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Neova Therapy is a brand of skin care products that aim to encourage a healthier and younger looking skin tone. Unlike some topical treatments available today, these products are supposed to help with the tissue building process. The Photomedex official website discusses the Neova skin care line, but it is unclear if they manufacture it (there are several other brands advertised on this website as well). It appears that the line stems from a larger brand called Procyte. As with many other skin treatment products, the Neova line is claimed to minimize signs of aging and reveal a more radiant glow. These products are stated to be based on real science.

There are numerous topical treatments in the Neova line, which include the Acne Complex Gel ($34), Advanced Perfecting Elixir ($116.60), After Shave Therapy ($33.40), Antioxidant Therapy Serum ($97.60), and Calming Green Tea Serum ($44.60). At this time 68 different Neova products show up online for sale. The primary touted ingredient found in these treatments is a GHK Copper Peptide Complex. This is described as a micro nutrition that aids with revitalizing dull and/or lifeless complexions, while combating deep wrinkles and restoring the skin’s firmness.

Product Details

The Neova skin care line is one that appears to be geared toward women of all skin types. Although there is a great focus on anti-aging, there is also a focus on battling acne blemishes and skin breakouts. The major ingredient, which is a form of copper, is said to promote the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Both of which are needed to maintain a young, firm and radiant complexion. Like many other skin care brands, this one is meant to be used daily as part of a regular skin care regimen. Treatments are offered for the face, under-eye area, body and hair. It does not appear that any of the Neova products call for the prescription of a dermatologist.

The Good

  • Any and all of the Neova skin care products can be attained with ease via the Internet.
  • This line of topical treatments is not merely for anti-aging purposes, but additionally addresses concerns like acne breakouts and everyday skin care.
  • All of the prices are posted online where Neova products are sold.

The Bad

  • There is no mention of a 100% satisfaction guarantee with these products.
  • Free trial samples of Neova treatments are not available.
  • Some women may have a negative reaction to the key ingredient in these topical treatments.
  • There are no positive testimonials provided for the Neova line.

The Bottom Line

The Neova line offers a unique key ingredient complex, which is nice to see. Some individuals will like that they take their own approach to anti-aging and skin care maintenance. It is also nice to see that all of their skin care products are available directly through the web. This makes it a cinch to acquire them when desired. Unfortunately there are no reviews posted to support the Neova line, nor is there a mention of a satisfaction guarantee, which some consumers will not like.

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  1. You should update your review, there is far more good about this line, like the Nobel Peace Prize attained for the DNA Repair Enzymes used in this line, also no positive testimonials? common do your homework

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