to place a new order under a different name. I have screen shots of every step and the only place there is a link to the terms & conditions is at the bottom of the page in small print. Whell, when you go to order, you don’t have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page because the link to “Final Step” to enter your cc number is at the top of the page. Also, it states you have 14 days to try their products, but it took 5 days to reach me. That means I only had 9 days to try the product and cancel it if I didn’t like it. So, my bank will fill a dispute as soon as the pending payment is processed. What a hassle! I will never buy anything like this again! My lawyer is angry because see’s this happen all the time! Maybe the FDA will finally get involved with this as my lawyer has a contact with them. Best of luck everyone! I will post my results as soon I have something!

  7. This product is total scam and they use FB to market. they do not mention fineprint and actually CHARGED even for FREE Trial. Best ask your credit card company to take care of it as Fraud. Credit card company will issue fraud case against them

  8. Thank you so much for leaving feedback on this product! I had seen it advertised on Facebook with a video about how the eyecream vanishes bags under your eyes in minutes and was captivated. I really really wanted this to be real but i became sceptical when the video showed a small capsule like vial that the lady was using and when i went to buy the product it was showing a round container. I started googling this product looking for real reviews and found this. Thank you for saving me from making a poor investment and going through a lot trouble.

  9. So I was the dummy to not investigate a product was just awe struck when I saw the advertisement on Facebook!! I reviewed the trial offer today and got voted decided lets look this stuff up see what’s in it. Low and beguiled first thing popped up was it was a scan I had no idea I was signing up for monthly by requesting a trial offer?¡ so I immediately called customer service expecting them to be rude and such.. First thing I was on hold for rep almost 30min guess they thought I would give up and forget like most.. But the lady was actually nice if course tried offering 50% then 75% of for not canceling but I told her I wanted to cancel I received a cancellation# I just truly hope this is the end praying to your god and mine I don’t get charged in a week… As far as does product work still don’t know can’t find anything about its actual real life end results but hey glad I found this site and in a couple weeks I will jump back on let y’all know what had occurred!!

  10. SCAM SCAM SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AGREE DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR BANK INFO !!!! I also got scammed through facebook. and had the same experience with a rude rep, apparently they are used to the people they have scammed calling to complain..and no I did not get my money back!! I have filed a dispute against these charges with my bank. I had to change my bank account numbers to keep these criminals for stealing anymore money. the only thing that will stop these theives is a class action lawsuit or maybe a call to the media.

    1. I wish I would of read these reviews before I “purchased” the free trial offer. I did not see the fine print and thus noticed a change of $89.95 yesterday in my bank account. I phoned my bank this morning and they said I cannot provoke a stop payment. I told them I had not authorized this charge and she said call the company first. I phoned and spoke with the rudest, most unprofessional “customer service” rep I have ever spoken with. She had no comprehension of the idea of letting the customer speak first. Of course said she could not refund my monies but could cancel my account. I asked for a supervisor and she said she has many and thus I asked for a name of a supervisor and she refused to give me one. I asked for her name and then she asked me if she needed to spell it for me….really Cynthia……real professional, right? When I asked for her agent number she hung up on me. I will follow suit and file a complaint with the BBB and anything else I can do to get my money back and stop others from being taken by this sham of a company!

  11. This is a complete scam. I spent 1 full hour on the phone today trying to get my money back, when I noticed I was charged $89 twice this morning. Today would make the 15th day (1 day past the trial period). I didn’t know this would occur after 14 days, since I never saw the fine print when ordering. Apparently, this is the only time such a message appears. I received 2 emails and the packages came with a flyer that only contained the product inside and no other information regarding the trial or rules and regulations. I spoke with an operator to start, then a supervisor and later a regional manage (supposedly). All were unbelievably a waste to speak with for 1 full hour and completely condescending. The regional manager, in fact first said to me she was not happy I was even given 50% off and she didn’t know why she was even on the phone with me. It was the most ridiculous form of what they call customer service I’ve ever experienced. They each quoted the agreement, rules and supposed laws. I did not agree to any of it and will be filing a claim with the Better Business Bureau. I tried looking up the CEO or owners and came up with a polish website. I called the number and both were disconnected. Do not buy or consider this company or its products. I’m also reaching out to the FDA, as I got a dry rash from the face cream. Very disappointing and expensive.

