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Many skin care lines claim to offer an ideal combination of nature and science/technology. One of these beauty lines is Nelly De Vuyst. This company has been around for over 40 years now, and aims to provide users with individual solutions to their skin care dilemmas. As explained on the official website, all skin is unique in some way, and therefore requires individual attention. These high-end beauty treatments are stated to contain all-natural components that are derived from vegetables. While they are suitable for all women, they are additionally geared toward men as well.

Amongst the full line of Nelly De Vuyst skin care products, you will see categories like Cleansing Milks, Foaming Cleansers, Eye-Contour, Men Products, Creams, Toners, Exfoliant, Serums, Bath Products, Oils, Sunscreen, Masks, Professional Face, Body Products, and more. To take a closer look at the Serums category, there are three different treatments offered (Firming Serum, Anti-Redness Serum, and Cellular-Matrix Serum). After reviewing the Firming Serum, it is clear that this product is geared toward mature skin, and may assist with anti-aging. It aims to tighten the pores, boost radiance, and firm the facial tissue. The major active ingredients used in it are Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins, Oleaginous Extract, Sage Oils, and Lavender.

Product Details

Nelly De Vuyst is a Canadian skin care company that offers topical treatments suitable for all skin types of women and men. These products endeavor to assist with anti-aging, breakouts, fine line reduction, redness, sun damage and dryness. For each Nelly De Vuyst product, you can take a look at the active ingredients incorporated. Unfortunately there are no full ingredient lists offered at this time. Nor are there any prices posted for these skin care products. It is unknown whether or not they can be acquired directly through the website or if they come with a money-back guarantee. There is a convenient contact us link provided on the official website for inquires.

The Good

  • This skin care brand has been around for over 40 years.
  • The key active ingredients found in each Nelly De Vuyst product are posted on the official website.
  • There are decent descriptions of each treatment presented on the website for review.

The Bad

  • It is unclear whether or not Nelly De Vuyst skin care treatments can be acquired through the official website.
  • There is no mention of a 100 percent money-back guarantee with any of these high-end skin care products.
  • Unfortunately some individuals may have allergic reactions to certain ingredients found in Nelly De Vuyst products.
  • There are no positive reviews posted on the website to support the treatments.

The Bottom Line

The Nelly De Vuyst skin care line is touted as high-end, however, there is some crucial data missing from their official website. Naturally many consumers will want to know if the products are sold with a guarantee or not. Furthermore, it would be helpful if there were full ingredient lists offered for this line so that everyone could see what all is in them, in addition to some customer reviews being provided on the official website.

6 thoughts on “Nelly De Vuyst Review”

  1. Hello, I have used Nelly in the salon in the past and I wonder how I would go about ordering the Keratolyse, and so on. I can provide a copy of my Cal. or Nev License. Thank you, Joan

  2. I’ve used their AHA and Lifecell lines for almost 8 years now and I like it. I usually purchase their products online with free shipping.

  3. If you live in Montreal, Canada, Spa Curage carries the line and the only official distributors of the line to the spas are also located Montreal. This line was originally from Belgium, not Canada. But has since been bought out by the Canadian distributors.

  4. I’m an Esthetician of 27 yrs and I have used Nelly for all 27 both personally & professionally. The reason why you can’t find Nelly online for purchase is because it is a professional only brand. You have to purchase it from an Esthetician who can advise you on how best to care for your skin. Honestly, Nelly deVuyst has proven to outshine and outperform any other brand I have tried, and I’m a tester! Thank you Nelly for keeping our brand exclusive and not selling out. Skin care is what I love, partnering with an exceptional skin care line is well, genius!

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