New Attitude Line Anti-Aging Review


New Attitude Line Inc. was founded in 2005 in Southern California. The concept behind the name is to provide a selection of quality cosmetic and skin care products at extremely competitive prices. New Attitude Line claims that they are committed to “Beauty Beyond Time”. The company’s objective is to become the “dominant manufacturer and distributor” of Dead Sea anti-aging and skin care products. The company stresses that what sets New Attitude Line’s products apart from their competitors is the presence of the powerful combination of DMAE (“face-lift” in a jar – responsible for the anti-aging effect in their products.) New Attitude Line was originally formulated for women, however, with the Dead Sea market for products expanding for men, the company felt the need to create a men’s line including what they call “the first ever anti-aging after-shave lotion.”

Product Details

The Dead Sea contains 21 salts and minerals such as Chloride, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and Bromine among many others. Twelve of the salts are found exclusively in the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea has many “thermo-meters” which create the mineral-rich black mud found at the bottom of the sea. The salts have the ability to become a relaxant, a bactericide, a rejuvenator and even a skin healing agent. The Dead Sea salts have been used in cosmetics and in therapeutic treatments. In addition to the Dead Sea Salts and Minerals used in the New Attitude Line, they also contain Ester-C, the most potent form of Vitamin C (known to strengthen the skin’s tissue and combat the effects of environmental damage) as well as DMAE (aimed at improving skin tone and reducing sagging of the skin.) Some of the products in the New Attitude Line are O.T.T. Lip Refiner and Puffer, Organic Mask-Blueberry, Organic Eye Cream, Organic Mask-Papaya, Organic Moisturizer, Organic Aloe Vera Moisturizer, O.T.T Anti-Eye Puffiness, Organic Hand Scrub, O.T.T. Deep Wrinkle Remover, O.T.T. Miracle Scar Remover and Organic Night Moisturizer.

The Good

  • All of the New Attitude Line products contain Dead Sea salts and minerals.
  • The official website offers a thirty day money back guarantee in case consumers are unhappy with their purchases.

The Bad

  • The products are somewhat expensive for the average consumer.
  • No before & after photos are included on the official website for New Attitude Line products.
  • No clinical research is provided on the website to substantiate the company’s claims.

The Bottom Line

The New Attitude Line may appeal to those familiar with the benefits of the Dead Sea salts and minerals. In addition, the products contain Ester-C and DMAE which are both known to produce benefits to the skin. However, it may be difficult for some consumers to justify spending large sums of money without before and after photos or testimonials from those who have tried the products. Consumers who are seeking anti-aging products would be wise to go with those who can back up their claims with their own clinical research.

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