    1. The same happened to me. I called my bank and filed a charge dispute. Crossing my fingers!!
      It is definitely a scam.
      The cream is a joke!

  12. I am concerned with the none response I have received from your call service. I have called various days and I get the same thing each time push 3 for call back and when you call back it is one ring to me and when I answer no one on the other end. Upsetting when I am trying to inform you on your eye cream. Please do not send me any more and I would of liked talk to someone but my time has been wasted.

  13. It’s a Scam> I live over seas and had no way to return it!! on top they send me three!
    I already cancelled but had to pay for three!!!

  14. THIS IS DEFINITELY A SCAM!!!!! They will do unauthorize charges. Plus tell you that you consented to revolving charges. There’s no such trial basis for 4.95. Before your days are expired they have already billed your credit card. I will be reporting this company to the BBB.

  15. This a Scam products never order sample and give yourbanck account. They eill taken out and charged after 14 days and no return no refund on products . They advertize on FB they need to stop this sample scam the products is not even working but negative reaction on my skin .

  16. The owners of this company should be fined and out of business for their false advertising and they way they scam people….I will go to great lengths to have the shut down.

  17. Scam! I called to cancel within the 14 day period and spoke to Ameer, he said he would extend the offer an additional 2 weeks, I told him I DO NOT want to extend I want to cancel. Then he said I would have to pay a restocking fee of 9.95. Like someone else said they can’t reuse it, so how can they restock it. I asked this week the 14 days is up and he said oh no we shipped you a 30 day supply, NOT a trial size, not what I signed up for ! So now I have to wait 30 days to cancel. I tried to block my credit card from future billings, but they said they will not do it, until they actually charge me more than the trial fee. Then I can file a dispute. I understand in other comments that disputes don’t always get your money back. VERY upset about getting scammed like this. And it made me break out and burned my skin, my face is so red after 3 days, it actually hurts. They better not even think about shipping me out another product. And one more thing another comment is correct, there is no where that states you are signing up for auto-delivery after the 14 day trial period ends. SCAM SCAM SCAM Also the product came with NO paperwork, packing slip, nothing, no instructions etc, just a box with the product in it.

    1. All of these comments I’m reading are correct for both Nova Derm and Eunisse. No where on the email that I received confirming my trial order of 4.95 ea for S&H that I would be charged the 89.94 and 89.85 if I didn’t call within the 14 days to cancel. Jeannette said it was stated in the T’s and C’s on the website – They need to be very clear about all of the costs. Shame on them and I’ve put in a dispute with my credit card company – restocking fee is a lie as they can’t restock it!!

  18. Same thing happened to me as of every one else. From the 190.00 they refund 70 percent. And I never received the product! They also said Dr oz was behind this product. Well Dr oz has said he doesn’t endorse ,but why haven’t he gone and put a stop to this? He has the money and the power to stop this!!!! Products Nova seem and finesse. If anyone knows how I can get with Dr oz love to know. Also my bank said they know about this but really can’t do much about it!!

  19. This is not a scam….grow up ppl… before you buy… clearly states that you get a “14” day trial , and you have the option to buy or discontinue product ….if you don’t cancel you will be charged…..common sense …..14 day trial …’s all on you if you didn’t cancel….

    1. Unless you work for the less than ethical standards company – don’t speak for them and keep your maturity level comments to yourself. You have not commented on the performance of the product and isn’t that what reviews are about?

    2. I received the product with out any instructions to read, no address or phone number to get in touch with the company. I like the product, but received no literature. Can you help me.

    3. It is a scam. Cancelled in fourteen days because on day 14 I had not even received the product – they count weekends not business days. I received an email pf my cancellation and have been charge four times for the product. The charges have been disputed and on month three I have cancelled my credit card because of the continued charges. I did receive the product on day 16 and tried it and it is fine but it is not worth $90 and the web site does not state the automatic charging and the real cost of the product. This company has taught me to never order a trial offer.

