Natura Bisse Review


Natura Bisse was founded by Ricardo Fisas. In this unusual story, Fisas was having a midlife crisis and decided he needed to run his own business. In the late 1970s, he created a company that would later become Natura Bisse. Today, Natura Bisse offers over 300 products spread out between 12 distinct lines. Natura Bisse products were originally only sold in salons and spas in Spain, but it is now available in 35 countries around the world.

Natura Bisse has a very well laid out website but the product descriptions are a bit bare and don’t even hint at what might be inside the products. The Inhibit line is Natura Bisse’s anti-aging line and features four products. These products are Tensolift, Tensolift Neck Cream, Dermafill, and Expression Line Complex.

Product Details

There aren’t many details provided on the Natura Bisse website but there are sections that explain certain ingredients. Octamioxyl is a bio-engineered peptide based complex that claims to relax facial muscles without any side effects. This ingredient seems to be the base for most of the Inhibit line of Natura Bisse products.

The official Natura Bisse website claims that any Inhibit product is completely safe to use with other treatments, but recommends that you speak to a dermatologist if you are using any type of prescription dermatological treatment just to be on the safe side. Unfortunately, the ingredients for Natura Bisse products aren’t listed on the website and there are also no prices given. A quick search for Natura Bisse Tensolift showed us that a 2-ounce bottle costs well over $600 from most retailers! Every product offered by Natura Bisse seems to be extremely expensive.

Many of the products do contain vitamins and anti-oxidants which can be nice and health for the skin but is not proven to help reduce wrinkles.

The Good

  • Very distinguished product line with a rich history.
  • Many different beauty products available for purchase.

The Bad

  • Extremely expensive. Products cost between $100-$800.
  • Not much actual product information available on the official website.
  • No free trials or money back guarantees can be found.

The Bottom Line

Natura Bisse is a very high end product. With prices for its anti-aging line in excess of $600, we’d like to think they would at least list all of the ingredients somewhere on the Internet but we just couldn’t find them. There is no money back guarantee so basically if you don’t like the product you just flushed a handful of $100 bills down the toilet. We encourage you to find someone who has already used Natura Bisse products and get their opinion before you purchase anything this expensive. The official website just doesn’t have enough information available to warrant very much confidence on the part of a new user.


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