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Neocutis is a company that was founded in 2003 as a spin off from the medical school of the University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland. This company is privately held and is a bio-pharmaceutical company. The focus of the Neocutis company is wound healing, dermatology and skin care. The website lists all of the corporate officers, board members, and private investors for curious users.

Product Details

There are several products in the Neocutis line. We will list the full ingredient list of the Neocutis Bio-Restorative cream since it is the company’s flagship product, and since it is the only product where all the ingredients are listed.

The other products available from Neocutis are: Lumiere Bio-Restorative Eye Cream,
Bio-Gel and the Journee Bio-Restorative Day Cream.

The ingredients for the Neocutis Bio-Restorative Cream are: PSP, it is composed of the following ingredients: water (aqua), octyldodecanol, glyceryl stearate, decyl oleate, glycerin, propylene glycol, wheat germ oil (Triticum Vulgare), stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, ceteareth-20, myreth-3 myristate, ceteareth-12, cetearyl alcohol, cetyl palmitate, tocopheryl acetate, dimethicone, borage seed oil (Borago Officinalis), carbomer, triethanolamine, methylparaben, propylparaben, glycosphingolipids, phenoxyethanol, disodium EDTA, BHT, ethylparaben, butylparaben, methylisothiazolinone and methylchloroisothiazolinone.

PSP stands for Processed Skin Cell Proteins, which is the company’s patented formula. Strangely, the ingredients found in PSP are not listed.

The Good

  • The Neocutis company itself claims a large interest in wound healing and safe, effective skin care.
  • There is good information about skin aging and clinical trials regarding the products.
  • The website is easy to navigate.

The Bad

  • Neocutis does a lot of their research on “human cells” but little further information is given, which could raise questions for some users.
  • You can only get these products through a physician. This is an added expense for the products since you need to factor in the cost of visits.
  • There isn’t a full list of ingredients for the entire line of products.
  • The full ingredients for the highly touted PSP are not known.
  • The Bio-Restorative Cream contains synthetic paraben preservatives, which could irritate sensitive skin.

The Bottom Line

Without a full list of ingredients, we can’t know for sure what’s in Neocutis products. Even the cream that did list most of its ingredients, didn’t disclose their PSP Technology. The fact that you have the added expense of a doctor’s appointment on top of the product could be hard for some to swallow. There is a lot of good information about aging and your skin provided by Neocutis. There is also a genuine concern from those at Neocutis that care about wound healing and how to advance this technology in the future. This seems like a pretty solid company to us, and if you’re physician thinks this product will be good for you than it probably will.

10 thoughts on “Neocutis Review”

  1. I am in my 40s who is getting more pimples than when I was a teenager. I found Neocutis through a friend and I noticed that my blemish heals faster after the pimples are gone. while without it, it will take months to go away.
    Just for that alone, it’s worth the price.

  2. This is a very nice line of beauty products. I bought Neocutis from my dermatologist, and have been using it for months now. He said he stood behind the effectiveness of this product, and that was enough for me. It does work!

  3. Why does your Journee ball up on my face when I apply it after moisturing? Love the product but also need addional moisturizer. Thanks!

  4. I have noticed that the bottles for the neo cutis bio serum restorative serum are different on different websites that sell it.
    Some bottles are printed horizontally, and others are printed vertically. Are they the same product? Thank you.

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