    4. You’re right, it does say that we have a 14 day trial, so how can we try it for fourteen days when we don’t receive it until days after we originally purchase it? Also it was a trial size so why did I have to pay the whole months charge when I called after fourteen days after I ordered. What would happen if I didn’t get the order for some unknown reason until day 14? In my own case I didn’t get until five days after I ordered it, looks like my 14 days to try it should start on that day. Folks even after I told the rep that I wanted to cancel ALL future orders she still had the nerve to try to sell me something else. I told the rep several times that I wanted to cancel and she kept own trying to sell me more things. Finally I told her I didn’t want to ever do business with them. In all honesty, I believe I do see that the produce helped some, but not even close to the nearly $100 per month they charged me. There was two products actually, Nuvaderm and Skinrenue (?) that was supposed to work together and the charge for both was nearly $200. I can only call it a scam.

  20. I purchased and cancelled Novaderm as well as Flawless to have an allergic reaction and get charged in full for each product. I don’t need to listen to the customer service BS about you received it and now you pay for it. Had I purchase d it in any store my money would have been refunded.
    Bad customer service and bad product! Very unhappy!

  21. This FREE TRIAL has cost me about 95.00.. The free trial shipping was 4.95 then I was CHARGED 89.49 from my checking account.. The PRODUCT DOES NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED. .. THIS IS A MAJOR SCAM, SCAM SCAM SCAM.. I want my money pit back into my account and will not stop til I get it….

    1. I am caught up in the same scam however my eyes blew up and I have developed an allergy they just keep sending bottles I have four unopened case I did not know it was going to cost $95.00

  22. No one told me it was going to cost me 90 bucks per shipment that was not on the website. It was a free trial for $5. And they just kept sending them.

    1. Change your street address and phone number to comcast/xfinity. corporate offices or customer service center.
      Benefit: maybe they’ll unpleasantly waste each other’s time for a bit.
      Drawbacks: have to dispute any charges, then cancel that credit card and have the foresight to use a burner phone from the beginning.
      Wait…that sounds very annoying, and with no evidence of success or failure. Instead, dispute the charges by calling your bank, and repeat everything they say until they hang up.

  23. I have had this product for over 5 months and IT DOES NOT WORK AT ALL.. I understood the 14 day trial, but was not expecting to be double charged for both is a SCAM.. Unless it has accredited and or scientific back up DON’T PURCHASE this product…

  24. Like mostly everyone who has written, I have had the similar experience with being charge the 89.94 for this trial product. It is a total SCAM, the company must be closed down for treating people the way they do. I had to call up to 5 times, each time I asked for a manager and they said that they would transfer me to someone and they I would be disconnectd. I will never order any trial anything anymore. It’s a Hoax- I could go into any dept. store, buy any product and if I did not like it, they would refund me. THIS IS A WARNING- DO NOT ORDER TRIAL PRODUCTS.

  25. It is a SCAM, I have spent hours trying to sort this out. Bank is blocking charges from the company but only for a certain amount $89.95, they came back the following month and charged $89.85. Still trying to sort this mess out.

    1. 1-866-537-4552- total scam- I called to cancel- they said that they need to have unused portion back- I cancel with the 14 day trial- I spoke with Patrick- they are going to charge 19.95 for me to keep the product- I did not want to deal with it- because as I am reading what is on-line- people are getting charged for the full amount- even when they do cancel- I could fight this- but- it will turn out to be a real headache.

  26. used it for 3 days and had a total reaction. you should see my right side of my face. never again will I purchase something like this again. i called and they did take me off the list. told me i could keep it and give it to someone else, i told them i threw it away.

  27. Ordered free trial and just like every one else, was sent a second bottle and charged $89.95 . I did not order a 2nd bottle as it doesn’t work. THey say I did and I said I don’t. After fighting with them for 30 minutes.I’m supposed to receive a refund but have had to spent $34+ to try to get it shipped backed! We shall see. This is definitely a scam! !!!

    1. Me too, I should have known better. I can’t believe they get away with it. Both products x two months. I called as soon as I got my credit card bill. I was charged for the trial at the full price from both products and they got me again before I could stop it. They said I couldn’t return it for a credit.

  28. Tried to find a number to call and cancel and end up in a dead end which each number. I was charged twice in a matter of a two week span. Almost $360 is a bit much. BIG SCAM!!!

    1. NovaDerm. They make it really difficult to stop an order or get your money back. They charge a $9.00 restocking fee. I will live with my wrinkles!

