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The NARS Cosmetics line was created and launched by Francois Nars in the mid 1990’s. The NARS Cosmetics philosophy is called “iconoclastic”, believing that there are “no rules” when it comes to beauty, claiming that whatever makes you look and feel good is ok. The company claims to have a long list of celebrity clients, and Francois Nars’ vision is to empower women to experiment and have fun with makeup by teaching them how to enhance their own natural beauty and individual characteristics. NARSkin products use natural elements such as water, vitamins, minerals and botanicals. NARSkin was formulated to purify, hydrate, revitalize and soothe the skin and to provide a luminous, healthy appearance while also protecting the skin from future damage. NARS Cosmetics offers many types of products that include makeup, skin care, and accessories.

Product Details

NARS Skincare has formulated many products marketed for each skin type and some that address the problem of premature aging of the skin. Some of the products in the NARS Skincare line are EFA Night Fusion, Potent EFA Cream, Essential Vitamin Serum, Brightening Serum, Lightening Cream and Body Smoother. The full list of ingredients are not listed but some of the ingredients may include Omega-3 Lipids which are essential fatty acids designed to nourish and repair the skin cells deep within the lipid layers of the skin. Also listed in the ingredients of one or more of the products is Hyaluronic Acid, a component used to naturally boost the skins regenerative capabilities.

The Good

  • NARS Skincare has some nourishing properties in the formula.
  • The official website allows consumers to purchase the products directly from the manufacturer cutting out the middle man.
  • NARS Skincare is available at many department store makeup counters.

The Bad

  • The products may be expensive for the average consumer.
  • The NARS Cosmetics official website does not publish customer testimonials for those wishing to try the products for the first time.
  • The company has a 30 day money back guarantee; however for orders over $300.00, only 60% of the purchase price will be refunded even if the products were purchased in separate orders.

The Bottom Line

NARS Skincare will probably appeal to consumers based on their considerbale presence at beauty counters in a number of department stores worldwide. Those who are currently using the makeup line would likely try the skin care line as well. In addition to being available at retailers all over the world, NARS Cosmetics makes its products available to consumers on its own official website. However the products are expensive for the average woman and the return policy is very strict. Although some of the ingredients are listed, a complete list of the ingredients from the product packaging would be helpful for ascertaining if the products would offer the best possible results for YOUR individual skin, since the NARS Cosmetics’ concept is to enhance each “individual” woman’s own characteristics.

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