NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex Review

What You Should Know

If you suffer from hyper pigmentation or sun-damaged skin, then you may want to consider product lines like NIA24. This unique skincare line was developed in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. It is referred to as “Niacin-Powered Skin Therapy,” due to the key ingredient used in each topical formula. The core purpose of these products is to treat and repair sun-damaged skin, while preventing new damage from occurring. The product we will look at more closely in this review is NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex. It retails for $110 (1.7 ounces), and is available without a prescription.

Product Details

NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex is a topical treatment that can be used on the face and neck areas, both morning and night, after cleansing. It is described as a medium-texture moisturizer that provides intensive hydration. With daily use, you should notice fuller, brighter, and firmer skin. This cream is not suitable for the delicate eye area. It contains anti-aging ingredients like Peptides, Ceramides, and Liposomes. These may help firm, tone and tighten the facial skin.

5% Pro-Niacin is the primary active ingredient found in NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex. This exclusive substance helps by repairing hyper pigmentation and sun damage. Other key ingredients used in this formula are Vitamins A, C and E (these vitamins provide antioxidant protection to fight off free radicals), as well as Sodium Hyaluronate (draws moisture to the skin to improve hydration), Tomato Extract, Licorice Root Extract (helps even out skin tone), and Barley Extract (helps prevent moisture loss). Over time, dark spots and discolorations should begin to diminish, and overall skin radiance should improve. This topical anti-aging formula is suitable for women and men alike.

The Good

  • All of the major ingredients are explained on the official website.
  • This face cream offers a 5% dose of Pro-Niacin to assist with hyper pigmentation.
  • You will not have trouble purchasing NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex, since it is available on the official website.

The Bad

  • Chemical preservatives are used in this face cream moisturizer.
  • No testimonials are posted on the primary website.
  • Certain ingredients used in NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex may lead to skin redness or irritation.
  • This face formula is primarily just for hyper pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

The Bottom Line

The first thing you should keep in mind with NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex is that it is mainly intended to treat sun damage or discoloration. It does offer 5% of a key ingredient to help correct age spots and hyper pigmentation, which is encouraging. However, this formula is not really for wrinkles and facial sagging. Therefore if your concern is not age spots and uneven skin tone, you should check into other topical treatments. There are many available that do not cost $110.

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