  29. This is all just a money making scheme, totally untrue in formation. Worst conditions can appear. These people are frauds making money.

  30. I would like to say when I purchased the (2) Novuderm products as “trial size” I looked everywhere on the site for anything that said I was joining a program to have the products shipped monthly to me for a price of about $90.00. This was for each of the (2) products.
    “Low and behold” my checking account had (2) withdrawals. One for $98.41 and the other was for $97.41. My checking account was not prepared for these withdrawals. I called the company and asked where the this clause was listed and I don’t mean (Santa Clause) . I love humor. The clause is listed under “Terms and Conditions” at the bottom of the page on the lefthand side. You must click on those words to get to the info about sending the product out to you. It is a lengthy “Terms and Conditions” reading. I did not find the information that gives the company “PERMISSION” to access future withdrawals from my checking account. It might be listed some place in their “Terms and Conditions” or when I purchased the “trial sizes”. I could not find it anywhere. I also discovered that RestoraAgeDefy utilizes “cookies” for your non-personal information. All I can say is “BUYER BEWARE”

    1. The same happened to me! It was supposed to be a free trial. Bank statement came2 months $98,00 each month wasn’t prepared for that. Called waited 20 minutes and someone finally answered told that it doesn’t work for me. And asked them to close the account. Only received one order. But they were charging every month. Dissatisfied

  31. Total rip off. Was’t advised about the ongoing order and when I cancelled it has been 3 weeks and still no credit. When I called they now advise that there is a $9.95 restocking charge. That was not previously disclosed. These crooks need to be shut down NOW.

  32. yes, it is a scam and an expensive one…$89 for a small container of eye cream that doesnt work.
    their number…they do not take returns…even if they are unopened…as it is a consumer product, most of these companies take returns and give refunds, they refused a refund for me.

    1. I ordered the product on April 9, I called within the 14 day trial to cancel. The rep named Brittain tried to tell me I had 5 more days and instead of canceling she would send me a free bottle and would charge me nothing if I tried it for 30 days. II read the reviews and informed her, that I do not want anymore products sent to me andirectly she told me to return the unused portion for 9.95 restocking fee. I informed her that there was no mention of returning anything and I could canx within my trial. So I am returning the unopened box got the account cancelled, got a confirmation # and a conformation email. Thesee people are nuts and think they are slick. I made sure to cancel before sending the product back. Good luck on getting your money, because I did not wait. I Will be contacting my bank just in case they try to pull a fast one. God Bless you.

  33. This is a scam. They charge within 2 weeks from the day the order is placed, which I have yet to see where it states that. I never received the products that I was charged for. I was told I should have called within 14 days to cancel which I missed the deadline by 2 days. They said they shipped UPS and had a tracking number which said it was delivered 4/4/16 a month later. I called UPS and was told that all there tracking numbers start with IZ. UPS said the number that I was given, was a generated number that is given before a package is picked up by UPS then the tracking number, is given. I still have never received the product. So’ Buyer Beware’…Read & ask all questions before signing on the dotted line…One that was cheated.

  34. It’s a SCAM, do not deal with this company, besides they are kind of afraid when you tell them you are going to dispute that purchase with your credit card account.
    Do not buy from them anything.

  35. Well I ordered it and I DID look for reviews first, BUT they are smart enough to corner the internet search engines so that real reviews are like 10 pages down…the first ten pages are sponsored by THEM. I don’t know what to do now. Has ANYONE successfully canceled without having to return the product???

  36. Total fraud!! I got charged 4times. Plus 1$ for expedited service, which I did not request. It’s been almost one month of hell… I had to change my bank card to get rid of these idiots!!!

  37. This company and Nova Derm are complete scams!!! They hit you with a $95 charge on your credit card, and when I contacted the bank they said it was legal for them to do this!!! If I wanted to cancel, the rep stated she would give me 35% off my next order and that I could not return this order.

  38. Their “terms & conditions” says cancel within 16 days after your order (2 days for processing plus 14 day trial). I ordered on 6/5/16 and called on 6/21/16 to cancel, they say that the 5th is day 1 and it had to be cancelled by 6/20/16… seriously, I can do math, this is such a RIP OFF. SCAM artists selling garbage that doesn’t even work..

