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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Natura Bisse was founded by Ricardo Fisas. In this unusual story, Fisas was having a midlife crisis and decided he needed to run his own business. In the late 1970s, he created a company that would later become Natura Bisse. Today, Natura Bisse offers over 300 products spread out between 12 distinct lines. Natura Bisse products were originally only sold in salons and spas in Spain, but it is now available in 35 countries around the world.

Natura Bisse has a very well laid out website but the product descriptions are a bit bare and don’t even hint at what might be inside the products. The Inhibit line is Natura Bisse’s anti-aging line and features four products. These products are Tensolift, Tensolift Neck Cream, Dermafill, and Expression Line Complex.

Product Details

There aren’t many details provided on the Natura Bisse website but there are sections that explain certain ingredients. Octamioxyl is a bio-engineered peptide based complex that claims to relax facial muscles without any side effects. This ingredient seems to be the base for most of the Inhibit line of Natura Bisse products.

The official Natura Bisse website claims that any Inhibit product is completely safe to use with other treatments, but recommends that you speak to a dermatologist if you are using any type of prescription dermatological treatment just to be on the safe side. Unfortunately, the ingredients for Natura Bisse products aren’t listed on the website and there are also no prices given. A quick search for Natura Bisse Tensolift showed us that a 2-ounce bottle costs well over $600 from most retailers! Every product offered by Natura Bisse seems to be extremely expensive.

Many of the products do contain vitamins and anti-oxidants which can be nice and health for the skin but is not proven to help reduce wrinkles.

The Good

  • Very distinguished product line with a rich history.
  • Many different beauty products available for purchase.

The Bad

  • Extremely expensive. Products cost between $100-$800.
  • Not much actual product information available on the official website.
  • No free trials or money back guarantees can be found.

The Bottom Line

Natura Bisse is a very high end product. With prices for its anti-aging line in excess of $600, we’d like to think they would at least list all of the ingredients somewhere on the Internet but we just couldn’t find them. There is no money back guarantee so basically if you don’t like the product you just flushed a handful of $100 bills down the toilet. We encourage you to find someone who has already used Natura Bisse products and get their opinion before you purchase anything this expensive. The official website just doesn’t have enough information available to warrant very much confidence on the part of a new user.

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23 Comments/Questions/Answers to Natura Bisse

  • 1

    irene salem

    Would Naura Bisse work for my red neck caused by too much sun when I was younger?



  • 2

    Jayne Bradshaw

    I was a Counter Manager for Natura Bisse for a short time. I am also an aesthetician, certified medical. I found their products are extremely average, overpriced and did nothing much for the skind at a cellular level that warranted the prices they are charging. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be good! Shop wisely before spending this kind of money for an very ordinary product!

  • 3

    sarah clayton

    This is a really helpful comment and has saved me making an emotional decision. Thank you. These products were used on me when I had a spa treatment in Cabo San Lucus. The results were sensational but not likely to be replicated in my own home using just a few of the products on a daily basis.

  • 4


    I have been using this product for a month and cannot believe the difference in my skin. the crows feet are subsiding and overall, my skin glows ten years younger. I only wish it was fragrance free. You only live once, I am OK with spending the money every few months for it.

  • 5

    Wendy Kramer

    I would appreciate a recommendation from you, as I used a sample of this product and liked the feeling of the treatment on my skin, and I cannot afford to purchase this product on a regular basis (Hydra A Complex), thank you for your reply!

  • 6


    Hello Jane, I may have the opportunity to be the product specialist for Natura Bisse and I to am a Esthetician. Did you enjoy the company and did they pay you well? Any comments you have reg. the product/company would be helpful.

  • 7


    I have used Natura Bisse for the last two plus years and I can see a difference in my 55 year old skin! I occasionally use their glycolic peel and alternate between the Tensolift and Tensolift Neck Cream. I love their Diamond Extreme moisturizer. They are all tremendously expensive, so I am always on the watch to find a Natura Bisse discount on these products.

    Regarding the post by PSOM, I have never noticed a fragrance associated with Tensolift and my sense of smell is generally very good.

    My advice? I highly recommend this product!

  • 8


    More then likely they dont have one of the steps for retail. If you get some of the products for home use it is to maintain your skin in between treatments.

  • 9


    Ireceived the diamond extreme, the cure, and the cure pure serum. I can’t read the small print on the directions. In what order and where do I use these? I would appreciate any advice!

