Natura Bisse Review

Have a few questions about Natura Bisse?

Natura Bisse is a skincare business started in 1979. Ricardo Fisas Mulleras is the founder. The line hit the Spanish market in 1980 and is now sold internationally. You have 30 days from purchase to return items if you’re not satisfied.

What is Natura Bisse?

This is a luxury skincare line that includes products like Natura Bisse Diamond. The ingredient list is available on the description page, though it is printed extremely small. We found cyclopentasiloxane, betaine, retinyl palmitate, tocopherol acetate, arginine, retinol, denatured alcohol, parabens, fragrance and some other irritants.

Quick Facts on Natura Bisse

  • Parabens are used in some formulas.
  • Fragrance and alcohol should not be used in any skincare product.
  • Irritants can cause skin damage and increase the risk of wrinkles.
  • Prices are outrageous at more than $250 for some products.
  • You only have 30 days from purchase to return.
  • We didn’t find any testimonials or before/after pictures.
  • You can buy online and in stores.
  • The product catalog is extensive.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Natura Bisse?

“We found an eye lifting cream from Natura Bisse that sells for $275. There are more than five irritants in the formula,” said our Skincare Editor. “That’s a huge problem. These can cause damage to the skin and you should never pay for that.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

As we read through hundreds of reviews, we found multiple mentions of high price and negative reactions.

According to several users:

  • “Nice and moisturizing, but is it worth $200? I don’t see it yet.”
  • “It’s a nice cream but probably not worth the price.”

Others either skimped or didn’t mind the price.

  • “Since it is expensive, I am very careful with it.”
  • “This cream is definitely worth your money.”

There are also issues with skin irritation.

  • “Very expensive and does nothing but sting your eyes. Adds no moisture and no coverage.”
  • “Made my eyes red, puffy & irritated.”

On the flip side of the debate:

  • “I have very dry, sensitive skin and have used this product for several years now.”
  • “It is the first product that does not make my skin break out and it creates a nice glow while evening out my skin.”

Are We Suggesting Natura Bisse?

From the get go we had reservations about Natura Bisse. The prices are far too high and the ingredient lists are packed with irritants. There’s a good chance some users will have negative reactions and skin damage could occur.

What Do We Like Better Than Natura Bisse?

All you need is one strong formula and that’s exactly what we found with BioGeniste in 2016. The product is packed with clinically tested ingredients and the price is just right. We love that reviews talk about some amazing results.

Click here to read more about BioGeniste.


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