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Propagated as the “Skin care for the scalp” the Nioxin Thinning Hair range of products are said to be a culmination of about 20 years of research by the Nioxin Research Labs. They are a recent acquisition by the giant Proctor and Gamble. Nioxin specializes in hair loss treatment products. According to them, hair loss is a result of one or many factors like genetics, trauma, stress, health problems, Seborrhea, medicines, diet and nutrition. Nioxin promises to enhance hair and reduce their thinning as well.

Product Details

Nioxin markets a plethora of products for hair and scalp. They tout that they have some great, exclusive and unique formulas for all kinds of hair. Different hair types have different potential according to Nioxin and they claim to enhance that potential.

They have claimed a success rate of nine out of ten which means that out of ten people who used the Nioxin three part system nine experienced an enhanced hair growth and thickening with better moisture. There are eight different varieties available in the Nioxin three part system according to the hair type and has a cleaner, scalp therapy and scalp treatment included.

Ingredients include Silicone, citric acid, glycoprotein’s, coenzymes A, B5, B6, B12, Q10 and R. This treatment works best on hair which are not chemically treated. Upon complete use of the system, the company claims that you will have thicker, shinier and healthier hair.


The Good

  • Nioxin can be purchased from most online websites.
  • Nioxin takes care of the fine and thinning hair problem which shows people older than their real age.

The Bad

  • Though thinning hair enhances the aged look of a person, Nioxin is essentially a hair product and does not work on wrinkles.
  • No way to buy the products from the official Nioxin website.
  • Customer testimonials and before and after photographs are missing. So, there is no way of knowing the true effectiveness of the product.
  • Nioxin website is not a very user friendly website.

The Bottom Line

The Nioxin products can be purchased from professional hair salons in 39 countries and across the US. Most customers would want to give these products a try since thinning hair and premature hair loss is now a widespread problem. The market is full of brands which promise to cure the problem of thinning hair. However, the most popular brands boost of Minoxidil which is a FDA approved ingredient and has been clinically tested. This ingredient is known to enhance hair growth. But, most importantly, Nioxin does not have the ability to treat wrinkles, which are often more of a reason people begin to look older.

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  1. Hello.Do you have to continue using Nioxin as it is said that if you discontinue using Minoxidil there is hair loss.I was wondering if this has the same effect?Thank you.

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