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Noevir is a skin care company based in Japan. The company bases their success on the fact that all of their products are made from natural ingredients. The sources are said to come from exotic far away places such as France and Germany however they also claims to use ingredients manufactured or grown in the United States and China. The purpose of their products is to address the problem of aging skin which all of must face at one time or another. They boast that the formulas will help the skin maintain a more youthful appearance while combating the free radicals which damage our skin in the first place.

Product Details

One of the products in the line which is specifically formulated for aging skin is the Noevir Revitalizer NT. The product is intended to work as an intensive anti-wrinkle serum which not only targets deep wrinkles but will also help to reinforce the skin for a smoother appearance. According to the official website, the primary active ingredient in Noevir Revitalizer NT is Duabanga Leaf Extract which is an effective treatment for crow’s feet, laugh lines and other lines and wrinkles on the skin. They claim that Noevir Revitalizer NT is a “great alternative to injections and surgeries”. The full list of ingredients is not listed on the website making any claims to be a guess at best. Additionally there is no clinical research and no before and after photos of those who have experienced positive results from using the products.

The Good

  • Noevir products are formulated to address the problem of aging of the skin.
  • The official website makes the products available for purchase directly from the manufacturer.

The Bad

  • The full list of ingredients is not published on the product website.
  • There is no clinical data to support the product claims.
  • No before and after photos are posted on the website.

The Bottom Line

In order to make a full assessment of a skin care product, the full list of ingredients must be disclosed. Noevir Revitalizer NT may contain many botanicals but if the formula was made with the latest advanced ingredients, surely the company would have made it known. $150 sure is a lot to pay for plant extracts. This fact certainly does not instill a since of confidence in the potential buyers of their products. Consumers only want the facts such as a list of the advanced ingredients, before and after photos and the clinical data which will back up the bold claims that most skin care companies tend to make. Without these things, the claims are just a lot of fluff intended to sell their products. Ultimately, we would keep looking for a better product after our research.

5 thoughts on “Noevir Review”

  1. Get in touch with a Noevir representative and they can provide before and after information as well as the ingredients of each products.

  2. Their products are amazing and work wonders for my skin and hair, however their customer service is horrible and if it wasn’t for their products, I wouldn’t come back. They are rude over the phone and it’s a bad experience but good products.

    1. Not sure who you were talking to, but can’t believe it was the Noevir showroom. They speak several different languages, and perhaps you didn’t understand them, and could have asked for a different rep.

  3. I have used Noevir exclusively for 30 years, now I am 80. I wouldn’t dream of using anything else on my skin because I TRUST THE COMPANY AND THE INGREDIENTS, which, like products sold in salons do not show ingredients. The 5 natural bases mimic the skin’s own sebum, a process which is unique, and are combined with herbs and botanicals, Noevir ingredients are high end and super refined for safety, purity, and effectiveness.
    More research is done in the R&D than for any other company, and products are manufactured in our own facility, unlike many other U S companies which contract with one of the five or six manufacturing facilities and merely put their own label on the container.
    Noevir has more patents on their ingredients and processes than any other company in Japan, and has a government-certified anti-aging skincare line — 505, and worth every penney as an investment in healthy, ageless skin.

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