  • 10


    Lenora: Go to Bloomingdales to the “Space. NK counter or call to them at Bloomies. They have the Diamond line and can answer your questions

  • 11


    Hello Everyone, I have been using Natura Bisse for the past 9 years and I’ve been complemented many times on my skin and how young I look. I don’t get facials nor do I go to the spa. This line is expensive, but worth it as a alternative spa treatment. When I began using this line I noticed an immediate difference in my skin.

  • 12


    I worked for Neiman Marcus selling about 20 different skin care lines. As a sale associate I had to be well educated to sell expensive creams. I think Natura Bisse and Re vive are the only skin care that I think is the worth money. The clients that I sold these creams were happy and returned to buy again. It is expensive but if you have money why not. It is not true that Natura Bisse doe not give money back. All the stores that you purchase products if you use it for a week or less will give you money back, but don’t use the whole product and say I was not happy. The products do work. I use it. The glycolics are the best on the market. You just need to know what to buy and you will see the results.

  • 13


    I’ve been using Natura Bisse for a long time and I really enjoy their products, some are very expensive, but I have been happy with the purchases I’ve made in the line. If you like to try a free sample of this, you should try Neiman Marcus, they are real good at giving out samples to try, they know a lot of people have different skin types, so instead of having to buy something you are not sure of, then they will be happy to let you take home a sample. Also, you can take your product back to Neiman Marcus and they will give you a full refund.

  • 14



  • 15


    I have used natura Bisse 20 years now. My skin was so bad with cyst, and acne. I started with the oxygen line and it was very good. I also used the glycolic peel that is what cleared my skin. Buy that product first. Neiman’s will refund your money on products if you don’t like them. I use only a little bit everyday to make it last longer. The eye extreme is excellent. I am using the diamond cream now and so far I like it and have noticed a difference in my skin. By the way I am 47 years and doesn’t look it. I promise you. The products are pricey but try them. Neimans will also give you a sample. I like this better than Dr Lancer products. I do like his facial wash. I don’t buy Natura Bisse facial wash it cost to much. I use Olay. I have used Lamier cream also and it works great. If you are oily get the cream gel. For normal skin get the original. . I hope this review helps.

  • 16


    I have been using this product for only a short time. I can already see that my skin in looking more supple and less dry. It is expensive but I will be saving on cosmetics as it is my goal to have good skin so that I do not wear makeup.

  • 17

    Lori mackstaller

    I am 66 , used natura for 12 years. No one believes my age! I look as if i am 50

  • 18


    i see it contains chondroitin and hydrolysed collagen arent those products that can contain mad cow disease ?

  • 19


    My mother uses a host of products. We were on vacation and each bought an introductory package at a considerably reduced price. My mother was unimpressed. She said her Estée Lauder products were higher quality for less price. (She would know, she’s tried quite a few skin care products and has exceptional skin).

  • 20

    Andie Cayne

    Over the years, I have tried many beauty brands and products. Natura Bissé may appear expensive but a little of their products goes a long long way – so, if a face cream lasts you a year and you divide the cost per month, it actually works out cheaper than buying a ‘cheaper’ brand that you have to replace 2 or 3 times a year. I sat outside Harrod’s with my calculator, comparing prices, ml content and found that it was worth getting a product I know works for me.
    The products are not tested on animals and my skin looks and feels amazing – no one has ever guessed my age. The Hydra A complex is nice in the summer, the Vitamin C cream is a great all-rounder (both my sister’s skin has improved a lot since I gave them this for their birthdays). The only non-Natura Bissé product I use is the Chantecaille Neck Cream, having tried at least 10 different ones, this one’s the best so far.

  • 21


    I am currently using it and have been for a week. I have not seen any difference yet but am hoping that it will help clear up my sun damage redness.

  • 22


    Overall, I’m fortunate to have good skin. But in the last year (I’m 44), I’ve noticed that my skin started to feel dry by the late afternoon.
    I was given a sample of the sheer Cure creme by Natura Bisse. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! My skin felt hydrated all day long, has SPF, gives a nice dewy finish that lasts all day. Just try it. This is a great line. No funny smell. No heavy make up smell. Very clean. TRY IT! I didn’t even blink dropping $170 for the creme. I use so little everyday. Lasts for months. Barney’s in Beverly Hills is very generous with samples. I tried the White Diamond lightning serum (good), the ceutical toner (?)- not a good mix with my skin, cure creme (Excellent)!

  • 23


    Does anyone know if Natura Bisse test on animals themselves or pay researchers to carry out animal tests on their behalf (which [I believe] if sold in China or Russia is required)?

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