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Nivea q10 is one of the many different product lines created by Nivea. Nivea is a very old company that has history dating back to the early 1900s. The first actual Nivea cream was created and sold in a small yellow tin in 1911. The term “Nivea” is derived from Latin, and means snow white.

Nivea has dozens of products available including bath care, body care, deodorants, make-up, hand care and many more. One of the anti-aging lines is branded as q10. The Nivea q10 line of products focuses on using Coenzyme Q10, which is composed of anti-aging components naturally found in your skin. The Nivea q10 product line also incorporates many different vitamins, enzymes, and anti-oxidants to help reduce the fine lines and wrinkles that many women want to get rid of, or at least try to diminish.

The official Nivea site is professionally done but lacks a great deal of information. There are all kinds of presentations and a long, detailed history of the company, but it can be frustrating to find a single product you are looking for. You will have to weed through many categories and hope the product you want is buried somewhere. Nivea Visage line contains many of the Q10 products.

Product Details

The Nivea q10 line of products is geared toward women, and some men who want to try to diminish the fine lines and wrinkles present on the face. This product line also incorporates ingredients to help hydrate the skin. Just a few of the q10 products are: the Q10 Cleansing Milk, Visage Q10 Anti-Wrinkle, and the Anti-Wrinkle Q10Plus Summer Beauty. To get the full list of ingredients, you are required to have the product information sent to you via e-mail. You don’t have to wait very long to get it but this is a frustrating step we could do without.

The Good

  • Very well known beauty product company.
  • The official website offers all kinds of beauty and skin care tips and advice.
  • Nivea products are reasonably priced.2


The Bad

  • You can’t buy products directly from the official website.
  • The official website, while very pretty, is frustrating to use if you are looking for a specific product or piece of information.
  • The product details are only available if you have them sent to you via e-mail.
  • There are so many Nivea products available, it can be tough to narrow your purchase down to just one that might be right for you.

The Bottom Line

Nivea products are very popular with many people and have a very rich history. The problem we find with Nivea q10 products is that they don’t contain a number of the most common, proven wrinkle fighters available on the market today. There isn’t enough clinical evidence to reveal if Coenzyme Q10 mixed with the other ingredients in Nivea q10 products is effective enough. For top of the line wrinkle treatments, you may want to look for a product that combines a few of the newer wrinkle fighters such as Matrixyl 3000 or Argirilene.

5 thoughts on “Nivea Q10 Review”

    1. Hey, I’m 31 and I’m using Nivea Visage Q10 anti-wrinkle with SPF15. It is aimed for women 30-40. However, I bought them in Europe and have trouble finding the exact equivalent in the US.

  1. Dear Nivea, I have been using your Product for over 25yrs. My German Girl Friend Rita introduced “NIVEA” to me–when I was 25yrs old at Fort Bliss in El Paso,TX.and I am so ever –Thankful–I am now 55yrs old and people think that –I am in my 30’s. If you ever need a “MODEL” to “PROMOTE” –“YOUR PRODUCT””–I would be more than “HAPPY & HONORED” to “MODEL–FOR–YOU”! I am a Semi-Professional Model–Smile! If you are interested in me–Please! Reach me at my e-mail address. Thank You! For –“MAKING-ME-LOOK-SO–YOUNG”! May God Continue To “BLESS–YOUR–SUCCESS”! Sincerely, Ms. Lunday

  2. Have been using Nivea Q10 firming body lotion for the first time and my normally smooth soft skin is covered in tiny spots. Have never had that reaction before and do not have sensitive skin. It is going in the bin and i am going back to Boots Protect and Perfect

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