    1. Omg. These nova derm people need to be shut down. I ordered a trial basis of the NEXACELL cream and got the eye cream which I DID NOT order and they will take it back but I have to pay additional shipping and restocking. There are no supervisors or corporate phone numbers or emails to contact. This company is a total scam and I just posted it on Facebook

      1. Well they told me after I was going to cancel one day early,that they would be charged to send it back ( never said that in beginning ) if I wait till 25 I can call to cancel and won’t have to pay restock or sent it back we will see,but I am going to call my credit card put a freeze on it so they can’t take it out.Ido have a no. If help anyone,1-877-348-3844.

    1. I was charged four times in a matter of two weeks and another four times for another product. I’m not sure how this happened because Nova Derm was not even the product I had tried to order. With all of these charges I had not even received any kind of product at all! So I called the number and I tried to explain to them that I never received any product nor did I order from them. They told me that my home address received these products, well if my home address received these products I personally did not retrieve anything from my mailbox. Because if I did this product would’ve been returned since I did not order it nor did I order the other product I was charged for. I kind of got a little loud with the lady which I’m sure this is none of her fault so I did feel bad and had to apologize. She stated that they would return my money and according to my bank the did But I will be watching out in case I am charged anymore. So you definitely can get your money back!

    2. I was charged for this product four times and another product from this company four times. When I called and explained that I never ordered any of these products and I also never received any of these products I wanted my money back! I also stated that if I received Nova Derm and whatever other product it was. I would’ve called them and promptly returned them because these products were not what I ordered. I started to get a little loud with the lady on the phone because she was saying that these products did come to my home address. Fine and dandy if they reach my home address I did not personally get any product from you. She said in few days I will have the money returned to my bank, which was the case. So YES ladies you can get your money back!!! I’m not sure what’s up with this company but why in the heck would you want tohear these complaints day in and day out. Just stay on the up and up!

  39. What a bunch of thieves. I never finished my order when I saw the part about returning in 14 days but was sent anyway. When I called to complain I was told I could return when I got notice from tracking the return to them I must call back. Now won’t answer phone.

  40. Total Scam– The only way to stop charges to your acct. is to cancel your credit card. I’ve contacted and reported it as a fraud to my credit card co..– I did not authorize these charges to my acct. I will have to wait and see for my next statement to see if I was reimbursed.

  41. Such a SCAM!!! I just learned the hard way when I too saw $89.23 and $89.73 coming out of my checking acct. I called and couldn’t get anyone till I left my number for a call back. When they called back I explained I thought I had bought a “one time” order originally for $4.95 each of Vivacious Serium and Nova Derm eye cream. She of course said NO it was a trial and I had missed the cutoff which should have been the 23. Ok I ordered July 9 so my 3 weeks isn’t even up! I told her to cancel and I wanted a refund and she told me that wasn’t happening. She could give me a discount on future orders. I was about to get ugly and I told her I would be calling my bank and filing a dispute. She said “let me check with my supervisor”. She came back and said they could give me $35. I said no thanks and she said she could give me her discount and make it half. I said no thanks and I was calling my bank and hung up. Two minutes later she leaves me a message and tells me her supervisor has agreed to give me a full refund of 89.23 and I use need to call back. I did not and filed a dispute with my bank for both companies listed on my statement. SCAM!!!!! These people need to shut down and Better Business Bureau needs to get involved or somebody!

    1. I’m on the same boat, I sent two letters back for cancellation. And it was only for one of products. So now I see my trouble ahead with Nova Derm. Like you said there’s no information on returns or cancellation of separate products. I had put a stop at my bank by getting new card numbet, but they still took it out. I’m so mad. So is my husband after all my efforts to TRY to cangel both.

  42. I anticipated the scam since reading all these comments and the day after I received the product advised my credit card company of the upcoming charges and they said they would block them. Only problem is the company has so many different names and charges I am not sure I included all of them. Hopefully this works

  43. This is totally a scam. In August I canceled after the free trial. Got my bill this month another $90 on my bill never was cancelled. She refused to credit my account. She asked if I got a cancellation number which was my mistake because I did not get one. She said she would cancel it as 9/15/16. I was ready to ask for a confirmation number when she hung up on me. This is not good customer service. Now I’m not sure this was cancelled as of today. Can’t believe this company still in business

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