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Nectifirm is an anti-aging skin care cream manufactured and marketed by Revision. As the promotion goes, the cream is intended to enhance the skins appearance and offer toning benefits. Additionally it is meant to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as improve elasticity, tighten and firm, moisturize and protect. Many anti-aging products promise the same things. However after taking a closer look, we have discovered that most of them have the same basic ingredients. We will take an in depth look at Nectifirm to see if this product has any advanced ingredients that will help fight the visible signs of aging.

Product Details

For more than 10 years, Revision has been developing cleansers, moisturizers and products to protect the skin from the sun’s damaging rays. However, Nectifirm makes a specific product that is formulated to firm the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. That product is Revision Revov with Revoxyl. The cream is intended for all skin types and is said to reduce deep lines and wrinkles which are caused by aging of the skin as well as from repeated facial expressions. Nectifrm is said to work by relaxing the skin which in turn reduces the appearance of deep facial lines. It promises to firm the skin and improve elasticity as well as moisturize and hydrate. The elements which Nectifirm Revision Revov says “work differently from any other skin care product” are nothing more than basic ingredients. According to a third party website, the ingredients are purified water, acetyl hexipeptide 3, ahnfeltia concinna extract, sorbitol, palmitoyl, pentapeptide 3, butylene glycol, aminobutyric acid, sodium hyaluronate, glycine, magnesium sulfate, glycerin, taurine, aloe barbadanese leaf juice, carbomer, chlorphenesin, polysorbate 20, sorbic acid, triethanolamine, phenoxyethanol, benzoic acid, blue 1 and green 5. Other than the sodium hyaluronate otherwise known as hyaluronic acid, there seems to be no other advanced ingredients in the formula. Additionally because of there being so many ingredients, it is unknown how much of the so called “active ingredients” are included. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, Nectifirm is to be applied to the skin twice per day on the forehead, the eye area, around the mouth and on the neck. No official website could be located at the time of this writing. There were no before and after photos and no customer testimonials found as well.

The Good

  • Nectifrm was formulated to specifically address lines and wrinkles caused by aging.
  • The product is sold on many retail websites.

The Bad

  • Nectifrm contains very few advanced ingredients.
  • There is no official website for the products.
  • There are no customer testimonials and no before and after photos.

The Bottom Line

Many anti-aging products promise the same things. However after taking a closer look, we have discovered that most of them have the same basic ingredients. In order for an anti-aging product to work, it should contain the latest proven ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000 and Real Collagen. Consumers appreciate it when companies dedicate a website to their products as well as when they publish the full list of ingredients. This way we know what we are paying for and what to expect. Unfortunately consumers will likely pass right by this Nectifirm when searching for an anti-aging skin care product.

3 thoughts on “Nectifirm Review”

  1. I have actually been using Nectifirm for 20 days and my 35 year old daughter ask me if I lost weight because my neck was smooth and my jaw line was more defined. I had to tell her it was Nectifirm

  2. Hi:

    I bought Nectifirm at the dermatologist’s office for $68. I was supposed to die from cancer twenty years ago this April, but I did natural alternatives and somehow I am still here after all the medical flub-ups. I figured it was time to try and look younger since I was thrust into menopause in my early 30s… I hate wearing turtlenecks year round, so I figured I would try the Nectifirm.

    I ended up so sick that I almost went to the emergency room since I thought my fragile kidneys (from over-radiation) were shutting down. I knew if I went to the ER that none of the doctors would save my kidneys since no one understands how my organs can still work after all the radiation damage…

    I applied the Nectifirm to my neck for only a week. I got so weak I could barely walk up the stairs. My kidneys had so much pain that I could not even lift up my right leg at all. So I resorted to taking an antibiotic. Even just touching those veins on the side of my neck hurt. That was when I realized that since my sides of my neck hurt so much, that it was from using the Nectifirm. Once I stopped using it, I still needed to take my natural alternatives and my antibiotic for a few days, but now I feel so much better again. I know if I used that product again, it would all act up again, so I will not use it ever again. The sides of my neck still are tender, but so much better already.

    I just thought I would inform you of the ill effect I had using your product.

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