Neoceuticals Review


Neoceuticals are a line of skin care products developed and manufactured by the respected skin care company Neostrata. This company says that their Neoceuticals line has been specifically developed to deal with sensitive skin and chronic skin conditions, such as dry skin, acne and dandruff. As a brand, Neostrata are probably best known to skin care aficionados for their pioneering work with alpha hydroxy acid research in the early 1980’s. Since then, they have gone on to develop the Exuviance and CoverBlend product lines, in addition to the NeoCeutical line. Within the NeoCeuticals brand, there are treatment products for nails, dry skin, acne, a foot cream, shampoos, skin lighteners and general cleansers. While these are all useful products, it definitely seems as if NeoCeutical products are intended more for those suffering from specific skin ailments than for those looking to treat existing skin wrinkles.

All NeoCeuticals products seems to be available directly from the official product website. Additionally, many Neoceuticals products are available in discounted kits targeted at specific skin conditions. For example, this means that consumers can get NeoCeutical’s Acne Therapy Collection for $49.95, even though it has an individual product retail value of $104. This gets consumers four NeoCeutical products including the Skin Brightening Get, the Antibacterial Facial Cleanser, the Acne Spot Treatment and the Oil Control Gel.

Product Details

NeoCeuticals is Neostrata’s chronic skin condition treatment brand. Neoceuticals products include treatments for athletes foot, acne, dark skin spots, dry skin, scalp conditions such as dandruff, fragile nails and hyperpigmentation. This brand is not necessarily a specialized wrinkle treatment, although some people find that dry skin and skin discoloration can be symptoms of aging skin. If you are suffering from any of these conditions, it could be worth looking at the specific NeoCeuticals formula targeted towards you skin condition, but if you’re looking for an anti-wrinkle treatment this is probably not the line for you.

The Good

  • NeoCeuticals offer consumers many different products formulated to treat many different skin conditions.
  • All NeoCeuticals products can be ordered directly from the official company website, and many come with a “Buy 1, Get One Free” deal at the time of this review.

The Bad

  • There is no specific wrinkle treating formula offered by NeoCeuticals.
  • With so many different products to choose from, consumers could have difficult figuring out which one might work best for them.
  • The suggested multi-product care regimens could become expensive and time consuming.

The Bottom Line

NeoCeuticals is a chronic skin condition treatment line offered by the well established manufacturer NeoStrata. However, for our purposes, none of these skin care products specifically deal with treating existing wrinkles. We have found that the most successful wrinkle treatment programs focus on stimulating the body’s own collagen production, leading to better hydrated and firmer skin. Finding a product that addresses collagen production and that also offers stellar customer service options such as a free product trial is the ideal wrinkle treatment solution.

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